Rising: How Democrats Lost Rural America

The culture war issues in rural America used to be guns, abortion and secularism.

Now, it is guns, abortion and secularism, but also cultural degeneration, anti-whiteness, political correctness or wokeness, immigration, crime, hatred of “journalists,” hatred of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, anti-Americanism, censorship, civil liberties, “trans,” historic monuments, etc. Meat eating is just the latest front opening up in the culture war. There are a bunch of new culture war issues which appeal to people who aren’t particularly into evangelical Christianity or hunting or gun culture.

Republicans could also win a bunch of the White working class rural voters who vote for Democrats based on economic issues. A third of Joe Biden’s voters were White working class voters. Those are the people who generally can’t afford to be Republicans. Moderating the Republican policy agenda on key issues like health care would also resonate with non-White working class voters who don’t like the culture of the bizarre, college-educated, urbanite bougie professional wing of the Democratic Party either.

The best example of this is the climate change fanatics who believe that in order to save the planet that they have to alter the diets of working class voters. This appeals to a certain type of White urban and suburban voter who read websites like Vox and VICE. Eventually, progressive activists will force the issue and Joe Biden and the Democrats will cave at which point they will discover that diets cut across party lines. Virtually no black or Hispanic people eat cicadas or follow the climatarian diet.

Isn’t there a massive contradiction between what black people buy in the grocery store with their EBT cards as anyone who has seen them can attest and Joe Biden’s goals to reduce carbon emissions by 2030? You can’t take on industrial animal agriculture to fight climate change without demanding that black people sacrifice their ribs, pork chops, fried chicken, steaks and hamburgers.

Note: Currently, it is the GOP which is perceived as wanting black people to sacrifice those things because it is “welfare.” Their conservative-libertarian fusionist ideology cuts against them on health care as well.

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  1. “How Democrats Lost Rural America”

    I think the history is a bit more sly : namely that it gradually dawned on those of us, out yonder, that The Democrats were still fiddling our tune, but, not livin’ it, at which point we began to drift away.

    Though the divorce started over LBJ’s treacheries and forcet integration and Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’, it quietly snowballed during The Reagan and Clinton Presidencies.

    By the time of President Obama’s second term, it had become abundantly clear that The Democrat Party was, and, indeed, is anti-White, and who is Rural America?

    Why, White Folks, of course…

  2. There’s no self awareness by the folks in that video.

    They’re convinced that the reason people in rural areas hate them or don’t trust them is because of “mis and disinformation”.

    It doesn’t seem to occur to them that their party’s platform is antithetical to the interests of those people. Or that maybe they don’t trust them because they are fully aware the Democrats hate them for who they are.

    • You got it. It’s always the same broken record with these shitlibs: “It’s not OUR fault – how could it be, when we’re right about everything? – it’s just that the dumb-ass hicks are being misled!” Note that he also said that they’ve got to focus on niggers & spic meat processors: i.e. the replacement electorate they’ve imported.

  3. How rural America was lost?

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant increase Act

    Nonwhite Legal Immigrants+The US born children of non white Legal Immigrants

    Racial transformation of the coastal regions of US followed by inward expansion

    White Rural America got surrounded by China…India…Korea…Muslim Pakistan….Iran….

    White Vote Nullified on Nov 3 2020 nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc

    By increasing returns to demographic scale

    A nonlinear amplification process continues apace

    Rural America is surrounded by a massive nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc

    The passage of the 1965 Native Born White American Extermination

    • Wrong. Your saints Rambo Reagan and Bush the father caused your demographic nightmare by granting amnesty and jacking up legal immigration. Blame your own party for that.

      Hey, Christian fascists, how does it feel knowing you rural throwbacks being pissed about white straight Christian males not being able to suppress others doesn’t matter in the long run since you’re already a tiny dwindling minority?

      • Straight Christian white males are the only thing keeping you alive. If we wanted to oppress you, you would know it.

        Also – what are you a Jew or something? “Christian fascists?” I’m not a “fascist” I’m a liberal. Also, I’ve lived most of my life in the big cities, not rural areas. Also, I’m far more sophisticated with better cultural tastes than you.

        I bet you are a woman, or a homosexual, and you get off on reading these “naughty” websites, don’t you? Shouldn’t you be reading the SPLC, or Huffington Post or something? Maybe Jezebel.com?

    • In other words having 100 million FAKE AMERICANS amongst us voting in our elections. For every Dinesh D’Souza there are 100 immigrant kids who perceive the Republicans as the party of native born whites who they feel threatened by. When you’re living in someone else’s country you are very aware you are a guest whose presence is tenuous and dependent on the political situation. I knew some ex military retired guys retired in Asia with young local floozies. These guys are big conservatives yet support the cosmopolitan parties in the countries they live and don’t like the ethno nationalist parties there in a complete ideological hypocrisy to what the prefer for the USA. Of course it isn’t about ideology, it’s about practicality. With the Fake Americans add to that the fact that for them America is like watching a foreign movie without the subtitles on, it’s all flash but they just don’t get it. They really can’t see what the democrats are all about which is destroying the very prosperity and stability of America which is the whole reason they ran out on their homelands to begin with.

  4. The DNC is fully aware. They look at it as a good trade. More voters in the shitties than in the boondocks. A lot more.

    What I am thinking about is, off topic, the value of animal studies. Do they accurately mimic what response from people will be?

    Most people in the shitties are getting the vaxx. Not so many in the boondocks. The point is, I watched a May 6 hearing in the Texas Senate, on Bitchute, and they were saying all four companies, AstraZenica, Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson began their animal studies but stopped them because all the animals died.

    All died. And the expert witnesses said yes, they all died. So Trump conspired with them and Warp Speed was created, because none of these vaccines could pass the animal studies, and no studies on people were even attempted.

    Does that pass through? Will all the people die, later on, when confronted with the virus again? The belief is, the immune system on the animals went haywire and killed them.

    If 50 million people die, even 20 million, will there even be democracy? Can the USSA survive that?

    I tell you, watching the Texas Senate was an eye opener. They are completely orderly, civilized, and have good manners. It is nothing like that total shit show in Washington.

    We can do better if we separate Separation is natural. Alabama is closer to Tokyo than it is to Minnesota. We are not one people

    • I have heard the same thing. The animals didn’t die from the initial vaccine. They died later on because their immune system had been screwed up. Now Pfizer is saying a booster shot may be necessary in September.

  5. I recently finished reading the biography of four term NC Gov. Jim Hunt by Gary Pearce. Hunt was (and still is) worshipped by NC progressives from all sectors. I find it ironic that good ol’ county boy Hunt and an old college roommate at NCSU by the name of Wendell Murphy laid the conceptual groundwork for the widespread hyper-industrialization of hog and poultry production in North Carolina. Wendel Murphy then went on run their concepts and became a billionaire in the process.

  6. Not sure this matters. Rural America is dying a slow death. Most of the young go off to live the exciting and diverse city life.

    • Diverse city life seems to be delivering a bit more excitement these days than some of these young people had in mind.

      • When hyperinflation sets in and inflation is +20% per annum there will be, amongst other things shortages of basic goods i.e. gasoline, meat, bread, milk etc. Welfare transfers (AFDC, WiC, cash allowance etc.) will fall behind the increasing costs. Medicines such as insulin and inhalers, used more per capita by the dusky hued types will probably become scarce also.

        This will certainly add to the excitement and vibrancy of city life. Toss in the squat monsters from south of the border who are here for handouts and exciting times, more so than last summer will be back in style. The U.S. Government hasn’t a clue either nor do they have a grain of common sense or good judgement.

        The takeaway is put as many miles as possible between yourself and the diversity and be as self reliant as possible to wait out the storm. This too shall pass. What comes next has not been determined yet, it is up for grabs.

  7. Hunter Wallace, “Moderating the Republican policy agenda on key issues like health care…”.

    Health Care is the only main issue the Democrats have that is superior to the Republicans to normal white folks. When Biden “won” (in quotes because the election was completely manipulated, ie Time Mag. if not completely fraud in select chosen areas) I told my wife, “Well, at least we’ll be able to afford health care for our kids”. Of course, due to every other anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-normal people issue they support I’m surprised there are any whites left who still vote for the Democrat Party in the post-1965 America, especially today.

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