Tucker Carlson: Shitlib Hero Michael Avenatti Cries While Being Sentenced To Prison

In the Trump era, I refused on principle to waste my braincells covering all of the fake scandals that were stirred up by the corporate media, particularly Russiagate which went on for years. In my view, it made more sense to criticize Trump on the basis of the issues that mattered to us. There was never a shortage of material to work with on his policy record. There was no reason to make stuff up.

Anyway, this Michael Avenatti guy who some of you may remember from the Trump era because the media was constantly slobbering all over him and Robert Mueller recently went down and cried when he was sentenced to prison. Avenatti was a huge PMC shitlib hero at the time.

Note: Just watching the CNN and MSNBC obsession with the Mueller report was one of the things that got me interested in the PMC Question.

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  1. Karma’s a bitch and he will probably become a bitch in prison unless he’s put in protective custody.

  2. I really don’t know why Tucker or Fox hosts or anyone on the right gloats about Avenatti, the crook.

    Because hearing his name or seeing his face reminds me of Stormy Daniels the porn star more than her slimy lawyer.

    Seems like a self-own considering it reminds most people that Trump cheated on his wife with her, paid her off & lied about it.

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