Liberal Larry: The American Flag Is a Symbol of Racism!

Is Liberal Larry based on Charles?

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  1. To me it’s a symbol of multi culture ism, and the know it alls in the American government thinking they have the right to pass judgement on the rest of the world. And using the U.S. military to micro manage the planet. Not to mention the dumb asses out here in fly over country who fight in this stupid wars who want to act like they saved the rest of us.

  2. Well progressives are not wrong when they say patriots fly the stars and stripes as an implicit symbol of White racial Identity (what they call white supremacy). The ironic thing is that flag actually represents ZOG which is the most anti-White government on earth. The MAGAtards are actually flying the flag of their enemy which just makes them even more contemptible. I actually support the left bullying these losers who are too cowardly to speak out in defense of their own race and wave the flag of the enemy. We used to call them patriotards back in the day. We need to bring that word back.

  3. I don’t know why Liberal Larry is featured on here regularly but whatever. I suggest this be featured instead.

    Little White kids being brutally murdered by blacks that have known criminal history, then given bail after they kill White people. Speaks volumes to the current paradigm, and our status as second class citizens.

    We really do have better things to do than watch a boomer in a pink hat play dress up ironically.

    • “Little White kids being brutally murdered by blacks that have known criminal history,”
      And ones that don’t, Victoria rose Smith.

      This has always been a problem, but to a lesser degree.

      Even in times of segregation, blacks abusing WHITE women and children , was a problem.

      This is the reason I favor full separation, not segregation.

    • “Little White kids being brutally murdered by blacks”

      I can recall very old folks talking about this problem, in the early 1900’s !

  4. The Neo-Yankee Bolshevik Puritans use the flag as a virtue signal, something to hide behind, an anti-Southern, anti-American Gris-gris charm, and as something to rub in the faces of Southrons and White working class folks, generally.

    It’s a pure D totem fetish, now.

    I’ve noticed that most people here in Texas just fly Texas flags, Come and Take it flags, Bonnie Blues, or First Nationals, anymore. The Come and Take it has become popular, lately.

    We only had Texas flags in our classrooms. And that’s going back to the 1970’s.

    I’ve just got a Texas flag for outdoors.

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