Poll: Joe Biden Is Being Dragged Down By Violent Crime

In case you were wondering why Joe Biden and Merrick Garland gave that press conference about violent crime, it was bad internal polling that set off alarm bells among Democrats.

Yahoo News:

“Growing concerns about violent crime coincide with some of Biden’s weakest job-approval numbers to date. In the latest survey, the president’s approval among all Americans — which remains higher than Donald Trump’s at any point during his presidency — is nonetheless down 4 points from late April (to 50 percent), while his disapproval rating is up 6 points (to 43 percent).

Rising worries about crime among both Democrats and Republicans are starting to create a drag on President Biden’s approval rating, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll — and could signal larger challenges for the president’s party ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The survey of 1,592 U.S. adults, which was conducted from June 22 to 24, found that a significant majority (55 percent) now describe “violent crime” as a “very big problem” in the United States — far more than the share who checked that degree of concern for the coronavirus pandemic (36 percent), race relations (39 percent), the economy (41 percent) or political correctness (39 percent). …

Republicans and Democrats continue to disagree sharply, however, about what is causing the spike in violent crime and what can be done about it. Democrats who believe violent crime is increasing cite “rising gun sales” (66 percent) and “systemic racism” (62 percent) as the top reasons for this; Republicans (69 percent) and independents (62 percent) cite “the racial justice movement” itself. …

Majorities of Americans now say they are more worried about crime in their communities (51 percent) than police brutality against minorities (37 percent); that violent crime is increasing because of “the racial justice movement” (56 percent); and that police are either not tough enough on offenders (31 percent) or about right (20 percent). Most Americans (57 percent) also say they are worried about “the breakdown of law and order in American cities.”

Several months ago, we predicted that COVID would fade over the summer and that violent crime would become the new hot issue. Today, a clear majority of Americans blame “the racial justice movement” for “the breakdown of law and order in American cities” and the overwhelming majority are more concerned about rising crime in the communities than systematic racism and police brutality.

Note: We’re going to bludgeon the Democrats with this stick from now through the 2022 midterms. We also haven’t even gotten started yet.

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    1. His environmental orders reversing President Trump’s wretched use of parklands for energy.

    #2. Covid Relief.

    #3. Abiding President Putin’s requests and ratcheting down tension with Russia in The Ukraine.

    #4. Not tweeting, or communicating, his views constantly.

    #5. His composure in the face of criticism about his neurological impairments, vis-a-vis his two aneurisms.

    #6. His refusal to pay off student debt.

    #7. His pulling back from President Trump’s policy off rubber-stamping what Israel would like to do.

    #8. His participation in a sum total things which are Red-pilling Whites.


    #1. His appointing anti-constitutional quasi-megalomanicks to head agencies.

    #2. His offhanded threats about militias, White Nationalists, and those who will not not vaccinate.

    #3. His lack of willingness to defend our history and monuments.

    #4. His policy of wide open borders and continued White Replacement.

    #5. His Department of Justice’s refusal to prosecute most Leftists terrorists.

    #6. His budgets that swell and already impossible debt to yet more impossible heights, or it is lows?

    #7. His participation in the lunacy about a January 6 ‘insurrection’.

    #8. His reluctance to tackle China on the Covid bio-weapon.

    #9. His burgeoning attempts to undermine The 2nd Amendment.

    #10. His insistence that he is Catholick, when, in practice, he is hardly that.

    #11. His threats to, and misrepresentations of, states who are trying to secure their elections.

    #12. His dismantling of aspects of The Trump Economy, which has led to 2nd the highest inflation I have seen in my life, and which threatens to get much much worse.

    #13. His burgeoning attempts to undermine crypto-currency.

    #14. How he got to The Oval Office.

    #15. His continued support of a medical-pharmaceutical establishment that crushes untold Americans, and pillages many more, every day.

    #16. His continued unconstitutional misuse of social media and the intelligence state to undermine the trust that uset to exist between Americans and the United States’ Government – something which seriously declined under President Bush Jr, got worse under President Obama, and did not improve under President Trump.

    #17A. His support for degeneracy and for the proliferation of it.

    #17B. His use of Federal buildings to fly faggotry flags.

    #18. His removal of the strictures which President Trump had placet on publick support for infanticide.

    #19. His continuing of President Obama’s politicizing of the military, something which reeks of preparing the military for a war at home on Whites.

    #20. His complete lack of effort to bring manufacturing home.

    #21. His dualism in supporting a racist BLM and CRT, whilst oft calling out Whites for a White Supremacy that has almost entirely ceaset to exist.

    #22. That he is another president that does nothing as our athletick pastimes are turned into Marxist anti-White affairs.

    #23. His tacit support for Transgenderism, and the vastly expanding industry that goes with it to poison both our children’ bodies and minds.

  2. The murder rates in 1976 were maybe 3 times higher than now in major cities and Jimmy Carter was still (fairly) elected. Maybe boomers are just retarded from the tetra ethyl lead that was in the gasoline until the 70’s. I don’t recall it being a major election issue at the time.

    • @KT-88…

      If I recall : the main issues in 1980, when President Carter tried to get reelected against Governor Reagan, were that folks were furious with runaway inflation, a stagnant economy, the embarassing debacle in Iran, and the fact that his brother, Billy, was a beer-drinking Good-Ole-Boy who had gone ‘nowhere’…

      • I don’t recall the violence being part of the debate at all. Detroit murders were running about ~1400 and those were just the bodies they picked up. Probably double that.

      • I just looked up murder rates from the 70’s. They have all been scrubbed. I used to deliver newspapers and these are not the numbers they were publishing then. Everything is a lie.

        • @KT-88…

          Interesting remarks of your experience.

          You are right to be wary of figures being scrubbed.

          Even though I do not have your experience, I can say from my scrutinizing of pollsters, their methodologies, and their purposeful inaccuracies, that I have come to believe that the figures are often scrubbed right from the start.

          Case in point?

          Those polls which show that American have become accepting of Gay Marriage.

          The actual numbers of people that accept that are not half of the country, yet, the polls often suggest that gay marriage has overwhelming approval.

  3. Violent blue collar crime is a mere symptom of the disease itself, which is the system, the real problem that no one wants to acknowledge.

  4. Just blame the increase in crime of Whites, they blame us for everything else so why shouldn’t crime be any different?

  5. There’s pre cctv and post cctv data on crime. Pre DNA forensics and post DNA forensics. Carter wasn’t a bad man either. Biden is a complete evil bastard.

  6. His press secretary laughed, when asked about the increase in crime. She did that “oh come on” reaction. She said they are going to have “community police”.
    She thinks it’s funny that (White) people have been murdered, assaulted, raped, robbed, and businesses ruined.
    Cutting blacks more and more slack and not holding them accountable for anything. Erecting monuments to know criminals.

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