Ibram X. Kendi: There Is No Debate Over Critical Race Theory

You don’t really grasp Critical Race Theory (CRT).

It is not opaque garbage which is one of many branches of critical theory (see also queer theory) which styles itself as “antiracist” but in fact is racist against Whites and which is mostly concerned with the law and argues that blacks are oppressed by “structural racism” embedded in the law.

The Atlantic:

“The United States is not in the midst of a “culture war” over race and racism. The animating force of our current conflict is not our differing values, beliefs, moral codes, or practices. The American people aren’t divided. The American people are being divided.

Republican operatives have buried the actual definition of critical race theory: “a way of looking at law’s role platforming, facilitating, producing, and even insulating racial inequality in our country,” as the law professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, who helped coin the term, recentlydefined it. Instead, the attacks on critical race theory are based on made-up definitions and descriptors. “Critical race theory says every white person is a racist,” Senator Ted Cruz has said. “It basically teaches that certain children are inherently bad people because of the color of their skin,” said the Alabama state legislator Chris Pringle.

There are differing points of view about race and racism. But what we are seeing and hearing on news shows, in school-district meetings, in op-ed pages, in legislative halls, and in social-media feeds aren’t multiple sides with differing points of view. There’s only one side in our so-called culture war right now. …”

Kendi’s complaint here is basically “you haven’t read me.”

I have read his book Stamped From the Beginning. I understand his point of view. My view is that we live under structural antiracism due to federal and state civil rights laws and Supreme Court decisions. The system that we have today and which we have been creating since the 1940s was designed to uplift blacks and to promote equity at the expense of other races. Affirmative action and disparate impact and racial inequity in taxing and spending are only the most obvious examples of this.

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      They have to work two jobs to just afford essentials.
      Besides, homeschooling puts a crushing burden on one intrustor.

      How many parents are competent to teach anything beyond elementary algebra ?
      Her few.

      • Erring One- Having homeschooled our children, and having been in a co-op, trust me.
        After Elementary Algebra, most HS kids can figure out math on their own- as the scores continually show, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

        Or you can work with a Mathnasium, or private tutor.
        And YES. Most parents CAN afford to homeschool their kids, IF they don’t live beyond their means.
        We did it for years on one salary- was it tight? Yes. Did we not have enough $$ to buy our kids every garbage piece of plastic they wanted- Yes. And did it ‘ruin’ them? -No. Adults continually remark on the maturity, considerateness, verbal acuity, and summa cum laude graduation from colleges where they got full ride scholarships… all because of caring when we could.

        Meanwhile, our neighbors put all of their spawn through PS- and the middle child announced he… ‘was a she,’ at age 17, and the (cough, hack) ‘religious’ parents- let him mutilate his body and destroy his soul…. thanks PUBLIC EDUCATION.

      • He gave millions to rappers, to get them to endorse him in the last election. He and his MAGA followers wouldn’t shut up about “black employment being up”, and never gave one thought to the whites who elected him. His talk about the trillions he wanted to “give blacks” was nauseating.

  1. How is Al Sharpton not a Black Racist?

    How is BLM not engaging in the racial intimidation of innocent White Americans?

    How is 4 Star US Army General Mark Milley not a turd floating in Lindsay Graham’s toilet?

  2. Next from David French, Charlie “Big Head” Kirk, NR and Fox TV: The Conservative case for inflicting CRT on White people.

    The Republicans really put the “con” into “conservative”, don’t they?

  3. “They are just like us” how many times have you heard that line of shit the Jews use on us. But the blacks are not like us, they like the Jews. And like the Jews, the blacks are perfectly willing to wage war on the innocent……and they are going to hell just like the Jews.

    Kendi is supposed to be a Christian and yet this worthless piece of shit wages war on the innocent just like a Jew, just like a Christ killer.

    No doubt for money, no doubt at all.

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  5. It’s perfectly clear: appeasement is impossible. Coexistence is impossible with these people.

    They have taken all of our once decent Southern Cities, Northern too, and turn them into ghettos and war zones. They produce grief, division and strife at every turn.

    Diversity and multiculturalism has been a massive disaster for Whites, our people, culture and heritage. Their (marxist) goal is make Whites a minority, strip us of our political power, marginalize us, dehumanize us and inevitably load the boxcars with all of us straight to the camps. Therein lies the endgame.

    They will never ever get over slavery, nothing Whites can do will appease their appetite for revenge and destruction of our hard fought civilization. They are coming for everything.

    The South was Right.

  6. The Chinese are colonizing Africa, French media reports. French interests sold their mining interests to the Chinese, who allegedly don’t care about environmental or social rights and exploit the Congolese workers to the bone. The article states that they habitually refer to Africans as lazy, worthless “apes.” Sadly for Africans, a disciplined high IQ race will always dominate an impulsive low IQ race. A video shows an African fighting his Chinese overlord. The ruthless colonization of Africa by Chinese is a noteworthy development; already the Africans on the ground regret the end of French colonization. The Chinese may not be as keen on building roads, hospitals, schools, etc. for the natives. The Chinese are not there to civilize an inferior, barbarous race like the French tried, at least officially…like eugenics, recall that colonization was a Left-wing project…the Chinese have no such dreamy pretensions…they are there to economically press the juice to the maximum and don’t give a shit about the Congolese well-being.


    • ….and the Jews want do to to the Chinese what they did to America. To bad Xi already told them to take a hike.

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