Victoria’s Secret Swaps Angels For “What Women Want”

There were several people in the comment section who made the point that attractive women wearing skimpy lingerie that appealed to men in the 1990s was already degenerate. What do you think about the new Victoria’s Secret models? Is this worse or better?

Note: Apparently, this is what women want to look like these days or so we have been told. I don’t know a man on earth though who would rather women look like this.

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  1. Spencer’s Apollonian gang would probably call you an incel for even suggesting “gender essentialism.” I’m not joking, Hunter, that is a term they are actually using with total seriousness. That is what the former “leader” of the Alt Right is doing now. Get this, Spencer chastises Charles Murray’s “race realism” but then turns around and calculates that he can win over the massifying liberal elite white demographic on the basis of….the realistic implications of their race in this political climate, i.e. race realism, by making concessions to wokeness. I do wonder if Spencer has lost his mind.

    It’s hideous, along with the rest of the society that endorses this hideousness. I say it is indeed worse because of the androgyny and grotesque obesity. I am beginning to gravitate towards Christianity as of late and am feeling that you may have been right, Nietzsche was a mistake. He did not want this nightmare, quite the contrary, but he did indeed indirectly contribute to it. Nietzsche went much too far.

    • I don’t understand it.

      It will suffice to say that we are taking the opposite approach here. Instead of doing what they are doing, we are focusing on issues that 1.) most people in our circles agree on and 2.) which appeal to outsiders.

      • the reality is that very very women or humans have bodies that could be classified as non-grotesque when naked. Clothes serve to hide their hideousness.
        Sometimes I wonder that if Catholics like myself could see the potential gross awful body of anti-pope Francis naked, are first they would be paralyzed by the atrocious vision then immediately they would laugh at the ridiculousness of all and the religion would crumble.

        One of the motives that Christianism is laughable is to claim that humans were created at the image of “God.”

    • Spencer was always a liberal deep down. I think he just feels nostalgic for the racial snobbery of the past. He has zero interest in blood and soil nationalism.

    • Truth, Beauty and Goodness, this is the State’s attack on what’s left of beauty; some of the most beautiful women in the world replaced by some of the ugliest. They have already killed off Truth and Goodness left town a long time ago.

      The women in skimpy outfits may have been degenerate but at least it wasn’t an assault on the eyes. The wogs are fugly and they know it. They cannot stand the inevitable comparison to the average White woman who is miles above them in every respect.

    • The Apollonian thing is too stupid. Why Spencer is trying to kill the remainder of his reputation by dying on the hill of a fake feminist comic book religion is a mystery. Even if you believe the solution to our problems is inventing a fake religion, a race cult obviously will only ever appeal to people who are already “race realist” in the first place. If the problem is that Whites don’t care about race, then pretending to worship Apollo (while actually just being atheist) won’t cause them to start caring about it. It puts the cart before the horse.

      For a good Christian book addressing Nietzsche, you could try reading “On the Absence and Unknowability of God: Heidegger and the Areopagite” by Christos Yannaris. It has some good insight on Nietzsche from the Greek Orthodox perspective.

    • @Anonymous…

      Glad to hear of your ‘drift’ towards Christianity.

      It is a well from which none from the outside can see it’s depth, and yet, to those on the inside, it is impossibly deep and sustaining.

      So many many good things await you in Chryst, though, only you can find what those will be…

  2. Unlike Angels no one will ever imagine that any of those wamyns can dance on the head of a pin.

  3. As a 100% heterosexual male, I admit to enjoying the beauty of Jill Goodacre, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Audrinana Lima to name three gracing the pages of VS.

    Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen would have never met and created some of the most beautiful White children on the planet had she not come to his attention via Victoria’s Secret.

    • Indeed. I imagine that even Andy Warhol would be scratching his little faggoty head at this if he were still around.

  4. “. I don’t know a man on earth though who would rather women look like this.”

    Obviously, you don’t know any ghetto denizens.

    • But do they (ghetto denizens) have the cash to keep the store open? What will the stockholders have to say when all of this finally comes out in the wash?

      • ” cash to keep the store open?”

        Cash….. Stores….. ?
        Don’t you watch any surveillance videos ? 🙂

  5. Victoria’s Secret should get that tranny power lifter from New Zealand who’ll be competing at the Tokyo Olympics to be one of their new models.

    Surely there’s an untapped market for lacey panties among women who were born with penises?

  6. Is that Megan Rapino peeking around the edge? I remember how when the media first discovered her and was fawning upon her all the normal dudes on the street just hated her. There also appears to be two queers up on stage too. How on earth do they think this is going to appeal to anybody? Things are really quickening, this would be pretty much unimaginable 30 years ago, the plot of a farcical movie or something.

  7. If you take the view that this a desperate cost-cutting move (no more big checks to super models) and a woke-cultural marketing gamble from VS’s perspective, it seems to me that they could have done better (and almost as cheap) using some shagged out, detoxed B grade porn actresses who are ready to get out of the business.

    • “this a desperate cost-cutting move ”

      Nope, it’s cultural poisoning.
      You could go by most any junior college and find girls better looking than ‘super model’s.

      • Could be, after Victoria’s Secret is an offspring of (((Lazurus Department Stores))).

    • Indeed, and it’s hiding in the cootchie of the big black blubber mama. Just waiting for you to discover its delights.

  8. The whole point of Victoria’s Secret merchandise was to promote desired feminine sexuality. If that’s going to change, then it’s not the same stuff.

  9. Hasn’t the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Suit issue been ruined too by the inclusion of morbidly obese females and niggresses?

    The best selling issue they had featured Kathy Ireland which shows that the market greatly prefers pretty White women. This bizarre woke frap will not sell!

    P.S. Healthy red blooded American en appreciating feminine beauty should never be considered degenerate. Leave the prudery for the monks!

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