Mumford & Sons Banjoist Winston Marshall Quits Band To Speak Freely About Extremism

Next time these people call you a “bigot,” ask them who were the fanatics who wrecked Mumford & Sons because it wasn’t anyone on our side. They had a tantrum and went on a two minute hate because Winston Marshall read Andy Ngo’s book and praised it on Twitter.

Rolling Stone:

“Winston Marshall has announced that he is officially leaving Mumford & Sons following an uproar after he praised a book by right-wing social media personality Andy Ngo.

“This is a difficult decision first brought about by an unintentional Twitter storm. In March I tweeted about the New York Times Best Seller Unmasked,” Marshall said in a statement. “The book documents the recent activities of the extreme Left in the US. The tweet was misconstrued by many as an endorsement of the equally abhorrent Far-Right. Nothing could be further from the truth. I condemn unequivocally all political extremism, be it of the Right or Left.”

The incident occurred last March, when Marshall congratulated Ngo on the publication of Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. In a since-deleted tweet, Marshall also called Ngo — who  once got hit by a milkshake which he claimed was quick-drying cement — a “brave man.” …

After the tweets congratulating Ngo, Marshall announced that he would be “taking time away from” Mumford & Sons. In a post on Medium, shared alongside the statement, he also addressed the backlash, quipping, “I’ve had plenty of abuse over the years. I’m a banjo player after all. But this was another level. And, owing to our association, my friends, my bandmates, were getting it too. It took me more than a moment to understand how distressing this was for them.”

Marshall went on to speak about the “distress” that came as he watched his band and his bandmates’ names being “dragged through some pretty ugly accusations, as a result of my tweet.” He added, “In the mania of the moment I was desperate to protect my bandmates. The hornets’ nest that I had unwittingly hit had unleashed a black-hearted swarm on them and their families. I didn’t want them to suffer for my actions, they were my priority.” …”

BTW, who is stalking and trying to kill Gay Andy? That’s not us either.

Winston Marshall:

“At the beginning of March I tweeted to American journalist Andy Ngo, author of the New York Times Bestseller, Unmasked. “Congratulations @MrAndyNgo. Finally had the time to read your important book. You’re a brave man”. Posting about books had been a theme of my social-media throughout the pandemic. I believed this tweet to be as innocuous as the others. How wrong I turned out to be.

Over the course of 24 hours it was trending with tens of thousands of angry retweets and comments. I failed to foresee that my commenting on a book critical of the Far-Left could be interpreted as approval of the equally abhorrent Far-Right.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Thirteen members of my family were murdered in the concentration camps of the Holocaust. My Grandma, unlike her cousins, aunts and uncles, survived. She and I were close. My family knows the evils of fascism painfully well. To say the least. To call me “fascist” was ludicrous beyond belief. …”

“Ludicrous” sums up their belief system.

“Unhinged” and “fanatics” are also terms which I would use to describe them.

For the record, I have never followed Mumford & Sons. I’ve heard about them though mainly because a family member is a fan. It will not come as a surprise to her that these people have wrecked her favorite band because apparently they are miserable and don’t have shit else to do.

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  1. “Thirteen members of my family were murdered in the concentration camps of the Holocaust.” – uhhhh, no – they weren’t.

    • Let’s roll with this one. It’s quite amazing that a musician is doing this. Let’s just say his family lore is that Hitler killed his great aunts. This is a normal enough kind of man who had a cool job in a nice enough folk band. He didn’t see it coming at all.

  2. ” Thirteen members of my family were murdered in the concentration camps of the Holocaust.”

    Awww shit! I really liked that band. This just killed it forever. Who’s next? Grizzly Bear? The National?

    • Radiohead turned out to be Jewish connected via Greenwood. Not himself Jewish but he married one. Related to Arthur Greenwood a Labour Party shabbos goy too. Urrrggghhh.

      • Coldplay is another. We need a screening ap like the now very banned coincidence detector. I want to know who I’m listening to.

  3. Classical music of the 19th century really is the music of Romanticism and as such it is an expression of the people of that era. They were better people with grander ideas and a fuller view of life. I would not expect human detritus like that garbage in the video to listen to Beethoven. Why should she feel entitled to appreciating those white composers as the highest form of music? Clearly she shouldn’t and should continue listening to WAP by Cardi B and simliar Yankeefied Africanism. Let them rot their minds out, they deserve it.

    • Classical spans about 500 years. Bach appears to have just written down what was already being played by ear.

      • @KT…

        Our ‘classical musick’, or, in other words, the serious musick of the West, has a history nearly of a thousand years.

        Here, for example, Sir, is a remarkable piece by one of the first organmasters at Notre Dame – this piece composed well over a half millenium before Johann Sebastian Bach would know his name.

        This version of Perotin’s musick, recorded in the late 1960s, is perhaps the first recorded, the ensemble director, David Munrow bringing the out of this world musick of Perotin out of it’s obscure grave for the whole world to hear.

        Nowadays, quite a few ensembles have recorded and performed Perotin’s musick, live, though, just a few decades ago, none knew of the impossibly sophisticated musick from so very long ago…

        • Ivan, Vielen Dank! Classical Music is CHRISTENDOM MUSIC. And therein lies the clue (i.e., JEW)

          That uppity WHITE Tik-Tok Bitch denouncing Classical Music would be EXPELLED from my classes for such egregious Anti-Christian (because Anti-White) BIGOTRY and SELBSTHASS on her own race. She is a cultural WHORE, and the only solution is to put such women in their place. By any means necessary. Because a whore was not allowed to live in God’s Israel- then:
          “because she has done an outrageous thing in Israel by whoring in her father’s house. So you shall purge the evil from your midst.” Deut 22:21…. or now. [Gal. 6:16] Because ‘the Scriptures cannot be broken.’ [ John 10:35]

          Oh, and It’s not just Classical Music. The WOKE idiocracy encompasses every element of this BIden/Covid/Faux Chi charade-

          “In an interview with Oracle Films, musician Eric Clapton detailed his experience suffering from a severe adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. Clapton has been blasted by mainstream media for speaking out about the vaccine and COVID lockdowns, and he said he’s lost friends over his views.
          He’s even fearful of losing the love and trust of members of his own family, but believes in speaking out for what he believes in and sharing his experiences:

          “I believe most of all in free speech and freedom of movement, choice of movement and life and love and kindness and with all of this exposure to the polarization of politics and the medicine and the science, I found it very difficult to be neutral because I’ve seen scorn and contempt from both sides, and I get caught in the crossfire a lot.

          … I’m talking today on behalf of people like me who may be lost, maybe need to hear someone talk about it from a human point of view without condemnation … There has to be a way to bring people together. I believe music can do that, but it’s a long way away. There’s still time, I believe, for us to come together.

          “Stand and deliver / You let them put the fear on you / Stand and deliver / But not a word you heard was true / But if there’s nothing you can say / There may be nothing you can do / Do you want to be a free man / Or do you want to be a slave?”

          • @Father John…

            ‘Selbsthaß’ – (Spelled with an S-set, just in case the blog brain does not recognize it any better than it does Cyrillick!)

            Ausgezeichnetes Wort, Mein Herr!

            Funny, we not only share political views, we both like Perotin and Mercola!

            God bless Mr. Clapton for showing courage and doing what is right!

            Yes, this young lady is very very misguided, but, the blame is much more on us, our generation and that of our parents and grandparents – for having allowed this academick situation to fester.

            All the best to you, Sir!

          • Ja, gewiß – Man buchstabiert “ß’ – ess-tsett. Aber ich meine, das Perotin gefällt mir nicht.
            Brahms ist besser…..

            As an academic, I would not let that sort of BS stand, as I said. So, no- Ich bin nicht Schuld.
            All I can say to tramps like that, is ‘nem értem.’

  4. The Music Industry is run by the Tribe.

    I never will ever try to mingle, collaborate, and work with musicians seeking fame, in the end the (((Tribe$$$ owns you.

    This banjo player learned a hard lesson!

    The heart is a lonely hunter in this music business if you go independent from the (((Music Industry)))

    I will say Bitcoin is to fiat currency as free mp3 file sharing was to the record industry!

    Their are alternative solutions my friends:

    • Yes exactly this guy from this band was extremely naive Doesn’t he know twatter is libtard central all the blue cheka’s endorse antifa and radical antiwhite politics

      I miss freemp3 sites but they pretty much don’t exist anymore thanks to the dmca mafia

  5. This young lady, ‘The Libs of Tik-Tok’, is quite right – teaching classical musick, that of the serious European Musick, in schools is, without a doubt, a case in point for White Supremacy, for, though other nations had sophisticated musick traditions a long time ago, it would be The European one which reached a zenith, even as early as a thousand years ago, that none other could claim.

    In fact, though no one plays classical Persian musick outside of Persia, or Classical Indian musick outside of India, the rest of the world acknowledges the supremacy of ancient European musick, if, albeit begrudgingly, by making it the only ‘classical musick’ that it plays and celebrates, irrespective, of nation,culture, language, or race.

    And yet, on more than one score this young lady is wrong – there were fantastick female composers in our tradition – from as early as Hildegard van Bingen in the early Middle Ages, to Elisabeth Jacquet De La Guerre’s harpsichord musick in France, during the time of Louis XIV.

    Moreover, though most classical musick composers would be male, it was our ladies who mostly kept our serious musical traditions going, they, in the early television age, and for centuries before, providing edification and entertainment to our male ancestors by playing a bevy of instruments, at a high level, from clavichord and piano to harp, flute, and guitar.

    Thus, you cannot strike at Western Musick without striking at our women, though, even that concept may be a bit too much for this young student, as the notion of ‘lady’ is apparently something a bit foreign to her.

    Perhaps nothing better to typify the vital participation of our ladies in the highest levels of our musick than the once reknowned singers of Ferrara, this 17th century musick by Luzzasco Luzzaschi, performed by ladies of the same blood…

    • Ivan, you cannot appease the FEMINAZIS. Only until we restore the Patriarchy (because God is THE Pater-Arche, par excellence) can we then be gracious to women- but only OUR Women, and not the Jew, the N-word, the Asian or the Mestizo… and most definitely NOT the WHORING WHITE BITCHES of the modern Age. If altruism no longer makes any sense, then neither does chivalry, to such collective antichrist filth.

      My attempts to be nice to Denise of old, are ample enough corroboration of that fact….. Stonelifter saw through her vicious, unregenerate nature long before I did.

      And he left for some Eastern European land (Hungary?) long before this current year insanity. I only wish I had had the fortitude to do so, as well…. But my family and spouse came before my own needs. So now, I must wrestle with the angel of Death, known as Biden’s America, to the end. And pray our children escape the wrath to come.

      Dei nostri ad auxilium venerant.
      Deus adjutorium nostrum.

      • @Father John…

        I see. In that case, I reckon I am very lucky to not have much knowledge of ‘Feminazis’.

        I am sorry you and Miss Denise fell out.

        I miss her flaming frankness, and hope she will return and the two of you reconciled.

        Yes, we continue to study Hungarian, now almost a year and a half into it. It’s a hard and strange language, but, because we leave the video classes on all day long, we are making progress.

        Even now, as I write, Hungarian is on in the background.

        That said, I am beginning to be optimistick that we will not have to do anything more than visit Hungary, as the level of Whites getting involved, from school boards, to blogs, t5o local organization is truly dreamlike.

        % years ago, even 2, I kept wondering how long we would keep sleeping.

        Thank you for your thoughts and be well!

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