Poll: Homosexuals In Gay Marriages Tend To Be Wealthier and Better Educated


Gay marriage tends to be a disease of affluent and educated city dwellers. The same is true of people infected with modernist values in general. There is far more resistance to this stuff outside large metropolitan areas which disproportionately attract college educated professionals.

Pew Research Center:

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  1. Yes, not surprising at all. Homos don’t even want to get married, now that it’s allowed. It was almost entirely a push from spiteful gay-lobbies to devalue marriage as a whole. They were successful. It’s also very difficult to google actual data on “same sex marriage”, you gotta combinde different sources. I did some research a feww weks ago and the urge to actually get “married” for homos was very low: only 1 in 6 homosexuals even wants it, whereas still 65% or so of heterosexuals wants to get married (or have already). “Same sex marriage” was totally astroturfed by the homo lobby and their “allies” in mainstream media and academia

    • The lesbians were the ones really pushing for it. There are several dykes at work playing house with their lesbian lovers and they were all big gay marriage pushers. One of them is collecting all these crack baby foster kids turning their house into some sort of lesbian version of the Sound of Music.

  2. “”Homosexuals In Gay Marriages Tend To Be Wealthier and Better Educated”

    Sure, most just shack-up or they are so promiscuous that they have too many ‘partners’ to be stable.

    Besides, these are just the initial ‘ambassadors’ to put on a good show.

  3. Married[sic] gays are better educated or better schooled? Those who attend college are, we know, well schooled. But well educated? Not so many.

    So although gays with degrees are schooled enough to “know” that ramming your manhood in another guy’s butt is perfectly “normal,” they’re still not sufficiently educated to know it isn’t and that it invites a whole host of psychological and health problems.

    • Why are we so graphic about it all the time on right-wing sites???

      When I see gays, I do not automatically think about how they have sex. Is that what they do? How do we know? Watching or fantasizing about it?

      I’ve never seen gay sex. I assumed they just did oral. I am going to say this.

      “Someting is rotten in the state of Denmark”

      • Vickey, why are you defending a lifestyle that spreads disease and Aids? Why are you pretending anal sex is not a major part of what homosexual men do? Why do you think they have radically higher disease rates than straight men?

        Your statement is hilarious regarding anal sex. So I guess we can also say vaginal sex between man and woman is not done so much because, well, how do we know? By seeing a kid or two does not prove that such sex is done much. Maybe just oral.

        Gays are the ones who push their perversion on the rest of us with their absurd Caligula-like parties and festivals that are all about sex. They are the only ones who push astronomical amounts of sexuality and perversion at their parades. The only other one that comes a distant second would be Carnival in Brazil or the Caribbean Day Parade. Both groups with relatively high sexual disease.

        Covering up for a lifestyle that spreads disease and mental illness disproportionately is not good. Then again you promote Biden over Trump on a relatively pro White site. That’s bizarre values and so is being afraid or pretending booty sex is not a ” staple” of homosexuality. Oh, and so is having multiple partners.

        You can simply do a search on it on he net, you know regarding its prevalence in male homosexuality. What’s next? You pretending females on average are physically stronger than males because a handful are?

        • You present as a homosexual to me Jeff. You are far too interested in it.

          I do not want you in my community.

          • Lol. Hilarious, Vickey. What a bizarre answer. You are the one defending it and basically nobody else here. But nice diversion tactics. Of course homosexuals should not be harassed but defending and basically promoting it the way you are by so lazily labeling people as “in the closet homosexuals” is funny. Obviously there is something deeper going on with you to blow off statistics on the issue or talk in general on it.

            It’s just like accusing someone of ” wanting to be black” because a White person is speaking of black crime or black out of wedlock births. That is how absurd your labels are on everyone here who said something not to your liking on homosexuality. It seems the issue is closer to you by the strange answers you give on it used as a deflection by you. Then again, you voted for Biden while being on a generally pro White site. Are you sure you shouldn’t be fundraising for the Democratic Party and coloring your hair blue?

        • This Vickey person is clearly trolling this site. I’ve never liked that term, because I figure an open forum is just that. But, some people should just be ignored. The “I thought they just had oral sex” line is akin to Bill Clinton’s lame denial. Nobody is that stupid or ignorant.

          The reason for emphasizing how depraved the homosexual interactions are is to offer the appropriate counter balance to the warm and fuzzy, teddy bear cute, spin that they try to place on their debauchery. They put on a facade of vulnerability and utilize the whimsical, flighty nature embodied by small children to feign amiability, when they are largely a hateful, spiteful and vindictive subset of humanity. Spitting venom and unleashing their sordid disdain for normality, they manipulate, warp and denigrate all forms of art, music, and even children’s literature to serve their vile purposes. There is absolutely nothing too disgusting or too perverted for them to condemn it. There is nothing wholesome or uplifting enough for them to refrain from befouling it. In fact, the more descent and honorable something is, the more they delight in defiling it. They are filth personified.

          • I am no troll. I am a White woman watching my people describe gay sex as if this gets us anywhere.

            The subject was relationships. Then I read about “ramming” here.

            It is repulsive. We slowly degrade ourselves.

      • This is an astonishingly ignorant statement.

        Men penetrate. Gay and straight. That is what men do. Gay men are no different than straight men in this regard [except perhaps they do it a lot more than straight men].

          • @vickey

            If you’re going to participate in a largely male forum, expect some crude comments. It’s just in male nature to express ideas in unfashionable terms.

            As male dominated forums go, this one is very clean.
            It’s just reality.

      • “When I see gays, I do not automatically think about how they have sex.”

        Actually that’s the first thing a lot of people DO think about. When someone announces themselves to be gay it’s like “holy shit, he takes it up the ass!”

        • Exactly, Night owl. And regarding low White birthrates, part of it has to do with feminism in the West. When you tell people to ” go explore your sexuality” or ” women need to go explore their careers” over everything else, problems are brewing. Even people who are just starting families in their 30s points to something wrong.

          Biologically, families should be started in your early 20s or even 19. I stress biologically here. That is a time when strength and energy are in abundance. The problem is the West in particular pissed all over the concept putting making money( sometimes a lot of money) far superior to anything else compared to many years ago. Thus, children are put off -sometimes permanently- or maybe one child is had at an older age. I see so many people now who look like grandparents being ” the parents.”

          If the West was serious about White birthrates they would put into law all kinds of incentives for marriage and having children. Due to excesses of capitalism we now get the opposite. Throw in costs just to own a home or rent in a mostly White area, many Whites now just throw in the towel on a family or just have one child. Costs are driving Whites not to have children outside of religiously motivated Whites like Mormons or some Evangelical Christians or Orthodox Jews. Other than those groups it seems White people with a nice financial living have larger families.

          Even Blacks are having less children in America compared to their normal output.

          So it’s pretty obvious costs, the promotion of feminism in terms of abortions, having careers, waiting into your 30s and 40s to have 1 child and the push to pretend homosexuality is normal to the point of ” exploring” are all major reasons for the population decline among Whites. It’s nice to see some sort of gov’t programs in places like Russia and Hungary to have children. But in America or Canada that is not happening. The love of money has overtaken all else as well as promoting leftist cultism on many levels.

  4. Our enemy prefers loyalty above else. Of course those people earn more because they are preferred on important jobs It is easy to move on career ladder when you are supported by regime.

    But downside is that regime will lose competency. Rotten aristocracy always had good education and good income before revolution.

    Now we need to wait massive brat attack against the institutions and then we will see how those PhDs in lesbian dance therapy will fight off Antifa street thugs supported by blacks and immigrants. Most of those gays and lesbians are not only perverts, they are also white. This ugly fact makes them “extremists” what is big issue in our turbulent times.

  5. Having lived in liberal urban areas I would say the poll is correct. This is probably the most benign group in the LGBTQP+ rainbow. They tend to be quiet neighbors especially compared to dykes. Dyke tantrums are like summer thunderstorms. Volatile and frequent. I’m very happy to be away from both now.

    • ” liberal urban areas ”

      You struck a point.

      Most queers tend to live highly urbanized areas, ie Frisco, NYC etc. where costs and wages tend to be much higher.
      That alone would skew the averages.

      • They also work high level positions. My gay neighbor was a strategic/financial analyst for a major airline back in the 90’s. Big bucks.

    • Cops (at least the heteronormative male cops) will tell you that a White dyke lovers’ spat makes one of the the craziest domestic violence calls of all.

  6. Why did you not run my comment, HW. Are you a fag lover?

    2 articles both quoting a song dedicated to your children, and mine!!!!

  7. They’ve been doing the same poll for ages. On average it’s no shock at all gays make more money on average than the rest of the population. First, they are small in number compared to the mainstream. Second, they are highly concentrated in cities and their surrounding suburbs that pay higher wages. Third, most don’t have kids who are expensive.

    Homosexuals are also wanted and are selected in some higher paying fields like modeling, Hollywood, fashion, the arts and teaching. Just like Jews are disproportionately chosen by goy hating Hollywood and various academic institutions as well as media. In fact it can easily be argued gays and Jews are often picked for similar jobs in similar areas of the country in overwhelmingly Democrat cities and burbs.

    Education does help but far more if you have a leftist tilt. Otherwise that education is limited. Most gays and Jews are leftists. Just a fact. And the powers that be who do not want White, straight, Christians make a point to keep them out.

    Look at how the Jews of Hollywood even tossed out a wealthy well known Jew in Roseanne Barr because she defended Trump. Meanwhile these same Jews applauded other Jews like Larry David and Sarah Silverman. Both did reprehensible things regarding Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. Yet zero happened to them.

    The best clearly don’t get the jobs in many cases but rather those who ” put out” or who have the ” right” political views meaning left, those who represent certain groups, etc. Harvey Weinstein is a perfect example of those having to ” put out” to move up. He certainly is not the only one doing that but the immoral monster is for sure paying the price for it.

  8. Yankees “won” alright…

    The South was solidly against same-sex marriage until the Yankee Empire courts forced it on us:

    Same-Sex Marriage, State by State

    In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled all state bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry nationwide. This timeline highlights the changes in state policies leading up to that ruling, starting in 1995 – when Utah became the first state to enact a Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage following a ruling by the state’s highest court in 2003.

    Drag the pointer or click on the timeline above the map to explore all 50 states’ changes over time.


    Secede now from The Yankee Empire of Sodoms and Gomorrahs!

    May God Save the South!

  9. There is an inherent conflict between Christianity and the homos. The “churches” that have endorsed the homos and fly the fag flag are empty and will be shutting down because they are empty. Right now the only thing propping them up is a combination of legacy money and Regime support because they are useful idiots in the Regime’s bad causes.

    The churches that doctrinally oppose the homo agenda will find themselves on the receiving end of the Regime’s wrath eventually as they are forced to choose between their beliefs, if they have any and a separate, temporary peace with the evil Regime in power. This will happen and will certainly separate the wheat from the chaff.

    A shadow of this conflict was the recent U.S. Catholic bishops voting to publicly exclude Dementia Joe from Communion because of his public support for abortion which contradicts the Catholic Church’s explicit teaching on a matter of Faith and Morals. Even though the bishops are horrible spokesmen for anything and have lacked all moral courage for decades they chose to speak up here and this is a gift to normal, decent people.

    As Lenin said: “He who says “A” must say “B”” which means once the door is opened to excommunicating Dementia Joe, logically the rest of gang of scumbags in politics who are Catholic will eventually get the same treatment for the same reasons. The Regime cannot allow this thus the coming conflict in the U.S. between the Catholic Church and the Regime.

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