Tucker Carlson: The Left’s War on Science

Unlike some people, I’m pleased with Tucker Carlson.

Why should I have a problem with Tucker Carlson? He isn’t really making many points these days on his show which I disagree with. He also has the largest show on cable television.

Carlson devoted an entire episode of his show last night to what he called the Left’s War on Science. This is an excellent topic to broach on the Right. There is so much good material to work with here: the suppression of the lab leak theory on the basis of antiracism and Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Big Lie which is “trans,” the apocalyptic progressive pseudo-religion which is developing around climate change hysteria, the impact of antiracism and postmodernism on science, etc.

Does anyone remember what happened to James Watson or more recently to Richard Dawkins? It is true that “science” has been utterly corrupted by social justice ideology and particularly by conformity to antiracist orthodoxy. It is great that Carlson is starting to expose all of these obvious lies like “trans” because it will make it easier to talk about the biggest lie of all which is racial equality. As we all know, there isn’t another lie in science that is more heavily guarded from skepticism than that one.

When are we cancelling Charles Darwin? It is only a matter of time.

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  1. Ironically, accepting the validity of evolution was a litmus test of the Left. Try asking a liberal how subspecies that evolved under different physical and social environments for 40,000 years could possibly have the same capacity for abstract reasoning.

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