The True Size of Gaza

I’ve been playing around with this:

Israel is 8,550 mi² with a population of 9.053 million.

Gaza Strip is 140.9 mi² with a population of 2.048 million.

Alabama is 52,419 mi² with a population of 4.903 million.

Montgomery County, AL is 800 mi² with a population of 226,486.

In the United States, there are 326 Indian reservations with a total population of 1,043,762 on 87,800 square miles of land. There are 12 Indian reservations which are larger than Rhode Island which is 1,214 mi². The Navajo Reservation is the size of West Virginia. The combined land area of American Indian reservations is the size of Idaho. No one is blockading Indians inside their reservations who live on the equivalent of 10 Israels with less than half of the population. Yellowstone National Park is bigger than Israel. Hall County, GA is three times the size of the Gaza Strip which has 11x the population.

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  1. Well thats interesting, I guess.

    How about that poor little White boy that got murdered and dumped in the middle of the road by a feral Nog?

    We might could spare some time for him between arithmetic calculations of relative population densities of the various agrieved non-Whites.

    • Something is off about that story. I’m not saying the negro they arrested is innocent but It also looks like a lot of white dysfunction. The white “brother” of the child sounds like a negro himself. If that’s the negro on the video, he sure seems comfortable in the house. Then after killing the first child, he comes back for an encore appearance? No one hears him break in? Why would such a dysfunctional “family” have the foresight to install a camera?

      • ^^Always people like this; picking apart White victims while Blacks unite behind Felon Floyd. Pathetic!
        Without racial solidarity WE LOSE. Deservedly so.

    • How did I know that Israeli Sock Account would be the first to post a comment on this thread? And how did I know what position he would take? I must be psychic.

  2. Lotta Orcs in a small place. For comparison, I used to live in San Juan, Metro Manila. It has 155,000 people now in 3 square miles. It’s 5 times as dense as Gaza, and the Jews never bomb it.

    But your point is good. Like Northern Ireland, centuries of struggle over a few small counties.

  3. The jews are and have always been the biggest mass murderers. The Holodomor the red revolution. The jews killed 10 times more people than Hitler supposedly killed but since they’re a protected race, no one know the history or facts.

  4. Frontier times may as well be another universe, today’s ethics and morality simply do not apply. The Jews will always use those times as an attack on us, never give them an inch. Never say the expansion of European civilization across the globe was a bad thing. It was a good thing.

    Isn’t it interesting too how Jews follow us wherever we go? No Jews in North America until the White man built a civilization there. Why not? Why didn’t Jews go there earlier? They are so determined to live all over the world but only when another race has done the hard work of actually building something they can leech off.

    • They always pick the best nations to go live in and make their money. They went to Germany, England, and France to live it up.
      They left Russia decades ago, declared that they were being “exiled” and so many came here.
      They drain the life out of any good nation.
      But people won’t see this, because they are scared of what “God thinks” and they fear God will punish them for rejecting his chosen ones.

    • If morality can change based on what time period we are in, does that mean it’s moral to give children hormone blockers just because our current government says it is?

  5. The exact same thing is happening to Native White Working Class Americans…California gone….Chinese in China have a greater claim on California…



  6. Ireland has become the first EU country to condemn Israel’s illegal settlements in Palestine. Where are the clowns who said the Irish are Jew-puppets?

    • Left wingers mistakenly regard the Zionist state in Palestine as an extention or outpost of Western imperialism, not as a symbol of jewish power, which is what it really is.

  7. In 2021, there is ZERO conflict between Americans and Indians – well, except maybe over the Casino contracts – also most Indians ARE Americans, legal citizens, and are frankly more patriotic than plenty of whites and 99% of Jews.

    99% of libtards think that Indians are like the Italian actor in those 60’s TV commercials, floating on a canoe down the river crying over pollution. As usual, libtards are morons that think TV is “real.”

    Americans did not “steal America” from the Indians. Oh yes – there were wars, and conflicts, and the Greatest American ever, Andrew Jackson, was an Indian fighter and there was plenty of injustice done by Whites to Indians. On the other hand, Americans did not torture and eat Indians – which plenty of Indians DID do to Whites.

    The FALSE narrative that “whites stole the land from Indians” is ahistorical bullshit – you’ll notice here – and everywhere else – it’s mostly ZIONIST JEWS pushing that false narrative, and especially the ZIONIST JEWS in Hollywood making all of those FICTIONAL movies.

    It was the Zionist Jew Howard Zinn and his “People’s History of the US” that spread most of this bullshit among the Boomer idiots.

    Now – right on this site – we see these same Jews saying “well you Racist Whiteys stole land from the Indians so you have to support us stealing land from the Palestinians.”

    Complete horseshit – the situations are not similar, not to mention that it is 2021, not 1720.

    But as we can see, the ZIONIST JEWS want to “deconstruct” us – Americans – just like they are “deconstructing” the Palestinians.

    “Whites are a social construct.” “Palestinians are an invented people.” It’s not a coincidence they use the same rhetoric against us they use against the Palestinians.

    What they want is GENOCIDE – against the Palestinians, and against us. The Palestinians are the door prize – we are the grand prize.

    If you are a libtard reading this – go actually talk to a real Indian who did not attend a “white university” with Jewish professors.

    Chances are – they voted for Trump and they make me look like a “moderate on race.” Then – ask them about Jews. Oh – believe me – you will not like it.

    Stop using Indians as your tokens, Zionazis.

    Israel Delenda Est.

    • ” those lazy, drunken Injuns that much land?”

      You forgot meth.
      Meth is doing a real number , on the tribes.

    • Buffalo Bill Cody: Why He Was Correct to Exterminate the North American Bison an essay by Greta Cowfarts Thunberg.

    • I’ve seen a few of those reservations and they are usually located on land that has little value.

  8. The pre-Columbian Indian population has always been grossly exaggerated. Read the book Numbers from Nowhere by David Henige. The Jews are lying about “Native American genocide”, just as they are lying about everything.

  9. If the American Indians are content with what they have now, why did they fight us tooth and nail? There was plenty of land, so why didn’t they just let us have it? How many American Indians did we kill again? There is plenty of land in the U.S. today, should we just let anyone around the world take a piece for themselves that wants it?

    Whites killed the American Indian and took their land because it was good for whites. I don’t feel bad about it. This country wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t done what we did.

    Jews are killing the Palestinians and taking their land because it is good for the Jews. The only question we should be asking is “Is this good or bad for whites?” I can assure you that the Palestinians don’t concern themselves with our well-being.

    • The American Indian as an aggrieved and dispossessed people is a late 20th century invention. Much like trans kids are a 21st century invention.

      • @Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn

        Ah yes, the American Indian was actually happy to leave their lands when we moved in. All those accounts of them fighting our soldiers, scalping settlers, raping women, taking them as slaves, etc. were made up. It was a Trail of Tears alright…tears of joy!

    • The reality is that the Souix Lakota jealously guarded their land like a Mongol Steppe Clan. Huge wealthy reserve for a few pony riding horse archers. They got their shit pushed in by a superior force of otherwise useless drunk Irishmen with repeating rifles… led by second rate civil war veteran, career officers who couldn’t hack civvie Street as wine merchants and bank managers.

    • The problem with the Palestinians is that they could just as easily turn round and be chums with the Israelis next week after some bullshit accord. Anyone speaking up for them is then left holding the bag. As long as nigs see Israelis as white and evangelicals see the Jews as white the ride never ends.

  10. The existence of a European dominated North America is a net benefit to the planet in the same way a negro dominated Africa or a dravidian dominated India is a net detriment.

  11. Gaza was also a Philistine City and a Crusader City. It would be the large city in the area everything being equal. Its the largest most densely packed open air camp on the planet. And longest running.

    • Well, I don’t appreciate my tax dollars going to support that, but I’m more sad and angry about what has been done to my own people.

  12. The most profound civilization in MED was ” THE HELLENISTIC KINGDOMS ”
    created by Alexander’s Generals, Alexandria in Egypt is only one of the better known ones.

    How Alexander ended up here ? The Greek City States here were countless.
    All Armies of Greece minus the Thebans and Spartans came to the aid of existing
    Greek City States here, being dominated by the Persians who prepared to attack
    the mainland again. After that Alexander went off to build empire..

    Christianity was born here, there is some famous history here everyone should learn,
    ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES, ETC [ Big Etc ]. Dr Dukes YouTubes on this history were censored and banned years ago, you are not supposed to know this history. Dr Duke
    covers only some aspects of this, obviously there is a lot more but you cannot cover it
    in 2 @ 15 Minute Vids. I would only add a few main points to Dr Duke’s well researched

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