Department of Social Justice Sues Georgia For Becoming a “Jim Eagle” State

After decisively losing the debate inside Georgia over the state’s new election integrity law and punishing the state economically, Merrick Garland’s DOSJ is suing Georgia.


“The Justice Department is suing the state of Georgia over its controversial bill altering election practices in the state, top federal officials announced Friday.

Republican state legislators around the country have pushed a host of provisions that would make it more challenging for people to vote — moves that have targeted Democratic-leaning voters and disproportionately impact people of color. …”

As we learned a few months ago, Georgia is now officially worse and more racist than Jim Crow after voting for Joe Biden, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Georgia has upgraded to “Jim Eagle.”

Monmouth University:

“According to the Monmouth University Poll, 80% of the public also supports requiring a form of identification before a person can vote. The poll found only 18% in opposition to such policies. …”

No one believes that voter id laws are systematic racism.

Progressive activists who are deeply out of touch with the center of the electorate on race relations, culture and gender are calling the shots now on everything from border security to election integrity to policing to vaccine distribution to COVID relief to who can serve in the military.

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  1. Underneath the niceties, and the legal jargon, is a growing tussle between The Federal Idea and The Confederate Idea.

    This issue has never been settled, for it is a proxy for warfare between two civilizations that are not only in physical places, but, the mental realms, as well.

    My dollar is on The Confederate Idea, because, in the end, The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government that is the bearer of The Federal Idea will be unable to control the states wishing to pull apart from it, and each other.

    No, you cannot hold a nation together by lawsuits, election conspiracies, wide-open borders, endless regime change wars, corporate thievery, electronick spying, idealogical bullying, and let them eat cake.

    Thus, The Confederate Idea is the only way out, for everyone.

    • “Underneath the niceties, and the legal jargon, is a growing tussle between The Federal Idea and The Confederate Idea.”

      Ivan, wanna make bets? Six months before Federal Troops march on Atlanta…. again?
      Or a year? Cuz the Dumb-o-craps are just ‘Biden their time.’

      Secession, now and forever.

      • @Fr. John…

        I do not think I am entirely sure what you are saying here, Dear Father.

        But, if you mean to say that those in power will not go quietly, I would only say this – they are going to have much more than Atlanta to march on, for, this time, as in 1775, the vast majority of the country will be seceding – both from it, The Federal Government, and, as well, a union with each other.

        My bet is that it starts in The Northwest, when someone like a Trump, Hawley, Cruz, Paul or Santos takes The Oval Office.

        After all, it was The Leftist cities which first seceded with their sanctuary-anti ICE proclamations, and that turned to untold thousands of little towns and counties becomes ‘sanctuary locales for The 2nd Amendment’.

        This time, as opposed to 1861 or 1775, the process is being taken gradually, one little bit at a time.

        All the best to you!

        • Ivan: my allusion was to Sherman’s ‘March on Atlanta’ in the FIRST Civil War. Sorry you missed the historical reference. I see GWTW in my head, whenever I hear some BS Bureaucrat in DC [D-o-Jewdaized-J] actually think they have MORAL Authority to bring a sovereign state to Heel.

          They don’t. They have power, yes. BUT IT IS ILLEGITIMATE. IT IS DEMONIC. IT IS EVIL. Because, ultimately, it is TALMUDDIED.

          We only empower DC, when we submit. Add to that an illegal coup, and a senile old bastard as figurehead to a shiksa Ho, whom no one wanted,(and even fewer like) means this ‘Administration’ has even LESS LEGITIMACY than the Obamanation before God, did.

          Clearly, we are already in Civil War II, as I have said, since that hot day in August, at Charlottesville, in 2017. HW has written on that reality for four years or more…

          The readership of this site, is merely waiting for the rest of the hot polloi to catch up to our analyses….

          This is all merely the outworking of JEWISH FRAGILITY:

          “Jewish Fragility refers to feelings of discomfort a Jewish person experiences when they witness discussions around race and theology.  

          This may trigger anger, fear, guilt, and violence. Some Jews may become insecure when other people groups claim privileges that Jew people enjoy.

          If a Jewish person  becomes defensive, a non-Jew may feel obligated to comfort the Jew. For example, some Christians comfort Jews by telling them they are “God’s children,” while some Europeans speak words establishing racial self-hatred.  

          These non-Jews seek to unburden themselves from socially constructed sin accusations (racism or anti-semitism).

          Manifestations of Jewish fragility commonly include accusing others of what they do themselves. These include, but are not limited to:

          * Inventing a social sin that only applies to non-Jews (anti-semitism).
          * The privilege of their own racial homeland while accusing others of a social sin (racism) for seeking the same privilege.
          * Establishing organizations promoting the interests of their own race while denying that privilege to others, specifically Whites.
          * Violence toward those who do not submit to religious, historical, and cultural narratives promoted by the Jews.

          One manifestation of Jewish fragility was the reaction to Jesus Christ, who verbally chastised them for  hypocrisy. As a result, the Jews used their power and influence (Jewish privilege) to have him executed.” – Fritz Berggren, PhD

          The Jew nature of this corrupt government is as plain as the hooked nose on their faces…

          • @Father john…

            Glad I meandered back here.

            Thank you for the excellent clarification and elaboration.

            Yes, I agree that it is very obvious that this is The Golden Era for Jewry, and that they so very obviously rule this country.

            You cannot mistake it, for the very reasons you state.

            Yes, I agree that we are in a new Civil War, though, I think it is our third (I count the 1770s, this because Americans were against each other over that and committed atrocities against each other baset on those opposing points of views)

            My theory is that the Civil War started in 2009, when The Tea Party began to form in opposition to President Obama.

            From there came the first new populists, Congressman Paul and Governor Palin, after which came President Trump.

            Charlottesville was the first time that The Far Right made a major publick show on the streets.

            It won’t be the last, but, for now, the lawfare is such that The Far Right has refocuset itself into more advantageous venues, whilst The Conventional Right takes up the cause in town halls and on blogs, rallies, radio and TV.

            It’s really quite amazing to behold, for, down here, we have a radio station that plays many nationally franchised daily programs, from ‘American Family Radio’, and, over the last year, they have gone from being politely conservative to being ballistick – they using the word, ‘White’, and constantly attacking the government and corporate establishment from their bathroom practices and election conspiracies to their support for CRT.

            In any case, have a great week!

  2. DOJ truly has no standing here. The reality is nothing will change. Does anyone really believe Georgia elected two D-rat Senators and voted for Biden? The fix is in and the attempt is to make it permanent. I’m not bothering to vote anymore. Even local elections are all (((vetted))). Watch as every police department in the country stands down for BLM/Antifa riots. With mail in ballots you will probably get put on a list for voting wrong anyway.

    • @KT-88…

      Yes, the Justice Department has no say in these matters, BUT, I think our illustrious Attorney-General is counting on the same corrupt court system, which refused to hear the complaints from the states during the last presidential election or which gave us Obamacare and Gay Marriage, and Abortion, and Forcet Integration, and anything else you care to mention, to give him the win.

      Whether states will continue to follow an unconstitutional court system much longer remains to be seen.

  3. The Democratic Party is all about race

    The majority nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc is all about Race

    The Democratic Party Voting Bloc votes in terms of Race

    The Democratic Party is waging open race war against the Native Born White American Working Class Historic Majority….

    • Biden is essentially like Scar in Lion King. His coalition is a separate species in collaboration with a few sell out perverts.

  4. Garland was threatened with jail by Republican legislates in Arizona if he didn’t back off. He backed off. Less and less people are afraid of the Justice department. They have made themselves hated by all sides,blacks hate them, white workiñg class people, many middle class people too. To make these people, the biggest supporters of law enforcement your enemies, shows astounding stupidity

  5. Well, I can at least say the Republicans in the Senate turned out to have done a good thing by not being “fair” and “following the traditions” and letting the Kenyan put this dangerous Jew on the Supreme Court.

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