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  1. Coronavirus was completely synthesized nearly 20 years ago. Saying that it is impossible that Covid is a bioweapon is non-science. If it has AIDS and Ebola sequences this suggests even more that it was typed into an RNA synthesizer and not naturally occurring.

  2. “Fact Checkers”

    Isn’t that a pretentiously arrogant term ?
    Who appointed (((them))) as the final arbiters of fact ?

  3. I just want to say Jimmy Dore looks and talks like he’s always about to have a stroke, He’s probably had one before. I have nothing to add, just cracks me up for some reason.

      • Despite his grating voice and accent he’s among the small percent of principaled leftists. The Jleft hate him and have called him a centrist fascist because if you don’t go along with da agenda and question anything you are a natsee

  4. This is all the stuff that should have been front and center this time last year on the “far right”. Instead we were fed the Democratic party line on the seriousness of it all, and muh breathless coverage of the inflated infection rates of what turned out to be dangerous mostly to old people, especially fat people and niggers.

    All this in a cynical effort to kneecap Donald Trump on a vulnerable issue, so that he wouldn’t be re-elected President of Israel/U.S.

    So shit we’ve known for a year that spoke directly against the credibility of the government and media thats been engaged in systematic destruction of the ecomomy and encroachment on our civil liberties is now coming out after theres no risk of it having any serious consequences to the powers that be.

    And our own bullshit “intellectuals” repackaged and sold it to us with an antisemitic wrapper that said, “we should oppose Donald Trumps relection because he does stuff for the Jews and we hate Jews”.

    Now Joe Biden is doing stuff for the Jews after we helped get him elected by kneecapping Donald Trump, and we are angry because another lifelong Zionist is engaging in Zionism, and thats bad because we hate Jews, so we should kneecap Biden and the Dems by supporting the Palestinians, thereby owning the Jews, because… we hate the Jews.

    Meanwhile, we haven’t accomplished a thing, and the only glimmers of light at the end of this very gay tunnel come from the fallout of the sheer hubris and incompetence of our enemies, who are turning the normies against them for us.

    Just great.

  5. Could be true or could be neocons wanting a military confrontation with China.

    Trump accused of being under Russian influence yet does the opposite in office.

    Biden accused of being under Chinese influence yet there is now a push to justify action against China.

    While we need to disengage from China, we need to do it peacefully.

    • It’s neocons wanting a military confrontation with China, 100%

      Remember America may be home to hundreds of millions of Whites but it is essentially a Jewish country. You don’t want to make America stronger while it is under Jewish rule because then you’re just making Jews stronger. The best thing for the White race would be for America to lose its position as the dominant nation on earth.

  6. Don’t you think that Biden coming out in favor of lab leak theory is simply his way of signalling subservience to the neocon/Likudnik wing of America’s Jewish shadow government?

    If something reaches your television screen it is already Zionist approved. This appears to be setting the stage for another ‘cold war’ which will suck all the oxygen out of the right for the next 30 years.

  7. One of the State Dept. investigators of the Covid originated at the Wuhan lab theory is David Asher who is a senior fellow at the neocon Hudson Institute. Not a background that inspires confidence if you don’t have the technical expertise to evaluate his claim. Incidentally, Asher has no background in virology, biology or any scientific field.


    Again, Covid may well have originated in the Wuhan lab but I would need more than a neocon investigator’s word.

    • It did originate there. But it was incompetent techs wot did it. Then the question is a little murkier. Did the Chinks have a vaccine already and dud the chinks deliberatly allow flee westerners in Wuhan to scramble home to get infected? This was an accident that became a biological weapon strike. Then the rightwing President in the US failed to use the chance he got to kill and arrest domestic opponents like he shouda.

      • China just did sensible things to stop the spread.As did Australia and Newzealand.I dont see anybody suspecting AUS and NZD since they recovered as fast as China.Neocon Shit 100%

  8. ?? Can politics seems to come down to this “don’t let’s be be beastly to Mexicans” see Noel Coward’s lyrics on this song.

  9. I vividly remember all the libtards (rinos too) last year saying lab leak was a insane right wing conspiracy theory and its been deboonked 1000 times over

    Also that pangolin origin was deboonked too because Asians eating every wild exotic animal under the sun was a racist stereotype

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