South African Looters Destroy Hard Infrastructure While Leaving Bookstore Untouched

Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress.

We did it, Patrick!

We saved South Africa from “white supremacy”!

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  1. Go Team Nog!!!! Go Go Go! This is waaaaay better than the tranny Olympics. Nothing in the Jewmedia either. Can’t admit it failed.

  2. Famine is imminent? So what. Bring ’em all over here. Well, not all. Just the historically disadvantaged ones.

  3. Whats behind l this? I don’t see any news explaining why all of a sudden this is happening.

    The shit posting and copy pasting tweets is funny I guess but it’s not particularly enlightening.

      • “Whats behind l this? ”

        Same as all africa, tribal warfare.
        Zuma, a zulu leader, has been jailed. So, all the zulus go on a rampage, chimp out.

          • Hello Hunter;

            All of these situations seem to follow the same pattern: deterioration over time, things get incrementally worse, some things get occasionally fixed by Whites but the slide into oblivion continues. At some point there is a catalyst that causes an explosion of violence, the exact cause varies from one situation to another.

            Suddenly things seem to go bad all at once although trouble has been getting incrementally worse for years. The gradual nature of the build up to the explosion of chaos allows Whites to keep their heads in the sand pretending things will magically work out OK until the illusion is destroyed by the colored people all at once. The fact that so many Whites are queuing for food shows how unprepared and delusional they were.

            The signs of things to come in S.A. have been visible since 1994, that’s why the wreckers of apartheid fled after 1994. In Minneapolis racial tension was building for years until St. Floyd. In L.A. it was Rodney King although the Hispanics did more looting than the blacks, something not widely known. This will eventually go nationwide in the U.S., worse than last summer, too.

            Get thee prepared Now White people, but be very quiet about it. No tweets, no YouTube videos showing your stash, just STFU. When things go bad remember; you don’t have a quart of gasoline, a pint of milk or a Lb. of food no matter how much you have prepared. One more time, just STFU and no videos.

  4. ” Now black rioters are threatening the Indians who are killing black looters.”

    Wasn’t Mozambique, where the blacks genocided all indians living in thr country ?
    Also, Uganda expelled all indians, at one time.

    • Arrian,

      In Mozambique the Portuguese left in 1974 I think turning the country over to communists. Some Portuguese stayed. When I was at a book store a couple of years ago I saw a book on sex slavery. I picked it up and read the foreword. The book was written in 1976 originally and had been reprinted.

      In the forward a Portuguese lawyer mentioned how the few foolishly remaining white women were put into labor camps with the flimsiest of excuses. One white woman was late for work by 10 minutes and was sent to a camp. There the white women were forced to work naked and were subject to whippings. The Mozambique government said they had to learn humility.

      It sounded like something out of an adult movie/book. I was sickened. I should have bought the book for information but I went on to the romance section. Harmless and shallow perhaps. I never forgot what I read however.

      Is it possible some of the South Africans on here know about this. The remaining Portuguese from Mozambique poured into South Africa for protection.

      No one in their right mind puts themselves at the mercy of blacks. My family had roofers a couple of years ago. They were Mexicans and their Anglo foreman said they refuse to go anywhere with large numbers of blacks.

      • Another comment by the Portuguese lawyer on the white women in Mozambique. He wrote that there was not a shortage of black male guards to “oversee the naked sweaty white women as they worked”. They were clearing land in Mozambique for some of their parks I believe.

        The whole situation seared my soul at such blatant evil in modern times. Needless to write that that happening in modern times in a white country to black women would become an international incident. The book was written in 1976.

        It is true that Anglo countries and western European countries have leadership and policies that represent Satanic hatred for white people. I do not understand the naivety of modern whites.

        So I ask again. Perhaps some of the South Africans on this site know of this past happening?

      • “No one in their right mind puts themselves at the mercy of blacks.”

        A very wise statement. Wiser than a lot of people who are older than you, and who should know better.

  5. NYT is silent on this subject, but they do have a nice article on ‘ how to raise your children not to be racist’.

  6. Admitting a few Blacks to the outer-elite (multi-milionaire Black capitalists) is a game of deception that protects the system by distracting the masses’ attention from the system itself, which continues to increase economic inequality year by year. The anger of the masses of all ethnicities and races is directed toward each other, instead of at the system that causes their suffering. The population is corrupted and knows nothing but struggle for personal material gain.

    South Africa is not a real country but a business enterprise, much like the U.S. SA would naturally divide into three or more homogenous ethno states if the “unifying” force of capitalism was removed.

    • You maybe right. Now give us a description of these divided ethnostates. Include ethnicities and the respective quality of life in your hypothetical ethno states.

  7. Where’s Wakanda?

    Seriously though, (((they))) took Russian after sowing chaos so their Bolshevik forces were less relatively weak — using their (((global power))) to run interference and prevent any help to the White Russian forces at the same time.

    Extending the DC police to be national — isn’t that a big red flag? Like its the new Cheka?

    Can they really get away with just replaying their protocols from the Bolshevik revolution — is it that easy to destroy us?

    Maybe not. Seeing white people organized and fighting back without apology in some of these South African video clips is very educational, its like fire — may it catch and burn in the minds of white Americans about what is planned for us, what is coming, and what we can actually do about it.

    God help us.

    …and when do we secede?

  8. Books confuse the monkeys. They didn’t even have a written language before Europeans arrived; probably communicated in clicks and pops.

  9. When it’s all over, they will cry they have no food and services and the White man will be there to pick up the pieces.

    • Always !

      Proving the WHITE man is the greater fool, by listening.
      An even greater fool, by providing.

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