Sen. John Cornyn Touts His Juneteenth Bill as a Bipartisan Success

The real story here is that a whopping 7% of Republican voters wanted to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, but their views on the subject didn’t matter to John Cornyn and Senate Republicans who went ahead and did it anyway. They held the line on the $600 stimulus check though.

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  1. Republicans would rather pander and grovel than to be called racists. I despise them for their weakness and cowardice.

  2. I’m just wondering how the fuckheads responsible for promoting Jumeteempf (like Senator John CORNHOLE) are going to worm their way out of taking responsibility for the inevitable Negro violence that followed?

  3. Democracies always attract the absolute worst people, like John Cornhole and Kevin “the Homo” McCarthy.

    • . . . and promote them to the highest offices where they fill their pockets while the country disintegrates as they sell their power to the usual suspects for thirty pieces of silver.

      Democracy, a system based ultimately upon bribery, extortion and lies comes to its logical conclusion eventually, the wrecking of the country by traitors. The Republican Party, being the party of big bidness is more than happy to be first in line for their thirty pieces of silver.

  4. Even though The Republican Parry is filled full of an overwhelming majority of Southern, Western, and Plains’ States’ Populists, it still remains the party of New England, at the head.

    Though I fail to see any future for Dixie in the GOP, my fellow Southerners disagree, and, to that end, I hope I am wrong.

  5. Many normies were no doubt red-pilled after seeing the stark disconnect between the smiling darkies acting White on websites and TV versus the rampaging savages on their news feeds…
    Yes, what a rousing success the new High Holy Day is!

  6. If you’re still voting Republican at this point you deserve to have your nose rubbed in this negro worship crap.

  7. “Bipartisan”= both parties working together to deliver policies that neither of their voter bases want

    Translation from yiddish

  8. I know it sounds lame, but….

    Please make the calls and write the e-mails to the Congressional staff of these GOP traitors.

    Eventually these traitors, cuckservative cowards are marginalized and they stop doing what they do.

    Examples are all over the place like Mitt Romney’s father George Romney the cuck governor of Michigan who sided with the Black criminals that burnt down Detroit MI in 1967. He tried to be the leader of the GOP party by being more pro Black civil rights than LBJ – but his political career basically ended.

    Jack Kemp at the end of his life was a beaten and bitter man. He commented that nobody wanted to talk about the things he cared about, nobody wanted to listen to him any more.

    Here is Sen. John Cornyn’s Staff contact information.

    Contact and Phone Numbers

    517 Hart Senate Bldg.
    Washington, DC 20510
    Capitol Phone: (202) 224-2934
    Capitol Fax: (202) 224-5220

    Central Texas
    Chase Tower
    221 West Sixth Street, Suite 1530
    Austin, TX 78701
    (512) 469-6034
    (512) 469-6020

    Southeast Texas
    5300 Memorial Drive, Suite 980
    Houston, TX 77007
    (713) 572-3337
    (713) 572-3777

    East Texas
    Regions Bank Building
    100 E. Ferguson Street, Suite 1004
    Tyler, TX 75702
    (903) 593-0902
    (903) 593-0920

    North Texas
    5001 Spring Valley Rd., Suite 1125E
    Dallas, TX 75244
    (972) 239-1310
    (972) 239-2110

    West Texas
    Wells Fargo Center
    1500 Broadway, Suite 1230
    Lubbock, TX 79401
    (806) 472-7533
    (806) 472-7536

    South Central Texas
    600 Navarro, Suite 210
    San Antonio, TX 78205
    (210) 224-7485
    (210) 224-8569

    South Texas
    222 East Van Buren, Suite 404
    Harlingen, TX 78550
    (956) 423-0162
    (956) 423-0193
    Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
    Chief of Staff Beth Jafari
    Scheduler/Exec. Assistant Aaricka Oliver
    Communications Director Drew Brandewie
    Administrative Director Andrea McGee

    • Don’t forget it was on this day eighty years ago, at 3 AM, that your “Dad,” the vegetarian artist and animal-loving conservationist, opened the invasion of Russia that was ordered explicitly to reduce the “inferior” White Slavic population by one third to create German lebensraum, exterminate Jewry, and destroy the “spectre” of communism once and for all making the world safe for unlimited usury, violence and inequality.

      • What utter nonsense.

        Yes, the Germans could have been much more respectful and helpful to various Slavic Europeans, they did get some great support from Croatians and Ukrainians – but they would have won the war if they had worked to get Christian Russians to turn against atheist, J led Bolshevism.

        We don’t promote the Holohoax here on OD.

        My view was that Germans and German allies sought to relocate the Jewish people outside of Europe.

        This was also a goal of honest Zionists.

        • You are an anti-historian, peddling extremely dangerous falsehoods.

          Re: “they did get some great support from Croatians and Ukrainians”:

          Great support indeed. Even today those same Ukrainian Nazis are opposing communism, persecuting Russian Orthodoxy and murdering Russians in Donbass.

          No doubt you also deny the other holocaust (genocide) – of Serbians and other Orthodox Christians, and Jews and Gypsies – that was carried out in the Balkans by combined forces of fascist CROATIA and German Nazis.

          Re: “This was also a goal of honest Zionists”:

          How was it “honest” to plan to drive out the people of Palestine, steal their land, and genocide those who stubbornly remain? By contrast, the U.S.S.R. made previously empty land available for Jewish people if they wished to move there.

          • Honest Zionists actually moved to this place where Jews once were the main people . These Jewish pioneers actually worked , build successful agricultural settlements

            Jews are notorious for avoiding honest labor.

            Did the Palestinian Arabs get screwed ?


            So did our people White Anglo Christian British

            The Irgun and Stern gang targeted any and all White British in 1948 back when this area was British Palestine .

            But the Arabs did the same to all White Europeans in places like Algeria.

            So Israeli Jews were/are as racist and brutal as Arabs or even Blacks.

            We have to send the Jews somewhere .

            The alternatives is that we become their slaves, they replace us or we try to kill them.

            No whites remaining in planet earth have any will to kill Jews

        • @Jaye…

          “Yes, the Germans could have been much more respectful and helpful to various Slavic Europeans, they did get some great support from Croatians and Ukrainians –”

          Yes, Dear Jaye, while The Ukrainians welcomed The Germans in 1941, by 1942 they had figured out that they were ‘Untermenschen in German eyes, and gave no support.

          In fact, to say that they gave no support to the Germans, is a polite way to put it.

          Even The Galician SS Division, recruited from the rural areas around Lvov, was considered as unreliable by Hitler, and, thus, was kept out of all major engagements after the initial disaster where, in 1943, they had been hastily, and vainly, employed to stop the Soviet juggernaut.

          This whole issue is born out by the argument Alfred Rosenberg had with Reichleiter Erich Koch, the latter contemptuous when Rosenberg suggested that the Germans treat The Ukrainians as liberated allies.

          According to Koch, ‘All the Ukrainians Worker were not worth one single German one.’

          When this argument reacht Hitler’s ears, he was heard to remark, ‘All we need to do with the Redskins (The Ukrainians) is make sure they know how to read out street signs, so that they don’t get run over by our vehicles.’

          No wonder The Ukrainians, Dear Jaye, so eager for The Germans to arrive and liberate them from The Judeo-Bolshevik NKVD, became so disallusioned, so very very quickly…

          • Ivan

            I agree that Himler and too often Hitler were anti Slav .

            Rosenberg much, much less so.

            The German anti Slav policy especially in Poland and Czechoslovakia was a terrible mistake.

            My very Slav great Aunt living in Paris during the war years said the German occupation troops were very well behaved and respectful to her.

            German occupation ms of France and Western Europe were fine – the locals got on well with the Germans .

            Compare that to now.

          • @Jaye…

            Yes, The German Occupation of The West, including Scandinavia, was of a much better nature than it was in The East.

            Yes, The German attitude towards Slavs was such a terrible mistake, it cost them the war.

            If only they had been kind and respectful, they would have received great help from tens of millions then living in Poland, Byelarus, Slovakia, The Ukraine, and Russia.

            When the Germans rolled in, Eastern Europe was starving for a King Arthur.

            Be well!

  9. Yeah…write, email, call, text your Kongress Klown…they will ignore you, unless you PAY them.

    • Yes, this is mostly true. But it sometimes does some good to marginalize cucks. I particularly like confronting cucks in public letting them know how much the public hates them.

  10. The Puerto Ricans are terrible shots. The police regularly find a hundred or more shell casings at the scene of a Puerto Rican shoot out, and no one is injured. Seriously!

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