Eric Adams Wins New York City Democratic Mayoral Primary


DLWCs triumph over DILEs in New York City.

The alternative was Kathryn Garcia who was endorsed by the New York Times and was supported by establishment liberals. The woke professional class is by far the greater evil.

USA Today:

“While there are still some very small amounts of votes to be counted, the results are clear: an historic, diverse, five-borough coalition led by working class New Yorkers has led us to victory in the Democratic primary for Mayor of New York City,” Adams said in a statement.

Adams, whose central campaign promise was to reduce crime and boost public safety, held a roughly 9-point lead on election night but has seen the race draw closer as the ranked choice voting calculation redistributes voters’ preferences.

Adams is the heavy favorite to win the November general election and would be the city’s second Black mayor. …”

Eric Adams ran against all of those rich White people and their stupid ideas. He has declared victory over the professional class. Now they will have to kiss his black ass.

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  1. Yes, and there is great historical precedent on the magnificent job colored folk, especially the blacks do in running cities or any other large enterprise. Black mayors have revived Newark so that today it’s a major tourist destination with a “vibrant” colored culture on display constantly, particularly on warm, summer nights. Black scholarship is on display nightly as after vigorously studying the Constitution, particularly the 2nd Amendment, the coloreds vigorously exercise that amendment. No doubt they have previously finished their studies of Ayn Rand, are contemplating her ridiculous philosophy of Objectivism, whatever that is and now are showing how well they implement Libertarian Philosophy.

    Laurie Lesbian Lightfoot’s administration of Chicago is a textbook example of good government in action. Crime has dropped to nothing, Michigan Avenue is booming, White people are flocking to the city before real estate prices go even higher. What a great place to live!

    Baltimore is in a class by itself. Johns Hopkins Medical School is filled with neighboring black geniuses adding their black perspective to medical treatment. Their long experience with voodoo and other unorthodox treatments bring a unique perspective to medicine (and everything else) even if it does cause death rates to skyrocket. Think of all the diversity Pokémon points we get, not the chaos and destruction!

    What an improvement over working electric grids, clean water, orderly streets, modern medicine and all the other discontents of civilization! The colored folk are certainly the antidote to White boredom through their lively public displays of enrichment as they diversify cities, one after another around the world. This Adams guy will bring his unique black genius to NYC no doubt, their record of success is clear.

    He has one thing going for him though, he is not Bill De Blasio.

    They couldn’t run a two car funeral if their lives depended upon it.

  2. It doesn’t take much for “conservatives” to get all excited about someone who tries to mimic them.

  3. Adams “ran against all those rich White people and their stupid ideas” – my eye!

    Adams ran FOR them. He is a quinessentally establishment figure, perfect for the role of mayor of New York. He was the most heavily funded of the three or four major candidates, receiving the bulk of direct Democratic Party support and of the powerful real estate industry. He was also exclusively supported by the lucrative privatizing-public-education (charter school) industry.

    He was prepared and vetted for this position over many years. He was advised to begin his political career as a police officer. Then he advanced to the New York state senate, and finally was elected president of Brooklyn borough, before becoming mayor of the entire city.

    Don’t worry you reactionary conservatives, like Wall Street’s favorite Black Presidential primary candidate Kamala Harris, Adams works for the interests of the capitalist class, not for the commons (including Black commons).

  4. If the working-class can defeat the jews & rich race traitors in the ultimate kike shithole, they can do the same in the rest of the country – IF a competent, serious man can be found, rather than just another Repuglicuck in disguise like Dump.

  5. HW, are we owning the Libs here or what exactly is this?

    A coon, who is also a Democrat, is going to be mayor of our financial capital and we’re supposed to be happy because the DLWC’s (whoever the fuk that is (I can’t keep track of all the bullshit acronyms anymore)) candidate beat the DILE’s candidates (again wtf, we need a god damn legend for all the acronyms) so therefore somehow we win?

    Why couldn’t we be pulling for a White candidate instead?

    • LOL, no.

      The most anti-White people in the country are White shitlib progressives. They are much worse than non-Whites on all kinds of issues, but especially race and policing. These people have no racial solidarity with us. We shouldn’t have any racial solidarity with them. One of the biggest flaws of White Nationalism and the Alt-Right was the failure to perceive this.

      • I agree with that. Our ability to identify and discriminate against the outgroup is compromised. We need to rediscover the virtues of hatred and mistrust for the other.

        The class distinction is a critical component of identifying them from us.

        I still don’t want coons running New York City though, so.

        I’m plenty capable of hating them all simultaneously.

        This upper middle class urban SWPL mentality is what I’ve always disliked about the TRS guys, and Andrew Anglin, and definitely Spencer. You can tell listening to them, they’re not working class, and can’t identify with the working class as a result.

        I have a hard time taking seriously somebody who’s never built a house, or fixed a toilet, dug up a septic system etc.

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