Joe Biden Defends His “Withdrawal” From Afghanistan

I remember when Donald Trump announced his “withdrawal” from Syria.

Evidently, Trump was serious about it, but was stymied by John Bolton, Senate Republicans and the Pentagon. The “withdrawal” eventually came to mean leaving hundreds of Americans troops in Syria. Then it was revealed that the Pentagon had more troops there than was previously known.

Note: I recently found out that someone who is close to me who is in the Alabama National Guard is currently deployed … in Syria. He is not even in the U.S. military.

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  1. Yes Hunter, I know National Guards are being used more and more in international hybrid wars overseas.

    Also I’m glad you put “withdrawl” in quotes, because it is not withdrawal. The puppet regime in Kabul will continue to be funded, propped up and protected so the U.S. can contiue relentless bombing and station some regular forces, special forces and NATO forces there “by the invitation of the legitimate government of Aghanistan.” The war is increasingly privatized with thousands of private contractors – death squad mercenaries, saboteurs, teachers, translators, humanitarian workers and spies – remaining on the ground in Afghanistan. The U.S, says it will rely more on OHC “Over the horizon” capacity, meaning even more long-range bombing, missiles and drone attacks launched from ships and bases in the Persian Gulf and beyond. Alll the U.S. needs to do now is keep Afghanistan in chaos until the popular resistance seems to have failed. The Empire’s terms of “peace” may begin to look better in a few years.

  2. My take is the US is handing Afghanistan off to China for the Road and Belt initiative. I’m sure you will see the usual suspects on the other side of the hand off. Afghani traitors have been monitored and groomed for 20 years and all will proceed as planned. The only losers are US taxpayers and the poor sods that volunteered to fight there.

    • Yeh, and they’ll right in the sights of someone’s RPG.
      THE Taliban are tough and resilient, they’ve outlasted zog’s 100s of billions .

  3. Compare and contrast with Vietnam:

    The U.S. won every battle in the Vietnam war, the Viet Cong were decimated in the ’68 Tet Offensive then the NVA and their air force were destroyed in 1972. So-called “peace” talks were continuing during this time in Paris with no progress. The N. Vietnamese side’s terms for peace were unchanged since 1968: The U.S. formally apologize for the war, withdraw from S. Vietnam, pay a huge indemnity then there would be negotiations for returning U.S POWs.

    Nixon blockaded N. Vietnam for the first time in the war in May ’72 cutting off resupply from the USSR which didn’t lift a finger to break the blockade. This caused the destruction of N. Vietnam’s army and air force (they had no navy) by S. Vietnam’s army in 1972 with U.S. air support while the N.V. air force was destroyed. N. Vietnam held out until the November 1972 election hoping Nixon would lose.

    Nixon won in an historic landslide, commenced even more severe bombing of N. Vietnam and N. Vietnam agreed to U.S. terms in December 1972 signing a peace treaty in Paris in January 1973. U.S. prisoners were returned starting in Feb.1973 and the blockade of N. Vietnam was ended. There was no apology, the U.S. Government continued to support S. Vietnam and no indemnity was ever paid.

    The U.S. public was sick of LBJ’s no-win strategy in Vietnam causing public support for the war and conscription to go to zero. Nixon’s Watergate troubles and Democratic control of Congress led the U.S. Government to abandon S. Vietnam. After Nixon resigned in August 1974 the N. Vietnamese, after getting their army rebuilt by the USSR defeated S. Vietnam in May 1975 more than two years after the so-called “peace” treaty and more than three years after U.S. ground troops were withdrawn.

    In Afghanistan U.S. and allied forces have won all the battles too but public support, just like Vietnam has gone to zero. The U.S. was able to sustain the war for twenty years because there was no conscription causing public protests. The U.S. Government is trying to turn the war over to the CIA and fight it with mercenaries while maintaining a small footprint in Kabul and a couple of other places. Without the big battalions and the U.S. Air Force they will be fortunate if they can barely hang on.

    The Usual Suspects have been crying over Afghan girls no longer going to school if the U.S. withdraws but public support for their war is zero. Most likely Afghanistan will end with a siege like Stalingrad Feb. 2nd, 1943. Kabul is too remote and Afghanistan is landlocked making resupply difficult even in good times. The smart thing to do would be for the U.S. Government to abandon ship on the place but when has the U.S. Government had an ounce of wisdom?

    • “The U.S. Government is trying to turn the war over to the CIA and fight it with mercenaries”

      Mercenaries against religiously devoted fanatics ?

      Bet on the fanactics.

    • You guys are taking this in face value. China has already announced cooperation deals with the Taliban.

      • No doubt you are correct but the Chinese are smart enough to wait until the fighting settles down and the U.S. leaves via helicopters on the roof like 1975 to move in in numbers. Typical U.S. stupidity will have to play out first.

        KT-88, what about 6L6GT?

  4. I’m sure the coalition of the killing are in places we don’t even know about, spreading ‘freedom’ or whatever…….and will be forever, and paid for by you, the taxpayers. Meanwhile at home, whites are hated, statues are pulled down and crime is out of control. But cheer up……at least the military is now diverse.

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