Breaking Points: U.S. Has Lowest Trust In Media of Entire Free World

Everyone hates the so-called “mainstream media.”

It is the voice of the woke professional class and more people are figuring that out. Donald Trump was correct to label them the “Enemy of the People.” It was of the good things he did in office.

Note: A whole generation of “journalists” are traumatized woke snowflakes.

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  1. The for-profit “news and information” industry is only one of MANY for-profit industries that cannot be trusted, because they are all in it – and everyone knows that EVERYONE is in it – for money! There is no objective truth when the objective is to sell you things. Moral virtues wither and disappear when greed, selfishness, is protected and rewarded.

    I’ve heard it said: “Sometimes people WANT to be lied to,” and many admire the top professional liars because they have made a lucrative career of lying.

    • WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA? JEW know the Answer!

      “Speaking on Thursday at the Moscow Conference on International Security, Sergey Naryshkin claimed that there are “almost all signs of a totalitarian dictatorship” in some Western countries, including a “monopoly on the media,” the “police nature of the state,” and the “irremovability of oligarchic elites.”

      DttJ- because of Calvary. Oh- and Secession NOW!

  2. The LA Times, the Miami Herald, the Boston Globe, CNN, MSNBC, etc….they all contain the same heavily censored news content with the same shitty left-wing spin. But I thought liberals were all about tolerance and diversity, no? I guess they only believe that horseshit when they aren’t in power.

    Boomers still watch local news for the weather forecast. And they’re still upset about FOX cancelling the O’Reilly Factor. All those irritating prescription medication ads for erectile dysfunction and type 2 diabetes are directed at them. The only cable shows I find worth watching are Tucker, Ghost Adventures and Archer. I guess most Zoomers don’t even bother watching cable TV at all. A desirable demographic for advertisers but how to reach them?

  3. Not surprised to hear this.

    The National Media has, since at least WWII, terribly abused the trust of The American Publick, Left, Right, or Centre, it does not matter.

    No, the only thing that surprises me is that there still is even one person who does trust them, and, yet, I still know my share of folks, especially those over the age of 60, who do still trust do – even some who think they don’t, but, are still unwittingly led by the proverbial nose.

  4. Fake news is an understatement when it comes to the US media. Liars and instigators would be a better description.

  5. More people need to figure out the group of people who largely control it. Lots of things make sense when you figure that out.

    • Most of the “conservatives” in the media are just entertainers. Just loud voices. Like the “Law and Order President’.
      I can’t believe people still watch TV news. It’s so offensive.

  6. I wish Rush Limbaugh was alive to see this poll.

    How much of this result is due to conservative talk radio (and podcasts) highlighting the liberal buffonary of the mainstream media? And how much is because CNN & PMSNBC are just downright awful in general?

    • @Jofrieder…

      You would absolutely have to give Rush some serious credit, for, though we might differ rather substantively with Rush on a variety of issues, there can be little doubt that, from the very first, when none other was doing so, Rush bravely took aim at the Jewsmedia and lampooned it relentlessly.

      Who, he who has any care for the truth, and, resultantly, despises the media, could take issue with what was, perhaps, Rush’s most infamous barb at The Media Establishment, he dubbing it, ‘The Drive-by Media’?

    • @November…

      You are still fairly young, Sir.

      You did not come up in a late-Victorian Society that trusted what the Lords of The Screen brought us, because, in our heart of hearts, we simply could not imagine that they would be so very very crooked in their intent.

      And of this remaining 29%, that still trusts the media, I guarantee you that the lion’s share belong s to my generation, and those who are left from the one before us.

      I mean, when I was a child, mainstream evening newscasters, like Walter Cronkite, Eric Severeid, John Chancellor, and David Brinkley, were demi-gods, the feeling of the publick more like veneration.

      In those days, CBS Evening News was, much as was Gunsmoke, something by which Americans set their inner and outer watches.

      Looking back at all that, it is rather hard to believe, particularly in light of what we know now.

      • Just one look and listen to anyone on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox, should be enough for people to KNOW that it’s all leftist theater.

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