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  1. I agree, I haven’t eaten chink food in over 20 years not because they’re chinks but because of what they do to dogs and cats. Plus, the chinks don’t eat that Americanized poison filled with MSG, they laugh at the idiots that eat it while making money off of them.

    • You’re right. I’ve eaten a full Chinese course dinner with a Chinese family in America. Wifey even helped in the kitchen. Very little of the fare was like the stuff served up in the the typical Chinese restaurant.

  2. Once I saw a Chinese food store sign that said “CHINESE FOOD FOR YOU TO PICK UP AND TAKE HOME.” They definitely did NOT want us to linger.

  3. A brit went to china, after eating a full meal, not knowing what the meat was, he pointed to the leftovers and said “quack, quack” ? To which the smiling chinese waiter replied ” no, no …..bow wow” .

  4. I would gladly forego the culinary delights of the whole world, if we could have our world back.

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