Bloomberg: Steak-Loving Spain Is Facing a Meat Reckoning

So, let’s review.

We’ve heard that Boris Johnson’s government is considering a meat tax in the UK to raise beef prices. We’ve seen that traditional French cuisine is under attack by militant vegetarians. Now the Spanish are being scolded by the government for eating too much meat.


“A new controversy has broken out in Spain, this time over its love of steak.

The link between red meat consumption and climate change was made by Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzón in a video published on his Twitter account Wednesday. People should eat a more varied diet, with less animal products, because it is healthier and better for the environment: “I don’t want to scold anyone, but to reflect on this before the problem becomes chronic.”

Garzón touched a nerve. Data shows consumers increased their intake of meat by 10.5% last year to around 50 kilos (110 pounds) per person — about double the recommended amount. The industry generates 2.5 million jobs nationally and nearly 9 billion euros ($10.7 billion) in exports.

Within less than 24 hours, the six-minute video racked up more than half a million views, and got the attention of Garzón’s colleagues. “Our cattle farmers are being subjected to criticism that’s deeply unfair,” said Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. “They deserve respect.” …”

These people ruin everything.

Naturally, they busybodies have broadened their horizons. Free speech has to go. Guns have to go. Historic monuments have to go. Flags have to go. There are so many things … I lose track at times. Invading and ruining your kitchen and dictating what you can eat comes natural to them.

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    • ” Free speech has to go. Guns have to go. Historic monuments have to go. Flags have to go”

      Yes, it’s called tyranny.

      • It’s called JEWISH tyranny.

        I love the image of Ann Barnhardt, burning a Koran laced with bacon bookmarks, and DARING the mudslimes come and get her.

        If they want war, we’ll give them their ‘greenhouse gasses’ reduction. Vegetarians’ farts stink.
        They need to go. God is a carnivore! Jesus ate MEAT.

    • That Peter Singer is a Jew, much respec to the man.
      Most of the lands I have in South America will be reforested before I die in 4-5 decades, and the money goes to groups of animals’ rescue and if possible in the future to support abortion, transhumanism, human depopulation, etc. If I have to donate money to Jews like Peter Singer so be it.
      The “far-right” has no plans at all, it’s all whining. No plans, no resources. no leaders, no skills, no real knowledge, nothing.

      • Agree. If our people still remembered how to plant a proper garden, herbs, a smallish farm and taught people skilled in cooking a meal – we wouldn’t be whining about the factory farm meat market collapsing.

        No one wants to slaughter animals for $5 under the table nor $7.25 over the table so that whoever can eat a Tomahawk Steak.

  1. This is the logical conclusion of Anarcho-Tyranny. Our Black Supremacist culture and Anarcho-Tyranny politics are the same thing. They feed each other. Black Supremacism is inherently anarchic because it is founded on destroying anything that’s ever been touched by a white, and this is the basis of modern American culture. Whites touched everything over the years, so everything must be destroyed.

    • @ Other anonymous:

      Your “Anarcho Tyranny of Black Supremacism Culture” does not exist in reality. It is targeted psychological propaganda to distract you from noticing the real “culture” and tyranny of laissez faire economics. Money, not Black supremacism, is “the basis of modern American culture.”

  2. You’ll never please these people. Even if every law was changed to suit their ideal society, they’d get bored and begin searching for other things to bitch about. It brings meaning to their miserable lives.
    Unlike those of us who must do real work for a living, they have too much time on their hands.

  3. @ Mr.boomturd, perhaps it’s you , who is eating too much beef, , pork tenderloin, is quite tasty mr.boomturd or perhaps some barbeque pulled pork with some pork and beans mr.boomturd, would be an experience, you would find joyful. Oh! I know , mr.boomturd, here is one for you yourself personally, as a show of solidarity with the downtrodden, the unlawfully incarcerated, I refer too, the jan.6th capitol tourists, you could publicly vow, too limit yourself to a ‘ spam ” and water diet, same as the unlawfully incarcerated, ie., Capitol tourists, till this travesty of justice, has been repaired, oh! Gotta run mr.boomturd, my breakfast is ready, steak and eggs sir, ” ribeye “, yum! yum!, Enjoy your ” SPAM”, Mr.boomturd…

  4. They hate us because we’re White. They want us to eat bugs while we freeze to death in the dark and die.

  5. Give me steak or give me death! But never give me veggie protein disguised as red meat!

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