60 Minutes: Navy Pilots Describe Encounters With UFOs

Apparently, there are UFOs which come in all kinds of shapes just hanging out and chilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts now plunging in and out of the ocean.

UPDATE: Rising covered this again earlier this morning.

Note: This is getting a lot of attention lately. I won’t speculate as to why. There is a big report coming out on UFOs next month.

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    • Maybe the UFOs are also fed up with Joe Biden? LOL

      My guess is that they have some business going on deep under the ocean. There are a lot of places on this planet where they can hang out without disturbing the natives.

      • Despite the real world overpopulation problem, there are still huge remote land areas. I saw a documentary a few years ago about Yellowstone. Some expert said that, even within a mile of the most frequented parts of the park, there are ravines, woods, and even meadows that no one, not even Indians, has ever set foot in.

        • Sounds like a bigmouth. How could this “expert” possibly know if anyone has EVER been there, or not? He may think that, but he doesn’t KNOW that.

      • Boeing has been developing planes/spacecraft called the X-37 series for the last 30 or more years. They are drone type aircraft with speeds of 19,000 mph plus and have been flying back and forth between the earth and space stations.

  1. The racism emergency was narrowly averted with the election of fake nationalist Trump, followed by rabid anti-white Biden. So after shutting down free speech on the Internet, and shutting down freedom of movement with the plandemic, they are going to bombard us with fake news stories about UFOs. The government will likely fund bankrupt Hollywood, so they can make blockbuster movies starring Will Smith about fighting naziracistwhitesupremacistaliens from outer space.

  2. War is not alien to man – it is as natural as breathing and fornication – “It makes no difference what men think of war, war endures. As well ask men what they think of stone. War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practioner. That is the way it was and the way it will be.” – Cormack McCarthy, Blood Meridian

  3. Is it me or does that look like a giant nose floating in the sky? Noses are everywhere and maybe Reagan was right for once. Uniting against flying nose aliens might unite humanity in some form.

      • @James Zardoz. Only a real man like Sir Sean could pull off that outfit. I miss that man he was always a mirror into a more refined and normal age where men were men and effeminates like Liberachi were the brunt of jokes

  4. UFOs are not spaceships from another planet, they are supernatural entities from another dimension. There may be millions of advanced civilizations in this galaxy. But even so the impossibly vast stretches of time and space in between them and us would make it impractical for them to visit an insignificant and remote planet like ours.

    • @Spahnranch1970

      After I read all of Jaques Vallee’s books, I came to believe in the interdimensional hypothesis for UFO origins, too. It’s the only explanation for the odd behaviour of UFO’s. They’re seen to appear and disappear over Denison High School, in Denison, Texas, and over Lake Texoma. They’re also known to hang around places where unexplained disappearances of aircraft, ships and people occur. Places that are said to have interdimensional gateways.

        • @Spahnranch1970

          I saw a documentary where they proved that it was a temperature inversion that reflected lights off of vehicles on the highway. A friend of mine who grew up in Olton, Tx, said that he could see the lights of Plainview, 23 miles away, reflected in the sky, at night. But he also remembers the UFO flaps of the 60’s, and remembered seeing a few UFOs, which he could tell apart from the temperature inversions. He saw some copper meteors that he thought were UFOs at the time, because of their green fire trails. It scared him enough that he wouldn’t go out and feed and water his horse at night. Until his dad made him.

          I put the Marta lights in the same category as spook lights. A lot of phenomena are put into the UFO category. But technically, they’re not. That’s why they’re doing away with “UFO,” and replacing it with “UAP.” Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.


  5. 3. Do not promote or share conspiracy theories or links to truther websites in the comments.

    I guess the OP gets a pass though lol

    • The only aliens I am familiar with are the 5 foot 2 inch tall, brown, stupid and violent squat monsters from south of the Rio Grande. They have taken over California and are doing the same to other states in Dixie. They are the real threat.

      • “Oh, but they are reconquering lost territory they used to own.” That’s huge BS. Spain and, later, Mexico, cared little or nothing for their lands in the American Southwest. They were very thin on the ground. Just a few New England sailors in California and some Missourians and Mississipians moving into Texas were enough to outnumber them. Reconquista is one of the biggest lies.

  6. The UFO thing has been mainstream for over a year now.

    Regardless of whether its bread and circuses, or a genuine crack in the damn of disclosure by the federal govt., we should be taking it seriously and considering how its going to be used against us.

  7. 100 days in and Jimmy Carter Biden 2 has been a disaster. Pipelines shut down and appears powerless & weak in the Ukraine & Middle East.

    The Aliens will be revealed to help take the heat off of the Biden disaster.

    They may be real.or Hollywood props.

    Heck I would not be surprised if Alien technology was keeping Biden alive!

  8. Here they are with the fake aliens. They do this from time to time. No Christian would fall for it, but the Gentiles love it. But as the Rabbis say, the Gentiles have no knowledge, none at all.

  9. I’m a salt water reef and fish keeper. If I was a alien from another planet/moon, I would want to hang out and explore the Great Barrier Reef.

    First on the bucket list for this dying planet!

  10. Didn’t President Eisenhower make a deal with aliens living under the Pacific Ocean that they could kidnap so many Americans a year to eat for dinner and in return the aliens promised not to destroy us?

    This extra terrestrial stuff has been around for a long time. Why they’re trotting it out again at this time is anyone’s guess. IMO, it’s nothing but a government misinformation and distraction tactic.

  11. The skies of Red River Valley of Texas and Oklahoma are infested with the things. I remember, as a kid in the 70’s, UFOs making the local papers, as a wave of sightings took place over Lake Texoma and the Red River bridges. Around 83′, a UFO was said to have landed in a field near Denison, Texas, and lit up a nearby house. It made the local papers and KXII News.

    A friend of mine was flying his plane one night, east of Paris, TX, in the direction of Clarksville, when a glowing object shot up from a field, and nearly collided with him. He said that his instruments acted up, as the object shot upwards and past him. He said that after that, he’ll never fly at night, again. Early last year, a lady photographed and videoed a red triangle flying southeast of Paris, going southeast, towards Bogata, TX, at 2:00 A.M.

    There’s so much activity, that most of it never makes the news. I know lots of people who’ve seen these things. But they just take it in stride. They put it in the same category as the local ghost stories, and chalk it up to the supernatural history of the Red River Valley.

    • One of the crop circle guys in England was almost killed by a “meteor” composed of frozen urine, disinfectant, and feces that had fallen from a jet’s malfunctioning lavatory. Don’t have a link but it was discussed in Jim Schnabel’s book Round in Circles.

  12. Extraterrestrials are here to make sure jews don’t infect the rest of the universe with their pernicious pathologies.

  13. I wonder if the aliens give money to the Israel lobbies and supply them with futuristic technology? Inquiring goyim want to know.

  14. I’m pretty certain if actual aliens were here, they would be openly either conquering/exterminating us, or trying to sell us used spaceships. “Great deal! The artificial gravity only cuts out two or three times a day. Practically new!”

    This suggests it’s either a shiny object being waved around as a distraction, or the sensors have improved to the point where they’re detecting previously overlooked natural phenomena of some sort, and the Navy people are reporting something actual but misinterpreting an electromagnetic oddity or whatever as a physical object.

  15. Have any of you looked up Miguel Alcubierre proposed Warp drive? (Hint It not that Star Trek BS which is NOT warp drive.) A lot of cool videos on You Tube. Try this book: Witness To Roswell by Thomas Carey and Donald R. Schmitt.

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