Jimmy Dore: Biden Betrays Promise For Student Debt Relief

It is worth taking stock of where we are at five months into the Biden administration:

  • With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden ended the Remain in Mexico policy and revoked Trump’s executive orders, which blew up the border
  • With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden ended work on the Keystone Pipeline
  • With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden protected “trans women” in women’s sports
  • With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden put an end to Trump’s Garden of American Heroes, which would have built statues of people like Kobe Bryant, Crispus Attucks, Whitney Houston and the Notorious RBG. It is no real loss to us, but it is still worth noting that he did that.
  • With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden rescinded a Trump proclamation that blocked immigrants deemed to be a financial burden on our health care system. Again, it is worth noting that he picked up the pen to protect the access of illegal aliens to our health care system.
  • Joe Biden has Merrick Garland undermining the Minneapolis Police Department in the middle of a massive crime wave

What happened to our friends the Bernie Bros?

Did Joe Biden pick up the pen on his desk to forgive their student loan debt? This is one of the key issues where I agree with Jimmy Dore and Secular Talk and the Pop Left and some members of my own family who supported Bernie Sanders. I thought that he could at least pick up the pen on his desk to do that for all the Millennials who voted for him who were drowning in student loan debt.

Regardless of how you might feel about the issue, it is clear that forgiving the student loan debt is a far more popular issue with Joe Biden’s base of Millennial voters than, say, raising the refugee cap or “trans” issues or ending the Keystone Pipeline or above all else blowing up the border and undermining the police where there is far more intense opposition. Getting rid of the debt burden would have a far greater impact on their lives and deradicalize them. Even if you disagree, you can understand their position. It is much easier to understand why a gig worker drowning in student loan debt becomes a socialist than the mindset of someone who thinks that they can change their gender like trying on a pair of pants.

This is one of the reasons why having Joe Biden as president was an experiment which may have been worth trying. He is letting progressive activists get away with all of the unpopular and insane culture war stuff and holding the line on economic issues like, say, the $15 minimum wage, reversing himself on the public option in health care and doing jack shit on student loan debt.

If Joe Biden genuinely wanted to end the student loan debt burden, he could do it right now. He could also choose not to sell $735 million in precision guided weapons to Israel to commit war crimes in Gaza. Anyway, the Bernie Bros knew he was just another fraudulent corporate neolib when they voted for him.

Note: If Joe Biden is the new FDR, why isn’t he doing this? Why are Democrats passing on an opportunity to use budget reconciliation and kicking the can down the road on infrastructure past October?

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  1. To the surprise of no one who spent 5 minutes researching Senator Joe Biden, aka “the Senator from Master Card”.

    • @BTI…

      Yes, anyone who believed that a prospective President Biden would infringe upon any form of legal debt holding did not even make a cursory journey to Wikipedia.

  2. Hmmmph. Looks like Beijing Joe has declared war on ALL Americans those who DID vote for him as well as those who didn’t. Still “Ridin’ With Biden?” Not for long!

    Oh, well, call it Schadenfreuden, but I just love how subdued ALL those virtue-signaling, triumphant morons who were loudly celebrating the eviction of Orange Man Bad from the White House are NOW.

    They know we are all just WAITING for them to open their stupid mouths the wrong way so we can jump down their throats for the price of gas. SO glad that pipeline affected the areas that voted for the best politician that our enemies can buy!

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  3. Brat attack will take some time but it will happen. Prognosis of psychiatric diseases is sophisticated thing so even best psychiatrists can not always accurately predict when psychosis accelerates to the point that person or group becomes threat to society.

    But it will be threat. Psychiatric diseases have very bad healing record even when properly treated. Without help and under pressure, psychiatric diseases go always worse so massive brat breaking point will come sooner or later and then society will be under massive zombie attack.

    That is why everybody from us should have weapon and some sort of crisis preparation for massive brat madness. Liberals see their world collapsing and from certain point ahead, they do not care anymore what happens when they slaughter some Nazis.

  4. Politicians lie to get into office. If you know that, you won’t be disappointed when they fail you.

  5. This should not surprise anybody who has paid attention, the establishment Democrats aided by their partners in crime the Republican plutocrats were the ones who did this in the first place. There are billion dollar corporations who have gone through bankruptcy several times. Student loan debt can never be forgiven, it’s like the mark of Cain. Anybody who wonders just how dirty and how vicious the establishment is, should look no further than this.

  6. This is a strange issue, aren’t the people who have the loan debt dipshits who get ethnic studies degrees or other useless degrees? Are engineers and other folks with useful and practical degrees accruing slave like debt like this and that they can’t possibly repay? But what do I know, I’m just a working class Cali cracker plebe that never got a college degree but I also have never accrued absolute slave like debt in the tens of thousands either. So why is this an issue for responsible adults? Let the activists with their bullshit degrees take responsibility for their own actions, in other words f**k them and their debt.

    • I forgot to mention that it seems likely that the majority hold of the loan debt is whitey so tough shit there too. Sorry self hating white so called anti-racists, look at this as your penance for your hand in the good ole S.R. you wrought. But even they did loan forgiveness it would be race based so you get the picture.

  7. “Why are Democrats passing on an opportunity to use budget reconciliation and kicking the can down the road on infrastructure past October?”

    I have to think that The Democrats are profoundly concerned with the inflation that is threatening to be the final death knell to the Modern United States – THEIR United States.

    Yes, they have to know that a severe economick downturn will be the final straw, and, given that the dollar continues it’s nosedive, the debt is beyond massive, the trade deficit remains bad, because we manufacture little, the only genuine mechanism they have is to reel in spending.

    Whether you agree with it or not, reeling it in is rational thinking.

    I expect them to do a lot of reeling it in over the next several years, though, I do not think anything could save them at the polls, save for bribing individual secretaries of states and Dominion voting machines.

  8. Tax the universities and any of the (((financial institutions))) that profited from student loans.

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