VICE: America’s First Black Billionaire Wants His Reparations Check, Now

If the Republican Party had intelligent leadership instead of being hopelessly cucked on race, it would be trying to exploit the reparations issue in the run up to the 2022 midterms.


“Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television and America’s first Black billionaire, wants a check. He wants it from the government. And he wants it to come with an apology for slavery, Jim Crow, and hundreds of years of racism.

The 75-year-old media magnate owns several homes, heads an asset management firm, and was the first Black person to own a majority stake in an NBA team. He doubts that check will ever come, but he sees a new kind of reparations—being called by a different name so as not be “divisive” or “controversial”—happening already. 

The new “reparations” is critical race theory education, it’s the housing grant program in Evanston, Illinois, it’s the $5 billion of targeted support and debt relief for Black farmers, and it’s the $50 billion in corporate pledges in the wake of George Floyd’s murder dedicated to combating systemic racism and inequality. (Even though just $250 million, or 0.5%, has actually materialized so far.)

“That’s what’s happening to the reparations—it’s been cut up into small pieces of things that look and feel like, ‘We want to end systemic racism, we want to end police brutality and shootings and to provide financing to Black small business owners,’” Johnson tells VICE News. …”

5% of Republican voters support reparations.

25% of the total electorate supports reparations.

49% of Democrats support reparations for slavery.

Reparations splits Democrats down the middle. Everyone else is against the idea except for maybe Kevin McCarthy who tends to move on issues like Juneteenth which are toxic to his own base.

It seems like this could be a potent wedge issue, right?

The truth is that the vast majority of the country is deeply uncomfortable with coddling and worshipping blacks. Most people are tired of this country revolving around blacks. This is especially true of White Independents, but also of more recent immigrants who find it cringe and bizarre.

The only two issues which are currently bigger losers than reparations for slavery for Democrats are open borders and “Defund the Police.” Toppling Confederate monuments, “Abolish ICE” and socialism round out the list as the most toxic issues with Independent voters and the wider electorate.

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  1. Maybe that coon can pay off his black ancestors with the billions he made when his ancestors sold the slaves to the jews that brought them ever here.

    • Where’s our reparations, for war zone level of violence we endure?
      Where’s our reparations, for trillions in welfare wasted on them?
      Where’s our reparations, for ruined cities?
      Where’s our reparations, for ruined schools and lowest education levels in the 1st world?
      Where’s our reparations, for public transport too dangerous to ride?
      Where’s our reparations, for ……….

  2. I’m all for reparations if we track down the ancestors of the slave merchants (Monsanto etc.) and slave owners (50%+ Jewish) and send them the bill. Heck, I would even go as far as confiscating all their ill-gotten wealth and distributing it to blacks if they are in the top 1% wealth category. I’m guessing Bill and Melinda would qualify here.

  3. This crooked old nigger is he, himself, a recipient of endless handouts and help from whites. He’s only a billionaire because his monkey tv network (started with loans from whites, and originally running only shows produced by other people) was sold to Viacom for a shitload of money. So we should not be surprised by his position on this reparations bullshit.

    • It’s peanuts (or maybe bananas is a better comparison) compared to what the tribe extracted from us through the Federal Reserve and their banking cartels. I for one have had hours of priceless entertainment watching BET and I thank this guy for his contribution to primate behavior knowledge. I never would have known.

      • I didn’t know that bout the buyout checks out Bet is ghetto trash tv the worst of black culture has to offer rolled into one

        He didn’t do anything special to inherit money his entertainment channel bigwig big noses threw money at him to poison blacks with gangster rap He’s a evil race baiting scumbag like Sharpton

  4. Perhaps a generous reparation check with a mandatory one way ticket to any one of 50+ black countries is worth looking into.

  5. He needs to wear a dress. Fuck it I don’t care that they’re being emasculated anymore.

  6. Republicans know they can win on White identity issues. They have known that for decades. It’s not that they’re just too stupid to know how to win. They saw 2016 happen just like we did. They don’t want to win on those issues because White identity goes against the party’s big business and globalist/imperialist agenda.

  7. Blacks are just hopeless 9 out of 10 times. Once they roll in problems never go away. I was reading an article of the black male nurse or something who killed 24 old people in Texas.. I am getting the vibe most of the killed were White…if not all since media covers it up. Anyway, to show what blacks bring to the table, the black district attorney of Dallas( of course a Democrat) named John Creuzot literally is not seeking the death penalty despite 24 people killed. 24!! The black sob tells the families that ” society” is moving away from the death penalty but he will make it his duty the mass murderer never gets out of jail. Wow weeeee! What’s next? Taking away the guy’s tv watching in jail!

    I don’t think you can get more evil than that. A clear mass murderer with clear evidence of the killings and yet blacks side with the criminals even when they are the prosecutor. This Creuzot character is a light skinned black pushing the whole ” reform” bit and says jail should only be for the ” very few.”

    The black race is a clear reason why Texas is shifting slowly into the Democrats camp. No matter how much butt kissing. welfare payments, excuse making, scholarships, White private money, most blacks will turn and be with the most pro criminal party and vote for the most extreme elements in that party( of course Democrats). This scumbag ” reformer” got 60% of the vote in the Dallas election thanks to Dallas becoming another high crime black city.

    So color me ” not shocked” when a black billionaire wants his reparations welfare check. This is why places in Eastern Europe or Asia have low crime issues. No blacks. America is screwed to the max with these people always around. Literally retarded Western Europe is importing them in and Muslims and then wonders why their societies are not what they were. Only stupid, naive, self hating, brainwashed White people could do that.

  8. If this dudes ancestors were left in Africa, you can be assured he wouldn’t be a billionaire right now. He’d be in a mud hut with no access to clean, running water. But hey………pass on those cheques, we’re still somehow ‘oppressed’.
    If you ever wonder why racism exists, people like this will remind you.

    • At best he would be a ” thousand-aire”. Blacks are in a weird predicament. Their racism tells them to hate Whites. Yet they know without Whites there is no society, no ” black lottery” no grifting, no affirmative action, no private White donations, no excuse making for blacks, no cool inventions, no roads, no ballers making millions and no blacks in general doing better than any society in the world and certainly doing better than living in Africa or Haiti. It must be tough living a lie every single day. That includes their White enablers as well.

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