House Votes To Remove Confederate Statues From Capitol

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Can the GOP be trusted to defend American heritage? Their most recent actions on this front are voting to pass the 2021 NDAA which renames military bases, voting to pass this bill which removes Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol and to establish Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Kevin McCarthy backed Juneteenth even though only 7% of Republican voters supported his position.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON – The House passed a bill Tuesday that would remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol as well as a bust of the former Supreme Court chief justice who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that denied enslaved people the right to be citizens.

“This sacred space, this temple of democracy has been defiled for too long. We ought not to forget history. We must learn from history. But we ought not to honor that which defiles the principles for which we … stand,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said on the House floor before the vote. “It’s time to remove those symbols of slavery, segregation and sedition from these halls.”

The bill passed by a vote of 285 to 120. Every Democrat present and 67 Republicans voted for it. The bill heads to the Senate for consideration, where it would need 10 Republican senators to join every Democrat to pass the upper chamber. …”

I should add here it wasn’t all of them.

120 House Republicans voted against removing Confederate statues while 67 voted in support it along with Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise. Last summer, Mississippi Republicans caved and removed the Mississippi state flag because somehow the issue had something to do with George Floyd. The House also passed this bill last year and it died in the Republican-controlled Senate.

According to Future Majority which is a Democratic messaging group, toppling Confederate monuments and “Abolish ICE” are two of the most unpopular and toxic Democratic issues. Both are massive losers with Republican and Independent voters. And yet, the Republican leadership can’t seem to get out of its own way and stop shooting itself in the foot. It prefers to pander to core Democrat voters.

This is the crux of the issue with the Republican Party. The Republican base believes in one thing. The Republican leadership does another. They constantly do cucked shit like this which impresses no one, alienates Independents and depresses turnout among their base.

Note: Kevin McCarthy is also creating a climate change task force to help win back the majority in 2022. Climate change isn’t an issue that motivates Republican voters.

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  1. That POS McCarthy is using those White Southern heroes as democrats as an excuse to remove them. What about FDR, Johnson, JFK and all the other democrats? Will he vote to remove them also or just the Southern ones he doesn’t like? As a Yankee this makes me sick to see these GOP cowards removing great men because of muh confederacy.

  2. That’s ok, our statues, shouldn’t be on display in such a chamber of dishonesty and dishonor anyway, we should have rescued them a long time ago. Congressman McCarthy is as good a reason as any, why our people should have it thru their heads, he himself has no love for founding stock america and the “party of Lincoln”, they may be our color, but they are not our kind, if you want to prove yourself a “scalawag”, vote republican, the congresswoman from Colorado, miss Greene from Georgia, those two are exempt, from my personal loathing anyway.

    • You are always better off with an enemy that openly flies his own colors, wears his own insignia on his own distinct uniforms and marches under his banner rather than an enemy that flies your flag, wears your insignia on your uniforms and marches under your banner.

      At least the Democrats are balls out in favor of colored people and freaks of nature, they advertise it, those are their peeps, they don’t hide it. To the contrary, they are proud of it.

      The Republicans are like an enemy that that flies your flag, wears your insignia on your uniforms and marches under your banner. It’s as though you trusted them to man your M 60 MG position while you crossed a wide field. The next thing you know the Republicans are firing at you in the back from 100 yards away with your own M 60.

      The Republicans need to go away, they need to join the Whigs on the ash heap of history, they are irredeemable.

  3. The Republicans are hopeless, give up on them now, save time instead of waiting to give up on them later.

    Rhetorical question: Why didn’t the Republicans, many of them Union Army veterans object to Confederate statues and monuments in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

    A: Because they wanted reconciliation of the country and to move forward instead of tearing at old wounds like the no good bastards of today. They had no hatred of Confederates and their memorials, they knew how much they had suffered, they had that in common. The Confederates weren’t monsters, that came much later with Antifa and all the White idiots who march with them and BLM tearing shit up constantly.

    Video of the 1913 Gettysburg reunion, North and South, Pickett’s charge battlefield:

  4. If I had to remove statues I would use bankster cooperation as a criteria. Just to name a few that would be Washington, Hamilton, 2nd Adams, Lincoln, T.Roosevelt, Wilson, Hoover, FDR, Truman, IKE, Johnson, Nixon (if there are any) Reagan and everyone that followed. The confederate generals fought against this or at least they thought they did.

    • I would build more Andrew Jackson and John C. Calhoun memorials. If only we had leaders like that today.

  5. Conservatards approving the removal of Confederate statues by referring to them as “Democrat” statues is pure Sean Hannity-tier copium. The Democratic Party of today sees Confederate statues as White/European heritage statues, and they’re removing them on those grounds… while the Republicans sit on their fat asses with no platform other than denying White people representation while chanting “Democrats are the real racists”.

  6. When it comes to blacks it will never end. Any hint of the past they don’t like will be erased or attempts to be erased. We have enough White lunatics to go along with it. The entire Democratic Party goes for it and about 30% of Republicans. Entire eras blacks don’t like will be wiped away. The 1920s? Despite much historical talk about the era, blacks will call it ” a racist era” and mentally diseased Whites will go along with it. Any big names from that time will be wiped clean unless they were kissing black booty.

    Steny Hoyer is a perfect representation of White Democrats. Old, butt kissing, anti White and has the gall to take shots at the past as he says nothing about this era with mass abortions, gang bangers, invaders of our border run by cartels, horrible schools compared to years back and one bombed out city after the next compared to years back. Comically, being from Maryland, his ” best city” is Baltimore. Let us compare Baltimore in 1920 to a century later today. Gee, which era was better? Hmmmm….

    The good thing about being in flesh and blood instead of a statue is you can’t change reality no matter if every statue in America comes down. Blacks will still commit crimes at far higher rates and create dysfunction at far higher rates. Scum like Hoyer will say nothing about that as the old man waxes poetic about the past. Hey Steny, want to compare public schools in Baltimore 100 years ago and today?

    Kevin McCarthy stinks. He is a weathervane Republican. His boring ” the Democrats are the real racists” routine is so boring and gross. He would not be elected to weed picker in a black area. He is for the wall now because it has passed his weathervane test.

    At this rate the only statues that will be around will be of former black slaves, communists of all colors, various gay booty bandits and Jews. Once again I have to repeat what Bill Maher said of people living now compared to years back” “You aren’t better than people from the past. You were just born in a different time.” Yup. And from the filth that is tolerated and promoted in this era compared to the past, this era is pitiful in many ways.

  7. @Kevin McCarthy – It is DEFINITELY time to change the name of the Republican Party!

  8. The Democrats of the 19th century were the conservatives, the Republicans the shitlib nigger-lovers; today, the Dems are the shitlib nigger-lovers, and so are the Repuglicucks.

  9. The irony of removing the Jefferson Davis statue is the fact that he had a great deal to do with the current design of the U. S. Capitol, including the Dome. Much of the interior grandeur is also attributable to him.

    Jefferson Davis is likely the least understood and most misrepresented man in history. He was, in many ways, a victim of his own success. He was generally favorably viewed in the North and South, and was seriously considered as a U. S. Presidential Candidate on the Democratic Ticket. Among the people promoting his candidacy was Benjamin Butler. Although, Davis was against Secession, he resigned his seat in Congress to return to his farm in Mississippi. He expected to be a General in the State Militia, but was selected to be provisional President of the nascent Confederate States without his knowledge. The news was delivered to him while he was tending his garden. He reluctantly accepted, because he felt obligated. But far from being elated or even enthusiastic, he was hesitant to take Office, deeply troubled about the potential loss of life and property, and terribly uncertain about the prospects for the future.

    As Secretary of War under Franklin Pierce, Davis knew the military capability of the United States. Much of that capability had been developed with his guidance. Men like Davis, Robert E. Lee, and others, were not naive or foolhardy, they were very well aware of the odds against them. Davis tried very hard to achieve a peaceful separation, even offering to pay for coastal installations like Fort Sumter (which was already paid for by tariff revenue extorted from the South).

    As a Prisoner of War, he refused to swear an oath of allegiance or to repudiate his belief in rightful secession. He could have secured his release, but chose to remain in prison for two years, insisting on a trial. Shackled and subjected to humiliations, the conditions of his confinement became a National embarrassment. Influential Northern people demanded that he be freed, and a trial that would have likely acquitted him was never held. Former Slaves collected money to aide him while he was impoverished and Beauvoir was deeded to him by a family friend. He spent the rest of his life defending the course that the South had taken, and became deeply admired for his steadfast conviction to The Cause.

    When Davis died, communities, town and cities across the South were draped in mourning, businesses closed and the people, men, women and children of all races, unabashedly shed copious tears. It is only in more recent years that Davis has come to be viewed as a bungler or a buffoon. He had faults, being unduly loyal to friends among them. Braxton Bragg should have been relieved of his command long before he was. Davis could be stubborn and vindictive. But, he was not dishonorable or dishonest, and he was literally willing to sacrifice everything he had, including his life, to salvage his reputation and to justify Southern secession.

    • @ cowtown rebel, great post, about a great man, along with bourbon, tobacco, fried chicken and the world’s finest horse flesh, pres.j.Davis one of Kentucky’s greatest export’s., Who made the world a better place.

      • @ With the exception of marse Robert himself, I know of no one, who bore a burden, like he did, hindsight is twenty, twenty, we can always look back and see the mistakes made, fate thrust this upon him and he handled it, as good as any man would or could, I salute Jefferson Davis and with the exception of a p.jefferson or a president a.jackson, I can think of no one else on the roster of presidents, who could or would have done any better than him.

  10. Why does no one speak of secession?

    God commanded the Israelites to be separate from the rest of the world.
    Christ said that we were to “be ye separate“.

    We fought a war over this very idea more than 150 years ago.

    Politicians, ministers, comedians, and books have been written about “the South shall rise again.”

    Where’s the disconnect?

  11. You people all sound stupid on this comments section.

    They could spit in your faces and you’d all say “its ok we needed water.”

    You are eternally boring enemies of the great Satan because you are too scared to be an offensive soldier. You should quit posting crap until you are resolved to do anything at all that actually is one degree hotter than “normal.”

    There are many things that cause dysfuction in the gears that grind us to retardation but most of you are in 100% help our enemy mode. Actually for the most of you, your gears are stuck in fat-stupid-lazy.

    No wonder our enemies keep pushing forward each new day trampling over you.

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