Poll: 27% of Oregon Residents Support Abolishing The Police

What’s The Matter With Oregon?

In Oregon, abolishing the police is now a mainstream issue and has gained traction in the Democratic base. Young Democrats support the idea. This is why Portland has become a national laughingstock.

Portland Tribune:

“Abolishing the police — once a fringe issue — has become a mainstream, albeit minority opinion.

After a year of unrest that pitted Portland protesters against cops, around one-quarter of Oregonians now support eliminating their local police department and creating alternative teams of social workers, drug counselors and mental health experts, a new poll says.

A total of 27% of survey respondents strongly or somewhat support that proposal, according to research by the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center — but 67% oppose it and 7% are unsure.”

Police funding is about as divisive a topic as can be found among Oregonians,” the center said in a briefing. “In the wake of the George Floyd protests of 2020, calls for ‘abolition’ of police departments increased, especially on social media. Among Oregonians broadly, this call represents a minority view today.” …

Support for law enforcement abolition is drastically higher among the young. About 45% percent of those under age 30 support the idea, compared with roughly 13% of those over age 55. Those who identify as Black, Indigenous or people of color offer more support (34%) than whites (26%). Democrats (36%) similarly outpace Republicans (11%) and non-affiliated voters (28%) in liking the idea. …”

Who supports police abolition?

36% of Democrats in Oregon

28% of Independents in Oregon

38% of social liberals in Oregon

45% of 18-29 year olds in Oregon

30% of people in the Willamette Valley

33% of people in Portland

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  1. Police departments are being eliminated anyway. Where I live the city police were retired early with what was left of the budget and now we just have the county sheriff. Good riddance really. All they did was annoyance work like wait outside of bars at closing time and ruin peoples lives for blowing a .07.

  2. In Eastern Europe we call this phenomena something what could roughly translate “back to the roots”

    In the dangerous crisis situation people tend to behave the way that bought them first serious victories in their life. This was first investigated in the Aeroflot air crashes. Barely before crash doomed pilots started to operate airplane in the very weird way. In the beginning nobody paid attention. What to expect from people who know that after 3 seconds they will be dead ?

    But later pattern emerged. Straight before crash, pilots tried to fly their large passenger planes as those small propeller trainers where they got their first pilot license . Investigators were very surprised. Everybody knows that you can not fly huge 200 seat jet airliner like 2 seat prop trainer but pilots did it anyway.

    Later this phenomena was noticed everywhere and finally in the politics. When Soviet Union started crumbling, some usually smart people went out of mind and supported most dumbest things imaginable.

    Those people were successful people who got everything in their life because they always supported mainstream. So no wonder that in case of sensing threat they clinged to party apparatus with their teeth’s and nails in desperate hope that this rotten ship carries them through the storm.

    I think that back to the roots phenomena explains a lot of weird things going on in the west right now. Every last one of us has subconscious ultimate survival mechanism. Our very own Helms Deep and for some people, being on the right side despite everything is their ultimate survival mechanism.

    • When I’m tired from driving I’ll start trying to hit the clutch despite being in an automatic. Same thing.

  3. Well, well,well, if the police are abolished, who’s going to step in as law and order? The thugs who are now in charge will be L&O for a little while, but decent folks won’t tolerate that for long. I suspect if sanity doesn’t prevail in what is left as government, vigilante groups will spring up. And they probably won’t care if a thug bitches about not breathing when he’s caught.

    • The unjust, unequal system of private profit, property and class privilege CANNOT exist without a massive army of hired guns. Police forces will NEVER be abolished under this system. The Biden administration is diverting hundreds of billions of pandemic relief funds to INCREASE police. No city can vote itself out of the system.

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