NFAC Member Shoots Police Officer in Daytona Beach, FL

Here’s another story about “domestic violent extremism” and “a story about race in America” which will surely be buried in the news cycle and ignored by Merrick Garland.

Click Orlando:

“ATLANTA, Ga. – Atlanta police searched for a man on Thursday who was linked to the shooting of a Daytona Beach police officer a day earlier.

DBPD investigators said Othal Wallace, 29, was seen on police body camera shooting Officer Jayson Raynor and leaving in a car with California license plates. …

Meantime, a Black milita-style group called NFAC, confirmed Wallace used to be a member of their organization.

NFAC was seen in the past year at several rallies across the nation supporting victims of police shootings, such as Breonna Taylor. …”

What do you think?

Will CNN and MSNBC cover this story like they would a White Nationalist shooting? Will protecting the sacred narrative triumph over the news again?

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  1. Our Attorney-General may ignore this, and, as well, every other organ of The United States’ Government, and, as well, their allies in the academies and media, but, one thing you can know for sure – Southern State Law Enforcement will not.

    To that end, one would expect the venerable Mr. Wallace to be attired in a stylish bright orange, lickety split.

  2. I can’t stand how cops just walk straight at you and put their hands on you. Fuck that. They need to announce who they are, that you are a suspect in a crime scene, and present their probable cause. The NFAC is stupid nigger shit, but right off the bat in the video I’m not sympathizing with the cop.

    • After they all stood down and let BLM/Antifa burn that bitch down I could care less too. Given current management I don’t see their pensions paying out either so the jokes on them. Serving Satan/Moloch doesn’t earn loyalty points. So much wisdom in European fairy tales.

    • Cops are not trained to walk straight at you and put their hands on you for no reason. If one does as you say, the he needs to find another job. But cops are not trained to assault citizens for no reason. If there’s a bad cop, then document it and get him fired, or jailed if he commits a crime against you. There are about 800k active law enforcement officers in the US. There are going to be bad ones, just like bad people teaching school, in politics, pro sports etc. There are bad apples in every population.

  3. It wasn’t his fault, it was the systemic racism, slavery and White oppression that made him do it.

    • Coalition. Ironically, they are dark as coal.

      The dangers presented by the NFAC are accidental. Two years ago during a “muster” one of them had a negligent discharge and shot himself. Supposedly, their leader “Master J” is ex-military with years of experience. But I think he left as a private.

      • Don’t be too dismissive of this phenomenon. The self loading rifle puts the power of a platoon into the hands of a Dindu. The AK47 made if impossible to police Kenya, Kinshasa, Tunis, Suez and it makes Detroit, Atlanta, Daytona equally as bloody to manage. All these monkeys need is an Ar15 and they can shoot down whitey where they find him.

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