AAPI Businesses Are Being Vandalized In Chinatown In San Francisco

We’ve all seen the numbers.

40% of San Francisco’s population wants to get out. No one wants to be a police officer.

80% say that crime is getting worse. 70% say that the quality of life in San Francisco has declined. 88% of people in San Francisco say there is a huge homelessness problem there. Drug addicts are everywhere. There is shit in the streets and living in San Francisco is becoming insanely expensive.

The Bay Area has lots of problems in the Joe Biden era, but worst of all has been the relentless assault on the AAPI community by “white supremacists.” There are “white supremacists” who are driving around on these little scooters attacking Asian-owned businesses in Chinatown in the middle of the night now. As with Portland and Minneapolis where “white supremacists” dressed up as Antifa and caused so much mayhem last summer, there are more people who seem to get off on trashing their own city.

Note: Speaking of Portland, it is happening there too.

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  1. I don’t care…Asians are not our friends….Vote for POTUS Andrew Yang…expect that POTUS Yang will import millions of China’s highly racialized youth into America via the H1 B Visa-L1B Visa Program….

    • The first generation chinks seem generally OK. The women especially. The next generation are as bad as any boomer feminist hags. Not expecting much help from this group.

  2. Ah, the blessings of “Diversity” that West coast shitlibs claim to love. Or did something go wrong?

  3. If any group is “naturally Conservative,” you think it would be Asians. But they respond to this abuse with incremental levels of Liberal. Don’t get it.

    • Who the fuck cares if Asians are Conservative..They are voting our People into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America…

      Bring back the 1888 Chinese LEGAL Immigrant Exclusion Act..

  4. That is coming from inside our own government. That footage is going to be broadcast on Chinese TV in China and is intended to provoke a war. The antagonism has got to stop. China, Russians, Iranians, Muslims, “white supremacists”, it has got to stop these people are going to get us killed.

  5. The uniform official response of the “AAPI Community” is…solidarity with the nigger attackers against “Systemic White Supremacy”.

    So piss on them.

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