Joe Biden’s Domestic War on Terror Begins

As I said in January, civil liberties is now my top issue.

While it is true that Donald Trump and the Republicans suck, we can’t ignore the fact that the Biden administration is essentially declaring war on everyone who can be swept up into a dragnet of broad categories like “far right” and “white supremacist” and “domestic extremist.”

The tyrant Joe Biden has essentially declared that your constitutional rights and civil liberties are null and void and that he is establishing a progressive dictatorship. You are an “enemy within” and less than a citizen. Unlike “trans women,” you are not fit to serve in the military, law enforcement or the government. You are a potential “racially or ethnically motivated violent domestic extremist.” The “intelligence community” has concluded that some people are almost guaranteed to lash out this year because of “perceived government overreach.” DHS said this would happen on March 4th when QAnon was expected to invade the Capitol and again on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa riot in May.

Sure, the same people who say with a straight face that “the border is closed” will also insist that they are only focused on violence, not ideology, as the FBI manufactures plots and crimes to entrap the dimwitted and knocks on your door. They will insist that “free expression” is being protected on the internet while simultaneously describing private internet platforms as the new “front lines” in their Domestic War on Terror and pushing for draconian censorship. They will insist that all citizens are entitled to “equal protection of the laws” while spying on the Trump campaign on behalf of the Democrats and while Black Lives Matter and Antifa are free to engage in nationwide riots without any consequences.

The “far right” is the enemy. The police are the enemy. That’s the message that has been sent loud and clear by the Biden administration. We don’t get to pick and choose our enemies. We’ve already been cast in that role. To be sure, the police never asked to be villainized by Merrick Garland and the corporate media, but nevertheless that is the narrative of the political establishment and the policy of the Biden administration. White people are the “domestic terrorists.” When black people engage in racially motivated domestic terrorism like over the weekend in Columbus, GA, it is ignored because it is not a “story about race in America” that “journalists” want to publicize. When blacks like Michael Brown attack the cops and get shot, the media lies and twists the facts in service of social justice ideology.

The official narrative and policy of the Biden administration is that White America is an oppressor race and should be discriminated against on racial grounds in order to promote “equity.” White America is guilty of systematic racism and oppression of BIPOC people. The facts are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter that every single institution in our society including the Southern Baptist Convention is formally committed to systematic antiracism. White people as a race are the villain in woke progressivism.

The last thing that anyone should do is fall into their trap, throw away their lives and lash out. This is exactly what they want to happen. Instead, we should keep calm, capitalize on this and make a political issue out of it. Clearly, the Biden administration and the Deep State loathe White people. They do not believe that White people are entitled to the same rights and liberties as everyone else in this country. This is a simple message which we should hammer and it is one that is certain to resonate in this political environment when “experts” and institutions are already broadly distrusted.

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  1. If you understand we just had a coup and now have a government hostile to the actual citizenry it makes total sense.

  2. At the moment, it is not very clear who will be extremist at the end of the day. I have feeling that at the current moment, people near power should be more worried than our side.

    This will play out like 1937 in Soviet Union. In the beginning there were repressions against ordinary people but very fast repressions escalated to massive purge inside the power structure.

    if brats really wanted fight with rednecks somewhere in rural area, they could have done this long ago. Instead of forming anti MAGA fighting commando, Patrisse Khan-Cullors spent money for luxury real estate.

    We see this in their general preparations too. Overweight lesbians and transgender soldiers are not the fittest people to go after ex army Trump supporters in the wilderness. But dealing with 70 years old Supreme Court members, CEOs and Government employees they are strong enough.

  3. The entire demonization of the police started during the so called “Civil Rights” protests where the media showed policemen attacking “peaceful” protesters and it was the first time that police were viewed as the villains while the vandals and anti-Whites were viewed as heroes.

    Biden is also part of the big ruse because even though he is White, he is the token White used to do bidding for an anti-White globalist agenda. If you said that Joe Biden is anti-White, a normie would say “he is White” because they don’t know what a race traitor is. If Blacks have the phrase “Uncle Tom” we should maybe make the phrase “Traitor Joe”

    • Who is to say he didn’t privately convert to Judaism? All is posterity appear to be Jewish now.

      • “Who is to say he didn’t privately convert to Judaism?”

        Excellent point. More than likely.

    • @Bill..

      “Biden is also part of the big ruse because even though he is White, he is the token White used to do bidding for an anti-White globalist agenda.”

      I kind of respectfully disagree with this, Sir, because it implies that President Biden has no convictions of his own and is only a limp-wristed puppet of unseen forces.

      No, President Biden is not that, but, though he hails from Scranton Pennsylvania, is mentally, a New England Yankee, and, if you know the mentality of that community (not every New Englander is that way, anymore than every Southerner is pro-Southern) then you know why he is doing what he is doing.

      President Biden evolved, as we all do, and, I believe that, as a process of working with President Obama for either years, some of his feelings and views changed from the old Working Class White Pennsylvanian Yankee, (Archie Bunker of a sort) he once was to what he is today.

      We have verification of this process, because, at the end of his second term, President Obama said, ‘I like Joe Biden, I really do.’

      What that means is that President Obama did not expect to like Vice-President Obama, when the two became a political match in 2008, but, in the end, by 2015, he did.

      I think this accounts for a change, on some level, in President Biden’s way of looking at things.

    • Zog will collect intelligence on all dissidents, pass it on to NGOs (adl,splc), then mobilize their thugs (antifa).

  4. There is safety in numbers….

    Here is where I think it’s all going:

    A massive military defeat of the US Military in three places:

    1)‘the US Military annihilated by Iranian…Syrian….Yemeni…missiles and drones in the Middle East

    2)‘US Navy Ships sunk in the Black Sea by Russian Hypersonic Missiles

    3)the destruction of US Military Special Forces in and around Donbass when the big one finally breaks out there…

    4)‘the only option left for the US Military is to mass slaughter Native Working Class Males who reject the consequences of Post-1965 Immigration Policy

    5)‘the break up of the US…

    At the end of day….China and India get ownership of Silicon Valley and large parts of California….there will be no more vapid Yankee Doddle Dandy Jimmy Cagney Jul 4s cornball shit…

    Water shortages-ecological collapse=economic collapse…..priori to this though there will be an IDF-ISRAEL colonization of the North East…

    How did we get to this point? Answer:‘decades of White Males distracting themselves with Sports Entertainment…

    The eventual non existence of America was assured by post-1945 Foreign Policy….I wish Germany had won WW2….France deserved to be crushed out of existence…I am not totally happy with this point of view about WW2…but current events in America are forcing it upon me…

  5. War has been declared on the White race. I doesn’t take a genius to see this. It has been going on for decades but they’re not even trying to disguise anymore.

    • Yes, if there is any difference it is that they aren’t even trying to cloak it anymore. Hopefully, the weaker brethren will finally be forced to confront reality and it will be harder to cling to their familiar delusions

  6. “The Trump administration was reluctant to confront domestic extremism, or did so by touting a FALSE EQUIVALENCY between the extreme right and Black Lives Matter, antifa and other movements on the left.”

    Every “news report” is now a (((Cultural Marxist))) editorial.

    It’s good that these god damned fed scum are now wide-open anti-White. The jews & their race traitor whores are sloppy drunk with power now – but at the root, they’re acting out of the genuine fear inspired by Dump’s re-awakening of the Flyova White Trash they thought they had safely marginalized & permanently frozen out of power. So now they’re pulling out all the stops to make sure they’re crushed once & for all.

    This is a golden gift for us. Use it to build the rage in the hearts of already furious White Normals.

  7. “As I said in January, civil liberties is now my top issue.”

    Full throated support for Sen. Rand Paul is in order then.

    Sen. Paul often works across party lines with one of my congress critters here in Oregon, Sen Wyden, so he has shown a willingness to get things done. (Reign in the NSA!)

  8. Hey let’s look on the bright side, White Nationalists and Patriot groups are mostly feds, Jews or larping idiots. In the last 50 years they have achieved nothing.

    We’re at square one right now. Biden could lock up every ‘White Nationalist’ and it would not make a scrap of difference. In fact I would go so far as to say it would make a positive change because there would no longer be any costumed Hollywood Nazis going around desecrating the memory of National Socialist Germany.

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