Is Portland Over?

Yes, Portland is over.

We stopped engaging with these anarchists years ago.

It was not in our interest to be seen in the same frame with these people.

Look at what they have done to Portland which is the flagship of woke progressivism where policing has been “reimagined.” They have destroyed their own city and have transformed it into a violent, chaotic, blighted dump that is overrun by criminals, drug addicts and homeless people.

Looting small businesses. Smashing the windows out of churches. Vandalizing the Oregon Historical Society. Police officers resigning in droves. Shootings. Torching the Elk Fountain and Pioneer monument. Real estate value plummeting. This is what a city in terminal decline looks like.

Note: One of the funniest things that happened during the George Floyd riots last summer was when the Detroit Police Chief called out Portland for going to hell.

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    • I think it’s the prototype for the kind of place our insane Anti-White psychopaths want all of us to “live” in.

      • @Arrian & More…

        Yes, but, the hell of it is this : even if you agree with Antifa and BLM, who the hell wants to live in a combat zone?

    • Anti-White government at all levels and ground level Anti-White screamers and thugs are on the same team.

  1. Wow. It’s almost as things descend into radical anarchy gives rise to radical order in due time. Such in the cycle of things.

  2. False narrative. Portland’s consistently ranked by US News as one of the safest and best cities in the country.

    I defy any of you to listen to Mike Malloy’s show and call in because he’d tear any of you to shreds. This is the 2020s and we’re not turning the clock back just because you lost and can’t handle modernity so get a life!

    In the miraculous event that your impossible fantasy of a revolution is achieved, all you and your immediate family will have been plant food for a long time so TOO BAD.

    Nice try, Christian fascists.

    • Portland is a shithole not unlike Rio de Janeiro my dear Mutt.Also,it is not modernity,your “ideals” are as old as any other.

    • Most here are not Clerical Fascists (well I’m more radical but I digress). They’re basic Nationalists. Your show sounds like gay liberal boomer shit.

      I agree with you that you can’t turn the clock back. That’s why you got to grab life by the horns and forge destiny.

    • “False narrative. Portland’s consistently ranked by US News as one of the safest and best cities in the country.”
      LOL. No. Full stop.

      “I defy any of you to listen to Mike Malloy’s show and call in because he’d tear any of you to shreds.”
      Nothing your favorite podcaster says is a substitute for physically going to and experiencing the rotting and festering scars that the largest cities in the Pacific Northwest have collapsed into. These once-beautiful cities are now open air insane asylums where the filthy rich prosper, while the surrounding areas are full of trash, homeless, degenerates, and drug addicts.

      “Nice try, Christian fascists.”
      Brain damaged shitlibs like yourself have consistently voted for politicians and policies in cities across America to turn our cities into dying shitholes like Portland and Seattle, and your only defense when you’re called out is to a meaningless label “fascist/nazi/supremacist”. As the Usurper In Chief would say, “You’re a one-trick pony show.”

  3. I had a trip scheduled to Portland and Baltimore last year, summer months. I think I have written on that before here. Been to Baltimore a few times and it’s a real deal city, fortunately both trips were canceled last year because of the violence going on. My wife is in a career where travel and conferences are a must.

    I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Portland. I’ve met a lot of people but I can’t recall anyone from Portland. If the people there want to burn the place down, fuck it. Let them. I have zero idea what the social chaos is about in that city. It’s not a hardcore spot as far as crime. From what I’ve read it looks like heroine addiction is high there. Dope sick junkies, they seem like malcontents that can’t find any other reason for life.

    We had anti fa here last year. They shot a cop in the back of the head and one was killed. But this city is not a conducive city for that nonsense, since then none of that, just crime. The niggers out here and stuff, and we certainly have our issues here, but it’s has nothing to do with anti fa, or that nonsense.

    I’ll bet this summer won’t be anything like last year. I actually expect more calm. The black crime is a thing that won’t go away, but as far as anti fa crime and burning, more than likely less that last year.

    Portland has a very low negro population from what I understand. Seems like a city filled with rejects. I consider them as Canadians.

  4. White, college-educated liberals are completely divorced from reality- here in Morgantown the police just (finally) shut down a rather large homeless camp that was adjacent to downtown and the White liberals (college town so they are legion) are moaning about “where will these poor (drug-addicted degenerate thieving scum) homeless go now?” on social media – not once did any of the Bolshies say that they invited one or more of these lowlifes into their homes to live with them. Of course one negative word against the homeless and they collectively jump down the poor bastard’s throat. These liberal Whites in cities like Portland and Seattle and Morgantown live in a parallel universe.

  5. Was born in Portland and have many good memories of the city over the years (including being able to see my two favorite bands perform there in the ’90s… Another era.)

    Portland is not over because Progressive Middle Class types fleeing high taxation in California are going to move their and shore up the economy.

    In a strange way White flight will actually save the Rose City Portland, whilst in the last century White flight destroyed the Paris of the Midwest Detroit.

    What about the long term? Certainly China will occupy the fertile Sàcremento Valley (they need that food to feed their massive yellow population.)

    Oregon though? I imagine Russian paratroopers or even hardened juche North Korean soldiers occupying Portland Oregon by mid century. The fags and queers there will be very easily subdued.

  6. The ideological capital of the Democrat Party. Not that it’s much of an ideology, more like nihilism with no positive content.

  7. And all of those idiots who voted in the people that supported the ‘progressive’ measures which facilitated, funded, and enabled this (pics provided)…are moving to YOUR Red state! That’s right! They are coming to your state to vote in all of those very same policies! YAY!
    Move to a very red state in the center of the nation…I mean it won’t REALLY help on the big stuff cause CONservative politicians are just window dressing…but at least you can suffer around like minded people.

  8. Despite all the vagrant white communists who migrate there like all those westerners who moved to Russia in 1917 in that movie Warren Beatty did, Portland has huge numbers of Mexicans and Asians who dominate the I 205 corridor. None of them can stand the antifa types and look down on these bum atomized white individuals yet they just automatically vote democrat anyway. Seems the elites love these people so much because foreigners just don’t really get America and what is going on. They end up empowering the worst of the modernist progressive elites who wreck the stability of the Anglo society they envied and wanted to come to in the first place because to them America is like watching a foreign film with the subtitles off. All flash and image, but they don’t understand it.

    Of course Portland and America could be saved if we had a Junta like Myanmar. Some colonel could come in to govern it harshly and stabilize the place. Someone to aggressively go after the marxists in the media and school system. Of course they have purged the military starting back in the Clinton era, more aggressively during Obama, and completely finishing the job with the senile dope in red diapers. They are worried the police could be a Junta to save America, that’s why they are going after the cops big time now. I doubt it will happen until Americans give up their nostalgia for the crap they learned in civics class about so called “democracy.” The majority of Americans are now bad people and foreigners, no important decision should ever be left up to a popularity contest, especially with these demons in the media controlling reality in the minds of the rubes.

    • “The majority of Americans are now bad people and foreigners, no important decision should ever be left up to a popularity contest, especially with these demons in the media controlling reality in the minds of the rubes.”

      That pretty well sums it up.

  9. Portland was started as an explicitly white city. For over a century it was an All White Paradise.

    So of course it was a target for subversion, and marked for destruction. As Noam Chomsky would say, it was the threat of a good example.

  10. Portland was beautiful at one time until diversity took over. You can say the same thing about Chicago, Detroit and all the rest of the diversity plague cities.

  11. The best part is that it’s stupid, rich White brats doing it. They’re getting a taste of their own medicine, for once.

    This is the ultimate end of the New England Moral-Political Paradigm. The curse of Massachusetts is upon them.

  12. Portland is the future of the whiter parts of America, Chicago of the mixed black/white parts, Baltimore of the black bits, and L.A. of the Latino strongholds. What they have in common is that they all suck. That’s because the US is rotten to the core. Everything that defines—democracy, diversity, feminism, faggotry, predatory capitalism—is destructive and ultimately Satanic.

  13. The funny thing about Portland is that it is still one of the Whitest cities in America.

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