New Rising: The Life Threatening Consequences Of Elite Jargon

“The corruption of the PMC” pretty much describes every story that we talk about these days. It is not merely the nutty professors writing diatribes about American history or the usual outbursts from Hollywood celebrities anymore. In recent years, the torch of social justice ideology that was lit in elite academia has spread to the military, “intelligence community,” big business, professional sports, children’s entertainment, the churches, K-12 education, book publishing, “journalism” and government. It has also trickled down to the level of violent street mobs.

The Atlantic:

I’m exaggerating the suddenness of this new narrative, but not by much. Things changed astonishingly quickly after 2014, when Just America escaped campuses and pervaded the wider culture. First, the “softer” professions gave way. Book publishers released a torrent of titles on race and identity, which year after year won the most prestigious prizes. Newspapers and magazines known for aspiring to reportorial objectivity shifted toward an activist model of journalism, adopting new values and assumptions along with a brand-new language: systemic racismwhite supremacywhite privilegeanti-Blacknessmarginalized communitiesdecolonization, toxic masculinity. Similar changes came to arts organizations, philanthropies, scientific institutions, technology monopolies, and finally corporate America and the Democratic Party. The incontestable principle of inclusion drove the changes, which smuggled in more threatening features that have come to characterize identity politics and social justice: monolithic group thought, hostility to open debate, and a taste for moral coercion. …

It has spread to things like the COVID vaccine distribution and the racial composition of the pilots who work for airlines. It has even crossed the ultimate barrier into medicine and the hard sciences. The biggest story of the 21st century – the origin of COVID-19 – was buried due to the concern that investigating the lab leak hypothesis would promote “anti-Asian racism.”

Note: Anti-white racism isn’t just acceptable. It is “social justice.”

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  1. And what is the common denominator in book publishing & the media, and among the shot-callers in art, philanthropic & scientific institutions? God damned jews and Ivy League race traitors.

    Almost everybody hates & resents these usurpers, these insufferable pieces of shit daring to literally ram their anti-White (((Cultural Marxist))) filth down the throats of the sane. Millions would rejoice if they died agonizing deaths,

  2. People really underestimate the strength and influence of these various Trotsky and Mao groups in the US. Some have a few hundred members, some have a few thousand members, but, when you add them all up they do have some influence with the university and professional set.

  3. They want us DEAD….I mean…what other conclusion can one draw?…Or perhaps, they want us in chattel slavery……
    I fully expect the Woke Crowd to be advocating for this within a year…

    I fully blame White Insouciance Syndrome…

    • Not if we ‘do unto them, as they would have done to us, first.’

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

  4. Universities have been the enemy of civilization for hundreds of years. That is where anti-West thought first surfaced, and was allowed to fester and grow until it reached today’s momentum. And this poison has trickled down to grade school and kindergarten.

    The best thing any American can do is homeschool their kids and not send them to any of the evil K-12 system. There are excellent, self-teaching curriculums out there that are around 300-400 a year. Revolution starts with the schools. You can vote in all the right wing politicians you want, and it won’t matter if the population is sending their kids to public school and pumping out antifa recruits. Let me be clear…there is no reforming the public school system. It must be killed.

    • Having homeschooled our own brood, and taught in the university sphere, your comment is both naive and ignorant. Until and unless a massive KULTURKRIEG happens, the judaized society will suck them in one way or another.

      The tentacles of the antichrist, satanic culture are many. The complete destruction of all porn, rock/pop music, spurious ‘scientific texts’ that augur for feminist, faggot, multicultural, or atheistic philosophy and society, must be part of any winning, long-term Aryan/Christendom strategy.

      THEY have already taken down myriad statues, changed street names, removed innocuous authors, and decried their own cinematic history (i.e, Jewish Disney). Do you think this is mere ‘cohencidence’????

      This must be a multi-pronged, full erasure war of the clash of civilizations. Nothing less will win.
      Hitler knew what he was up against. We do not…. and Hitler was flawed, in that he thought it was race, alone that mattered.

      “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” – Matt. 10:28

      Hunter, leave this up. I’m not advocating ‘violence,’ but sanity.

    • No, not the universities in general, they have been teaching valuable knowledge in engineering, the hard sciences, factual history, etc and taken us out of superstition. But it is these social sciences popping up out of Marxism in the 20th century. All these fake social science disciplines need to be purged from the universities. Michael Ironside was prophetic in his speech to the kids in Starship Troopers, he sounds like he is talking about the 2020s. Where is this “group of veterans” today? We desperately need them to slay the dragon.

  5. “Wokeness” is the fruit of Marxist-Leninist (Jewish) ideological subversion of every generation since the end of WW2.

  6. Richard Hanania wrote a good article showing how wokeness is just the outcome of the advancement of civil rights law. It isn’t a new doctrine. Progs haven’t suddenly changed their tune recently. They’ve been like this since America destroyed and conquered Europe in the 40s.

    And this is why conservatives can never defeat wokeness. They embraced the civil rights era. The Rod Drehers of the world may complain about wokeness, but at the end of the day they get down on their knees and pray to the false god of equality and its prophet Saint Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The “far right” saw all of this coming decades ago.

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