Haitians Continue Their Storied Tradition of Assassinating Their Presidents

I was wondering how long Jovenel Moïse would last.

My old friend Friedrich Braun is always telling me that I need to collect and publish my work in books. Several years ago, I essentially wrote a book here on the history of the Caribbean with a focus on Haiti in particular. We spent like a whole year running down that rabbit hole.


“Haiti’s embattled president, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated overnight at his private residence, according to the country’s acting prime minister.

Prime Minister Claude Joseph said a group of people attacked the president’s private residence and killed him, calling it an “odious, barbaric” act.

Joseph said without explanation that some of the unknown attackers were speaking Spanish. The primary languages in Haiti are French and Haitian Creole.

The first lady was wounded by a bullet and is receiving care, he added. …”

Some context here for our new readers:

A Hundred Years of Trial: The First Century of Haitian Independence

1.) Jean-Jacques Dessalines, 1804-1806: Assassinated

2.) King Henri Christophe, 1807-1820: Suicide

3.) Alexandre Pétion, 1807-1818: Died of natural causes

4.) Jean-Pierre Boyer, 1818-1843: Ousted/exiled

5.) Charles Rivière-Hérard, 1843-1844: Ousted/exiled

6.) Philippe Guerrier, 1844-1845: Died of natural causes

7.) Jean-Louis Pierrot, 1845-1846: Overthrown

8.) Jean-Baptiste Riché, 1846-1847: Overdosed on aphrodisiacs

9.) Faustin Soulouque, 1847-1859: Resigned amid revolt

10.) Fabre Geffrard, 1859-1867: Resigned amid revolt

11.) Sylvain Salnave, 1867-1869: Executed by army

12.) Nissage Saget, 1870-1874: Forced to resign by army

13.) Michel Domingue, 1874-1876: Overthrown

14.) Boisrond-Canal, 1876-1879: Forced to resign

15.) Lysius Salomon, 1879-1888: Ousted by armed revolt

16.) François Légitime, 1888-1889: Ousted by revolt

17.) Florvil Hyppolite, 1888-1896: Stroke amid revolt

18.) Tirésias Simon Sam, 1896-1902: Resigned

Two Hundred Years of Trial: The Second Century of Haitian Independence

In 1884, the former British consul Sir Spenser St. John summed up the course of Haiti’s history in the introduction of book, Hayti, or the Black Republic:

“With regard to the history of this country, materials abound for writing a very full one, but I do not think it would prove interesting to the general reader. It is but a series of plots and revolutions, followed by barbarous military executions.”

Sir Spenser St. John, Hayti, or, The Black Republic, p.x

In 1900, Hesketh Prichard would later add this in his book:

“Corruption has spread through every portion and department of the government. Almost all the ills of the country may be traced to their source in the tyranny, the ineptitude, and the improbity of those at the helm of state. …

It is not overstating the case to say that the ambitions of the average Haytian politician on entering office are not towards the advancement of his country or projects of reform; his main idea is to make a fortune for himself and to use his power to avenge his personal resentments. In the former connection, there is a national proverb: “it is no robbery to rob the state.” 

Hesketh Prichard, Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti, p.281

The second century of Haitian independence kicked off in 1904 and can be characterized as an acceleration of the late 19th century death rattle:

19.) Pierre Nord Alexis, 1902-1908: Resigned amid revolt

20.) Antoine Simon, 1908-1911: Resigned amid revolt

21.) Cincinnatus Leconte, 1911-1912: Killed, palace explosion

22.) Tancrède Auguste, 1912-1913: Died of poisoning or syphilis. 

23.) Michel Oreste, 1913-1914: Resigned amid revolt

24.) Oreste Zamor, 1914-1914: Resigned amid revolt

25.) Joseph Davilmar Théodore, 1914-1915: Overthrown killed by mob

26.) Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, 1915-1915: Killed by mob

First US Occupation, 1915-1934

In between 1911 and 1915, Haiti went through no less than six presidents. A new low was reached when Cincinnatus Leconte died when his own ammunition exploded in the presidential palace and when Vilbrum Guillaume Sam was dragged off the toilet in the residence of the French ambassador and was torn limb from limb in the streets of Port-au-Prince by an irate mob composed of Haiti’s best families.

Foreigners agreed that it had gotten so bad it was time for an “intervention.” The first US occupation of Haiti was a rare moment of stability and progress, but its long term economic impact was limited by the Haitian judiciary’s disrespect of property rights:

27.) Sudré Dartiguenave, 1915-1922: Fulfilled his term

28.) Louis Borno, 1922-1930: Fulfilled his term

29.) Eugène Roy, 1930-1930: Fulfilled his term

30.) Sténio Vincent, 1930-1934: Fulfilled his term

Second Independence, 1934-1994

The first US occupation had effectively given Haiti a second chance at national independence.

Among other things, the US imposed a customs receivership on Haiti, sorted out its chaotic finances and supervised the repayment of its debt in 1947. The US also built roads, bridges, a telephone system and modernized Haiti’s ports.

In 1957, Haiti had the most democratic election in its history up to that point: Haitians chose none other than François “Papa Doc” Duvalier as their standard bearer, an anti-American black nationalist. The rest of the this period is characterized by Haiti’s descent into Duvalierism, the rise of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Lavalas, the coup d’état that ousted Aristide, and his lobbying campaign in Washington that brought about the second US occupation which lasted from 1994 to 2000:

30.) Sténio Vincent, 1934-1941: Fulfilled his term

31.) Élie Lescot, 1941-1946: Resigned amid revolt

32.) Dumarsais Estimé, 1946-1950: Deposed by army

33.) Paul Magloire, 1950-1956: Forced to resign by army

34.) Joseph Nemours Pierre-Louis, 1956-1957: Resigned amid labor strike

35.) Franck Sylvain, 1957-1957: Resigned

36.) Daniel Fignolé, 1957-1957: Forced out by army

37.) François “Papa Doc” Duvalier, 1957-1971: Died of natural causes

38.) Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, 1971-1986: Ousted by army

39.) Leslie Manigat, 1988-1988, Ousted by army

40.) Henri Namphy, 1988-1988: Ousted by army

41.) Prosper Avril, 1988-1990: Resigned

42.) Hérard Abraham, 1990-1990: Fulfilled his term

43.) Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, 1990-1991: Fulfilled her term

44.) Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 1991-1992: Toppled by military

45.) Joseph Nérette, 1992-1992: Fulfilled his term

46.) Marc Bazin, 1992-1993: Resigned

Second US Occupation, 1994-2000

In 1994, Bill Clinton intervened in Haiti to return Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power and to stop the migration of Haitian boat people to Florida.

The year 1994 proved to be the international community’s highwater mark of optimism about Haiti. Excited by the prospect of a genuinely popular and “democratic” leader taking over control of Haiti, foreigners sunk billions of dollars into Haiti’s stabilization and reconstruction.

GDP per capita actually sunk in the 1990s and Haiti devolved once again into political assassinations and instability. Disgusted with “Haiti fatigue,” the US pulled out its last remaining troops in 2000.

47.) Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 1993-1995: Fulfilled his term

48.) René Préval, 1994-2001: Fulfilled his term

Three Hundred Years of Trial: The Third Century of Haitian Independence

In 2004, Haiti celebrated the bicentennial of its independence ranked by Transparency International as the most corrupt country in the world.

No other point in Haitian history provides a better illustration of the total incapacity of Haitians to rule themselves. In spite of billions of dollars in foreign aid, an expensive US intervention that forced “democracy” on the country, and a seemingly incorruptible popular leader … once again, Haiti was right back where it was in 1904.

The venal Aristide administration degenerated into a farce and was toppled when Washington refused to ride to the rescue when a rebellion broke out in the provinces and advanced on Port-au-Prince.

49.) Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 2001-2004: Forced out office

UN Occupation of Haiti (MINUSTAH), 2004-Present

Since 2004, Haiti has effectively been a ward of the international community. UN troops have occupied the country and the “Republic of NGOs” have provided the services which are normally provided by a sovereign state.

50.) Boniface Alexandre, 2004-2006: Fulfilled his term

51.) René Préval, 1996-2011: Fulfilled his term

52.) Michel Martelly, 2011 – 2016: Ousted amid a revolt

53.) Jovenal Moïse, 2017 – Present

We can now confirm that Moïse has been assassinated

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  1. If they were not being watched how long would it take for them to revert to cannibalism?

    • A few weeks. ( assuming it isn’t currently happening. A big assumption.)

      Last I heard, a person could buy a 8 yr old girl from a brothel for as little as $50.

  2. Your articles on Haiti and Africa were top-tier academic papers worthy of being published. Better written than Kevin Macdonald’s seminal work too.

  3. To all the blacks in the West complaining about waysism and enjoying their victimhood………..this(Haiti) sounds like the place to be….

  4. Blame Louis XVI for all this. He bankrupted France by supporting the American Revolution, which caused the French Revolution, which in turn caused The Haitian Revolution. At least, he and his wife were deservedly guillotined for their stupidity.

    • Louis XVI was a Rothschilds toady. They fucked him over for some reason. Probably because the Jews had burrowed into the UK more firmly and wanted that as their Central Shlomo Command.

      • Well, the Revolution greatly benefited them. France in 1791 became the first European country to emancipate the Jews since the Medieval times. In Britain, the Jews were not emancipated until 1858. They had political rights in England before then.

        • The French Revolution was well conceived (better than the American) but never completed, so property and class were able to survive the onslaught and returned, with Bonaparte and then, the restoration of monarchy, while France continued to be Catholic under the boot of Rome, and remained militaristic, imperialist and class-structured.

          The French revolutionary motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” is almost perfect. “Liberté, raison, Égalité” – another French revolutionary motto with emphasis on reason, wisdom, intelligence.

  5. Re: “Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 1991-1992: Toppled by military (…) Bill Clinton intervened in Haiti to return Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power and to stop the migration of Haitian boat people to Florida. The year 1994 proved to be the international community’s highwater mark of optimism about Haiti. Excited by the prospect of a genuinely popular and “democratic” leader taking over control of Haiti, foreigners sunk billions of dollars into Haiti’s stabilization and reconstruction….”

    You seem to imply (by omission) that the U.S. was not responsible for the coup and that only Haitians were responsible for toppling their only really democratically elected and real socialist leader. Sure, the Clinton administration put him back for one more year like a figurehead puppet to look good, prevent complete collapse, and stop the mass migration of boat people, but there’s much more history that you’re not mentioning.

    Now after more than a year of continuous and often violently-suppressed public protests and general strikes, the Biden administration that had publicly backed and protected (with special forces) the bloody Moise regime decides that it’s time to replace him with a fresh, new puppet. The professional team of gunmen that broke through security and killed him in his house was foreign and was speaking English.

    He was killed by the same foreign capitalist mercenaries that he relied on to terrorize and subdue the Haitian people: https://twitter.com/madanboukman



    • Haitians are ridiculed by the far right and portrayed as more violent and only slightly more intelligent than chimpanzees. They are not. And even if they were, it does not require a very high IQ to understand exploitation, tyranny, and class.

      • You’re a fool if you think you can eliminate “class” or the stratification of people. There will always be wealthy over poor, always powerful over powerless. It is unfortunate, but also inevitable.

        • Class system is unnatural and immoral, and should, and can, be eliminated. But natural, genetic individual, ethnic, and racial variations are difficult or impossible to eliminate, and since they are natural traits and tendencies there is generally no moral reason to try.

          Re: “There will always be wealthy over poor, always powerful over powerless”:

          Not necessarily. Jesus said “The poor you always have with you” and “There will be wars,” but did not mean we should ignore and not work to eliminate poverty, war and other injustice.

      • “only slightly more intelligent than chimpanzees. They are not. ”

        Your saying they are less intelligent than chimps?
        Not very charitable.

        • Yes after I dashed off that comment, I noticed too that it could be taken both ways. I meant: they are NOT “more violent and only slightly more intelligent than chimpanzees,” as some say.

          Note that I’m not implying or thinking there are no significant IQ differences between races as a whole.

  6. Good news. The guy was a filthy ‘American’ collaborator. No doubt whoever directly replaces him will be just as bad, but perhaps this will enable the Haitians to throw off the zionist chains.

  7. Note: The mercenary hit squad was speaking Spanish as well as English, but again, they were not Haitians. Who hired them and paid them to kill?

    The U.S. spent 33 million dollars (that goes a LONG way in Haiti) to sway the last election and install the Neoliberal puppet Jovenal Moise, while the only Socialist party was banned and continues to banned in Haiti. The U.S. has a replacement selected, ready to be installed as soon as there is another “election.”

    “The US spent $33M to install Haiti’s puppet tyrant, and sold him as an agricultural entrepreneur. But some who knew him confirmed he was a member of FRAPH, a 1990s CIA death squad. Here’s his banana farm. No bananas, but plenty of massacres and other crimes against the people” https://twitter.com/madanboukman/status/1405259887081254913 “Why would the U.S. invest $33M in a stranger? During his campaign, he was seen with convicted criminals/mass murderers Louis-Jodel Chamblain and Guy Phillipe – former leaders of CIA death squads….”

    • Haiti, is one of the most verdant places on earth, as is much of Africa, yet hunger is rampant.

      Speaks to black Initiative.

      Yet Icelanders can cultivate strawberries, on their frozen rock.

  8. Imagine if a solar flare caused the United States to lose all power for several weeks. How would POSSAA (People of sub-Saharan African ancestry) behave in the United States?

    • @ heartland separatist, same at they always do, the more important question is,? How would we behave?

  9. Several jogger leaders have been quietly killed over the past 8 months, in Africa They were all vaccine skeptics. American, French, British, and Chinese troops have carried this out. I wonder if this Haitian jogger was a vaccine skeptic? Was he close to 70%?

    • “I wonder if this Haitian jogger was a vaccine skeptic?”

      He was a former CIA death squad member and a Duvalierist, and his political party is narco mafia masquerading as a political party. Whether he was a vaccine skeptic or not is unimportant. It is worth noting that Haiti is almost completely unvaccinated (the opposite of Israel) and only wealthy elites are protected. The real infection rate and mortality one can only guess.

      Chinese troops are killing Black leaders in Africa? Where ARE you getting your misinformation? Return Epoch Times junk mail to the post office.

  10. You can take them out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of them. They always revert back to being savages

  11. “Louis XVI (…) bankrupted France by supporting the American Revolution, which caused the French Revolution, which in turn caused The Haitian Revolution”:

    That is indeed the chain of causality, and with each step the goal of revolution becomes clearer.

    • Under the French, slaves were so inexpensive and abundant that they could be worked literally to death, whereas in the U.S. they had to be cared for and bred like horses.

  12. Actually the land in Haiti is mostly barren due to intense primitive agricultural practices and lack of erosion control. Do a Google earth look-see of Haiti. You can clearly see its border with the Dominican Republic and the difference between mud pie brown and verdant crops/forests is stunning.

    • @flaxen
      Yes, now most of the island is.
      The few protected areas are verdant.
      It shows how blacks can ruin anything, even paradise.

      Contrast this with the Germans, who converted the dismal pestilent filled swamps of bougainville to lush tropical gardens.

      How anyone can deny the superabundant evidence of racial difference is beyond reason.

  13. Haiti, South Africa, “Zimbabwe”, Chicongo, DEE-troit, Baltimore, ad nauseam: hyper-violent nigger retards are simply incapable of self-government, even when they take over a paradise created by Whites; no lame excuses about “capitalist colonial machinations” – even though they have taken place – mitigate or can ever change that.

    THEY are the great, unsolvable problem. What Whites should do is nothing at all: let nature exterminate them via disease, starvation & mass-murder.

    Throw down the White Man’s Burden. And piss on it.

  14. Jean Riche How does one overdose on aphrodisiacs?! lmfao lol

    Most aphrodisiacs are non narcotic and non lethal must of taken a combination of shit to achieve that

    Amazed at how many Haitian politicians/ presidents are killed by the mob and poisonings too wtf mostly 19th century but still

  15. Video of security camera footage of the DEA operation that removed Moise: https://twitter.com/madanboukman/status/1412944291224240129

    “It is 1915 all over again” – the U.S. is pushing the U.N. that meets today to send troops to Haiti:

    U.S. Secretary of State Blinken gives directions to Claude Joseph who was bragging he is now first in command. https://twitter.com/madanboukman/status/1412910720572919808
    Since then, Claude Joseph has been replaced. The U.S. demands that (s)elections be held, and undoubtedly has a well-vetted, well trained (likely another CIA death squad member) successor puppet in mind.

    The socialist party that brought real progress to Haiti in a few short months remains banned and Haiti will never be allowed to “fall” again into socialism like Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Haiti must never be allowed to set a GOOD example for the world, that could turn the world upside down – a prospect even more fearful than the original Haitian revolution!

  16. The total number of U.S citizen assailants, and the numbers killed and alive in custody are still in flux. It appears now that one of them is not White but a mulatto immigrant of Haitian descent. There is no information on the logistics of how they got there, and who paid them.

    This is interesting about another group of U.S. mercenaries or special force commandos that was accidentally arrested and uncovered by ordinary Haitian police a few months ago: https://ezilidanto.com/2019/02/american-strike-force-arrested-in-haiti-go-free/

  17. More information (and disinformation) comes in: More than a dozen replacement operation suspects have now been “captured,” and the vast majority are mercenaries from Colombia, not U.S. citizens, and nearly all Hispanic, explaining the Spanish language heard in the recordings . Two or three look entirely White and one has red hair. Two U.S. citizens claim to have been acting as translators explaining the American English that was heard in the recordings. The U.S. will have “plausible deniability” since the “Colombians did it,” and it can proceed with plans to install another CIA-linked puppet.

    • Two military plane loads of U.S. special forces have just arrived in Haiti, wearing civilian clothes like spies. Moise was removed the night before moderate politician Henry Ariel was to be sworn in as interim Prime Minister, leaving Claude Joseph and other extreme hard-line Duvalierists (GNB faction of the PHTK nacro mafia “political party”)) in charge of Haiti and the upcoming (s)electiuons.

      Here is Maxine Waters’ public relations statement about how concerned she is, and the U.S. is, that the upcoming (s)elections should be fair and democratic (Ha!) : http://haitiaction.net/News/MW/10_8_20/10_8_20.html

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