Greta Thunberg Now Wants To Change How Food Is Produced

How dare you eat that steak, peasant.

You have stolen my dreams and my childhood.


“Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has set her sights on changing how the world produces and consumes food in order to counteract a trio of threats: carbon emissions, disease outbreaks and animal suffering.

In a video posted on Twitter on Saturday, Thunberg said the environmental impact of farming as well as disease outbreaks such as COVID-19, which is believed to have originated from animals, would be reduced by changing how food was produced.

“Our relationship with nature is broken. But relationships can change,” Thunberg said in the video marking the International Day of Biological Diversity.

A focus on agriculture and linking the climate crisis to health pandemics is a new angle for Thunberg who has typically focused her ire on policy-makers and carbon emissions from fossil fuels. …”

What is Joe Biden going to do now?

Greta Thunberg and progressive activists are forcing the issue of pressuring the masses to forsake meat eating to cut carbon emissions. I doubt that polarizing the electorate along the climatarian / meat eating axis is going to work out well for climate change activists though.

This video is bullshit on so many different levels. Animal cruelty concerns have nothing to do with climate change or pandemics. The origin of COVID is hotly disputed and hasn’t been established. The emergence of HIV and Zika and Ebola and other novel viruses has nothing to do with industrial animal agriculture. Virtually all influenza viruses come from China. Pandemics are also a natural phenomena. We’re not running out of land in the United States. Finally, the climate has always changed across history.

The Hill:

“The White House’s national climate adviser, Gina McCarthy, responded on Sunday to claims made by Republicans that President Biden’s climate plan includes a ban on red meat, concluding that “we’re all in a lotta trouble” if people think consuming less meat is the “entire solution to climate change.”

In an “Axios on HBO” interview that aired Sunday, journalist Mike Allen asked McCarthy why the “completely made-up notion” pushed by “right-wing media” that Biden was “coming for your hamburgers” took off.

McCarthy, who previously served as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under former President Obama, took the question as an opportunity to hit Republicans for having a “very losing argument.” …”

Emmanuel Macron is forging ahead on the issue in France with an election coming up next year and even after the precedent of the Yellow Vests uprising.

New York Times:

“PARIS — Less meat in French cafeterias. Bans on short-distance flights. Gas heaters on cafe terraces would be outlawed.

As President Emmanuel Macron moves to make France a global champion in the fight against climate change, a wide-ranging environmental bill passed by the French National Assembly this month promises to change the way the French live, work and consume.

It would require more vegetarian meals at state-funded canteens, block expansion of France’s airports and curb wasteful plastics packaging. Polluters could be found guilty of “ecocide,” a new offense carrying jail terms of up to 10 years for destroying the environment. If Mr. Macron gets his way, the fight against climate change would even be enshrined in the French constitution through a referendum. …”

Nanny Bloomberg is pushing the line here that elite tastemakers should make beef the new coal. It is always something with these people. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.


“If this continues — and the Boston Consulting Group and Kearney believe the trend is global and growing — beef could be the new coal, shunned by elite tastemakers over rising temperatures and squeezed by increasingly cheap alternatives.

“Beef is under a whole lot of pressure,” said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of Yale University’s Program on Climate Change Communications. “It was the shift in market forces that was the death knell for coal. And it’s the same thing here. It’s going to be the shift in consumer tastes and preferences, not some regulation.” …”

Go for it.

See what happens.

There will be a populist backlash in Middle America that will dwarf the Yellow Vests in France.

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  1. I’m pretty sure covid19 was modified in a lab then deliberately allowed to spread via airport hubs that were not immediately closed. Someone should remove Thunberg from the megaphone and accounts. Covid19 was murder.

  2. There isn’t enough urban progressives around, to ever make this stick. It’s the most recent progressive fad. And because people love beef. It won’t last long, heh.

  3. China will win because their vision for the future is building infrastructure, increasing trade, and raising the standard of living for everyone who gets on board. And they consistently deliver this for their partners. Everyone who allies with them sees benefits.

    The west, on the other hand, is only offering debt slavery and Malthusian neo-feudalism where everyone is subordinated to weird billionaire perverts and Jews like Klaus Schwab and Jeffrey Epstein. Everyone who has allied with the west has only ever watched their countries decline.

    • Dart , mostly true, but
      “. Everyone who allies with them sees benefits”
      Not true,
      African nations are being eaten alive, by Chinese exploitive loan terms.

      I think you overlooked their greatest strength, a massive push on higher education
      (Also true, for Korea and Taiwan.)

    • The west, on the other hand, is only offering debt slavery and Malthusian neo-feudalism where everyone is subordinated to weird billionaire perverts and Jews like Klaus Schwab and Jeffrey Epstein. Everyone who has allied with the west has only ever watched their countries decline.

      It really does beg the question: Seeing as all this is the result of a White-ruled order, why the hell should we even get another chance? I’m so sick and tired of watching the intellectuals in this Movement babble on about how Whites need to “Rule” and “Create the world in our own image.” Its obvious that our image is trash compared to China’s or basically any other race, whose vision is merely primitive and basic as opposed to parasitical and world-destroying.

      In China’s case, like you said, they actually offer reciprocal benefits. The West – built, created, and maintained by Whites – offers financial slavery, rape of children, bombing of all those who won’t comply. Every time Whites decide to rule, things get worse for everyone. We need to step aside, have a fortress mentality, close our borders, fash the streets, and let the outside world retvrn to primitivism. Jewish pedophiles like Epstein can only rape kids because the White Race creates global structures that allow them to do so.

  4. Coal was “killed” by political will and bureaucratic regulation enforcing ideology not “market forces”.

  5. Hey, Whites like that liberals make cuck porn.

    Aryans support the ban on cow slaughter??


  6. Coming from an era where we had figures like Charlton Heston, Gene Tierney, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Errol Flynn, Johnny Unitas, Veronica Lake, James Mason, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Mickey Mantle, Douglas Fairbanks, Ted Williams, Bart Starr, Ingrid Bergman, Joe Namath, Dick Butkus, David Niven, Richard Burton, it seems like we cannot turn around without being confronted by yet another variant form of Mr. & Miss Alfred E. Neumann…

  7. I’m going to admit something. I struggle with things like this sometimes.

    At my core, I believe that the thing that defines my beliefs is an intuition that mankind is hurting ourselves by straying too far from our natural proclivities. Domesticated livestock for meat and dairy was one of humankind’s FIRST steps toward civilization. It was a sort of “technology” that very early on disconnected man from the struggles of the natural world. It was a positive step forward, but it came with a price. Ultimately, the world we live in today, with all of its insanity, can be traced back to those early advancements in agriculture that settled men into communities and eventually urban areas that required central planning and government (ie civilization).

    I believe civilization is the crown jewel of what it means to be human, and the greatest advancements in civilization were nurtured in Eurasia. I believe that the dissident/populist right, for the most part, values the western world that found its pinnacle sometime between 1776 and 1969 (I’m arbitrarily citing the lunar landing as peak western civilization). Yet I also think that Red State
    America is the very heart of what remains of western civilization, and in that heartland there is a strong opposition to the progressive ideologies that urbanization (and by proxy, civilization) has spiraled into. We’ve reached a paradox where civilization has become REGRESSIVE, and where the orthodoxies of progressivism have become destructive of civilization instead of advancing it.

    So eating bugs: As someone who values becoming independent of “the grid” and all of the industrialized systems that we depend on for food, shelter, clothing, and warmth, I find it an interesting idea that harvesting insects as a food source could be viable. I think my aversion to eating bugs is largely psychological and not practical.

    OTOH, I’m NOT in favor of regressive progressivism. Historically, when resources were scarce, it was the peasants who were forced to eat whatever they could find (including rodents, lizards, snakes, and scavenged meat). All of this high-minded crap about saving the planet by eating bugs sure sounds like a way to force the peasants and serfs to go back to eating the crumbs while the elite dine on a horn of plenty.

    If we weren’t witnessing hypocrites like Bezos buying a half-billion dollar yacht while his fellow oligarchs tell us to eat bugs, I might not be so resistant to these ideas. I’ll be damned if I go willingly back to serfdom while elites continue to gorge themselves on the fat of the land.

  8. This kid is 18 ans she has a body of a child because she suffers from malnutrition. She also looks like see suffers from mental illness. Children should be seen, not heard. It amazing me how many adults listen to this fraud.

    • I read somewhere that her parents are rich. So she hasn’t had to go without. I think she is just some crisis actress. A mouthpiece. Because why would anyone have paid attention to her in the first place.

      • Because most of the people that listen to her are adult White women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc.I have seen the videos of them falling all over themselves praising her.

    • @John…

      I do not think that Miss Greta is a ‘fraud’, Dear John, but, just a convenient front for those who like to use children, and the symbol of children, as such manipulations.

      No, Sir – she believes what she says with all her heart.

      Putting her in front of us constantly, however, is a craven tactick.

    • She’s super ugly and strange, she looks like an alien from a flying saucer. Bet she also turns out to be a lesbian as well. Who is behind making this kid so famous? Only screwed up societies listen to children for wisdom instead of elders?

      • I’ve wondered if she is really far older than they say. She could be some thirty year old midget crisis actor. Think about it.

  9. Showhitey wants to change how Greta Thunberg is viewed. As one of the many mouthpieces for the globalists, she, too, should be ignored.

    How can anyone take her seriously?

  10. ” I’ll be damned if I go willingly back to serfdom while elites continue to gorge themselves on the fat of the land.”

    Amen !

    I have a better idea.
    Let the super rich live in a microhouse/toolshed and drive a honda 90cc and show us how virtuous they are.

  11. Losing real environmentalism, real anti cruelty to great animals to these Green Party hate White people leftists, it’s almost as bad as losing German workers and American workers to Jewish marxist Communists led by the likes of Trotsky, Emma Goldman, Bela Kuhn, Rosa Luzumberg – none of those J Marxists ever worked at real physical “Labor”, “Worker jobs”.

    It never ceases to amaze me how American Right Wing Conservatives, ranchers, big Agribusiness CEOs, Religious Right idiots manage to simply take the wrong side and alienate regular White people. SH#$ like campaigning in South Florida promising to end Social security benefits for old White people and hope that churches take care of our old people – they don’t.

    I’m trying to work with responsible hunters and practical animal rights, anti cruelty to animal people, groups to stop the White GOP ranchers in Idaho from slaughtering 90% of Idaho’s beautiful Grey Wolves.

    This is going to be a public relations disaster for White Conservatives.

    And guess which Liberal Leftist guy in Europe 80-100 years ago was this:

    A painter artist
    A vegetarian
    An animal rights activists
    Led a socialist workers party that opposed international high finance capitalism
    Set up governor socialist health care system

    Which Liberal Leftist guy did that?

    • 1. Industrial designer. 2. Gall Stone so he reluctantly laid off meat he used to enjoy 3. Realised Kosher was cruel and many hunters were buffoons. 4. I’ll give you that one. 5. Yes that too NatSoc tried to care about the sick.

    • Meat is okay (in moderation) from a purely health viewpoint. The only reason to go veg is sympathy with animals. And it is a damn good reason, too.

      Hunting? Hunters can never shut up about how skilled and merciful they are, how they always make a clean shot – but that is a lie, judging by the half-dead deer I find on my property.

      Environmental concerns? Everyone going all-vegetarian will also have negative effects on nature, maybe slightly less bad than 7 billion swilling down on flesh every day.

      Political reasons? All abstraction, no reality. There will always be poor and starving people. The Christ said so, and he was correct.

      Go veg if you are going to – but do it for heartfelt motivation. Everything else is posturing.

      – Samia
      40 years a vegetarian.

  12. Oh Greta, you are f***ked because your country is allowing the 3rd world to conquer it. Muslim sex slave is probably in your future, even though you look like a mongoloid. Those guys don’t care.

    • Ahmed will make her dress like a boy and do her in the ass. That’s how those guys roll.

      • She has such a undeveloped figure too due to her vegetarian vegan based diet she is 18 still looks like shes 14 years old for god sake

  13. It’s just as bad for the right to make her a hate figure as it is for the left to make her a holy man.

    She’s just a little girl, apparently with autism, and her mom – who was a wanna-be actress who never made it big – decided to pimp her little girl out in show business, and since she isn’t particularly pretty, being a leftist scold was a safer bet.

    No one should pay any attention to her, she is literally just a teenage girl with emotional problems. She doesn’t write this stuff – she is an actress reading a script written by others.

  14. If Greta Thuneberg is so concerned about animal cruelty why doesn’t she start with the worst forms of it are done by people of colour?!

    Also halal and kosher meat are more barbaric then factory farm methods Hell in asia they beat the animal with batons before killing it to make it taste better enhances the flavor so they say

    • You ever seen Apocalypse Now? Near the end the villagers hack that water buffalo to pieces while it is alive. That was real, and it is apparently a real ceremony in that part of the world.

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