Poll: Joe Biden Isn’t Really Running The Country

It is true that most of the attacks aren’t landing on Joe Biden.

Most Americans recognize that Joe Biden has dementia and is nothing more than a figurehead. He has difficulty getting through his speeches, knowing where he is at times and climbing the steps to Air Force One. He has cards prepared for him that he pulls out where he gets in trouble in public. It has been obvious from day one that the people around him are running the show. They were scared he would fall apart on the world stage when he met Putin and were relieved when he got through the day.

Yahoo News:

“Most people in the United States believe that Biden administration officials, and not President Joe Biden, are directing the country’s agenda and policy, according to a national poll.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents to a Convention of States Action and Trafalgar Group poll said the president is not fully executing the duties of his office. Thirty-six percent said they were confident that he was directing all policy and agenda matters.

There was a disparity between political ideologies, as nearly 59% of Democratic voters said they thought Biden was in charge of the administration. Thirty-two percent said he was not in charge. …”

Joe was the only candidate available who could beat Trump. Bernie and Buttigieg couldn’t get it done. That’s why the Democratic establishment carried him over the finish line.

Note: When we criticize Joe Biden, it should be understood we are criticizing his handlers. The man himself is barely holding it together. Joe Biden is in worse health than any president since Woodrow Wilson. You’ve got to give him some credit for his public appearances. He is trying hard not to mess up.

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  1. Well, this has always been the case with the American presidency.

    The alarming instance this time around is the rapidly deteriorating condition of the President’s cognitive faculties. He doesn’t even know what he is ordering or signing.

    He is a nominal head like Christian VII of Denmark.

  2. He’s Pilate and his Cabinet the Sanhedrin. Everyone knows it. Who’s to play the Jesus role. I dunno.

    • Wait until Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President, she will make Dementia Joe look like Bismarck and the only excuse for her gross incompetence, stupidity and clownishness will be that she is a mulatto. Cackling Kamala will be the next Mr. President, even if just a figurehead because she is VP and has to be put in the office of President when Dementia Joe goes the way of all flesh. Immediately the stock of the U.S.A. will plunge towards the bottom, especially in Asia because everyone will know (not necessary to whisper it, either) that Cackling Kamala is in miles over her head.

  3. @ I don’t believe, he will last much longer, health issues, will be reported as why, he is being temporarily replaced by my madam vice president Harris, madam vice president ” nervous laugh ” Harris, should prove too be quite interesting, I wonder how long , they will keep her around ?

    • Perhaps the Democrat establishment pushed Dementia Joe:

      1.) to knock out of the box that dirty old Bolshevik, Bernie , , ,

      2.) to satisfy whatever faction Dementia Joe represented in the Democratic Party , , ,

      3.) because they believed Trump was unbeatable at the time Joe was selected , , ,

      This was similar to the Republicans nominating that dirty old corrupt bastard Bob Dole in 1996 because the Republicans knew the corrupt Bill & Hillary team were going to get reelected no matter what. In 1996 that shut up the Dole faction of the Republican Party to get them on board with whomever they selected for the 2000 election.

      It looked like Trump was going to win in Jan. 2020 so this gave the Democrats a free shot to get rid of their detritus (Joe, the Buttplug et al.) and prepare for 2022/2024. Lightning struck however. The Wuhan virus came to town, the economy shutdown, BLM and Antifa went on rampage after rampage while Trump didn’t know what to do. Trump’s incompetence, groveling before the blacks and The Usual Suspects while ignoring his White base combined with fraud was enough to tip the election to Dementia Joe, something the Democrats didn’t expect when they selected him.

      Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  4. So, the Altright didn’t really endorse him for president? It was actually his Jewish and militant leftist handlers we were helping by opposing and actively sabotaging the Trump base’s enthusiasm with black pill propaganda?

    And this was done because Trump was the president of Israel and because of the platinum plan that was never gonna happen and because he droned brown hero general.

    Sounds like we traded credibility with the Trump base (White working class people) to get a worse puppet than the one we had.

    Muh accelerationism though.

    Hopefully next time around nobody is listening to TRS or Spencer again.

      • Yeah, and a major contributing factor to those people staying home was the entire dissident right basically turning itself into a blackpill machine to demoralize as many folks as possible.

        Everybody had basically the same message, “tune out there’s nothing here for you Whitey”.

        Then they had free reign to steal the election because we had basically already sided with them tacitly to spite Trump and his White base.

        It is what it is at this point, but I don’t have any plans to let people retcon this into something other than what it was, a strategic disaster, for a potential short term tactical gain.

          • This is where most people are at that I talk to, who are actual White working class guys that voted for Trump, and didn’t care that he was the president of Israel or that he droned brown hero general.


            Political reality is where power is at. This is why Trump is still the foremost candidate for 2024 despite the Covid psyop, the Jan. 6th gayop, the second impeachment and everything else they’ve done to him.

            You can say its the independents all you want but nobody that matters (White working class) cares, they are just pissed off they got screwed over, disenfranchised from legitimate election, and gaslit for a year and a half about a fake pandemic.

            Its Trump supporters now that are being targeted for destruction (who are by and large White working class). Whats left of the Altright isn’t aligned with them, but against them. This isn’t a tenable position. These people aren’t taking Biden lightly, aren’t giving up on Trump and don’t give a shit about Israel one way or another (this is only a pet issue of the fringes, left and right).

            The political balkanization thats happening now, is uniting and waking up White people now, but if it gets hijacked as is usually the case, anybody who didn’t support Trump is going to get lumped into the same group and churned under by an angry backlash, of which there’s alot of evidence is already starting. At that point nobody is going to care that we of the fringe right were only supporting Biden ironically to try and set off the accelerationism we are seeing currently.

            What looks fortuitous now, is an albatross that I think is going to bite us in the ass.

            Spencer, for better or worse, is still considered “The Altright” by virtue of having been the poster boy of the thing through Heil Gate and the punch a nazi media campaign etc.

            I don’t really care to be associated with anything pro Biden.

            Trump wasn’t perfect, but at least he wasn’t openly anti White, like Biden.

            I believe for now that means there’s no room left for me in this thing.

            Maybe when the dissident right finally aligns with the White working class that will change. Until then I think I’m out in the wilderness as the only guy that actually voted for Trump and thought it was bad that the White working class got screwed over in the election, because Trump was the White working classes president (good or bad, he was ours)

            Trump isn’t going away though, and I think his utility is past, besides his ability to unite that White working class behind a common interest. If we are lucky he will throw his weight behind someone like Desantis, even though I’d prefer he stayed in Florida, but we all know Desantis is looking at 2024, and Trump is in his way. I think Trumps base would coalesce behind Desantis, and that wave will bring the Senate back into the GOP establishment’s hands again, resetting this whole gay cycle.

            A couple things are for sure.

            1) There aren’t going to be any national politicians that are anti Israel any time soon unless they are non-Whites like Ocasio Cortez, and nobody in the White working class is going to support her, including me.

            2) Nobody is going to embrace the JQ as a central campaign issue because its a political losers strategy to do so.

            3) Nobody in 2024 is gonna be more concerned about advocating against Israel, when everything closer to home is on fire, with Whitey being openly attacked from all directions.

            4) White people in general don’t consider Israel one way or another to be the deciding factor of their political worldview. This puts the fringe right at permanent loggerheads with the bulk of the White population, since the JQ and being anti Israel is held as the prime article of faith over here.

            I’m gonna keep coming back to this issue, as it really is the only thing the dissident right should be trying to resolve right now. How to reconcile our antisemitic fundamentalism with the reality that almost nobody gives a shit besides us, and there is zero energy in the political landscape for tackling the JQ because the White working class, who we ostensibly identify with (I certainly do, since this is where I am from in meatspace) has bigger issues closer to home that are more salient, such as the economy and being killed by niggers or vanned by the feds for Q posting.

            The White working class isn’t gonna become universally and fundamentally anti semitic any time soon. Jews just aren’t a major issue in our daily lives, at least anymore so than any other anti White political demographic of which there are now legion.

            Its not an animating concern for any decisions. Its just not that important to distinguish one anti White demographic from the others when its so clear that they are all just that, Anti White.

            Being Pro White should be the prime article of faith for the White working class’s political worldview, because its oriented towards us and will evolve with our needs as an organic and natural cohesive force.

          • White working class voters are Independents and Republicans. Trump lost Independents to Joe Biden and lost the election as a result. Specifically, he went down with White men. Joe Biden won more White men than Hillary which offset Trump’s gains with women and Hispanics.

            Blame Trump for his incompetence and letting Jared Kushner run his campaign. My job here is analyze politics. I told you COVID was going to cost him the election and that is what happened when Independents and suburbanites swung against him. Anyway, he is long gone and we are in a new era now

          • @Dart – That is a grossly false and absolutely ridiculous statement, unless you are writing it with the utmost irony. As for giving Biden some credit for remaining upright as the author suggests, I give him ZERO credit. He is a vile and treasonous whore who is using his rapidly waning faculties to genocide the White race.

          • Right. The Dumptards who would otherwise be sleeping right now are in a perpetual rage with Biden’s kike handler cabinet stoking the flames higher every day.

            Orange jewdas contemptuously pissed on “in-the-bag” Whites while tirelessly sucking kike & coon cock, so he got what he deserved.

          • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother,

            With Trump as president, we had all of the same things happening.

            -Trump’s DOJ was weaponized against “White supremacists” and “domestic extremists” as much as Biden’s is. Most of our political prisoners were locked up during Trump’s term, and mostly by “based” Jeff Sessions, who admitted that he was personally ordered by Trump to crack down on dissenters.

            -Trump got the ball rolling on the crime wave by passing “prison reform” to release violent felons back into society. By pushing prison reform, Trump also made a tacit admission of the validity of the “systemic racism” narrative.

            -Trump empowered all of the people who oppose us by giving them all tax cuts. With more disposable wealth from tax cuts, the wealthy PMC could spare more money to fund antifa and BLM.

            The major difference was the right wing covered up or ignored all of Trump’s actions against us to persist in the delusion that they were “winning.” With Biden, people know where we stand. Everyone knows the Biden admin is anti-White. Trump’s admin was just as anti-White, but people didn’t want to see it, which is a worse position to be in. An enemy that people are aware of is better than an enemy that people are not aware of.

    • You’d have to be either an idiot or a Zionist Jew to support Trump. Which one are you ISA?

    • Even Orban is fake. We have zero independent leaders in the West. Nobody gives a fuck about Poland(more Shlomos than even Biden’s cabinet) or Hungary(Orban was a Soros scholar) so they let the natives dance around with their national flags and pass a few retro laws for optics. These countries are just on the slow path to GloboShlomo.

      • Interesting about Orban being not different at all. And his son is a Pentecostal faith healer. Hungary remains in NATO, sends troops to prepare to attack Russia. Actions louder than words.

  5. In the jewnite’ sta’ of amerikwa, you could “elect” a Bonobo Chimpanzee as president, and nobody would care. Possibly 30-40% would approve…

    • A bonobo would be a positive improvement on what we’ve had here the last few decades.

  6. I was listening to Nixon speaking to the Apollo 12 crew when the were in orbit scrambling to fix their spacecraft after lightning strikes and he was even MORE incoherent than Biden. Like 10 minutes of rambling nonsense while the crew is trying to work. K maybe he was drunk but wow! Nothing is new here it seems.

  7. Biden must be suffering from the worst case of hemorrhoids ever. All those hands stuck up his poop chute must wreak the living hell out of it!

  8. Biden could be in a coffin and (((they))) are not going to hand over power to Kamala. Jews do not trust blacks. It is going to take a huge amount of election fraud to get that queer, gay Pete in the white house.

  9. US Presidents haven’t run the nation probably since 1913 when the jew fed was put in place. Biden like all before him just puppets of cabal.

  10. Michael Savage offers the thought that Harris will never be president, and that it’s being engineered for Nancy Pelosi to take over (as third in line for succession). It would be a kind of nightmare with her in charge; reminds me of Harold Covington’s NW novels, where Hilary, then Chelsea were president and Veep. Pelosi would be a real Lady Macbeth worthy of Hilary, and they REALLY want a woman in charge. You can see them salivate for that.
    I think if she was nutty enough to start taking out enemies, someone FINALLY might start thinking of secession.

    • Biden is just a doorstop for Kamala, the Ugandan Giant, Harris. And even she will be under the control of handlers. Maybe her husband will be the chief controller. Or working for them, to manipulate her, behind the scenes.

      For folks outside of the South, this is all new. The Southern People lost their country in 1865. For us, getting the Southern country back, is the only objective we should have. Not MAGA, or “taking back America.” Our friends in the Western States should do the same.

      We haf to regain control of our States and state governments. We’re going to need them, when the Boston, New York, Chicago, storefront operation on the Potomac finally collapses.

  11. Same article but a better source imo.


    This will be the framework of any rhetoric in 2022 and going forward. Its simple and pretty easy to see as accurate enough to hold as conventional wisdom.

    It also doesn’t mention White people, so will be the basis of the establishment’s appeals to the working class, trying to bring them back into the fold.

    Our mission should be to racialize it by making it about the White working class (who happen to be Trumps base), so that it can also encompass the woke revolution and the “anti racist” agenda against Whitey.

  12. @ the preservation of our faith and culture, far outweighs politics, the southern intellectual elite, have always believed this and are still teaching this.

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