French Riot Against Emmanuel Macron’s Vaccine Passports On Bastille Day

Please tell us more about “authoritarianism.”


“PARIS, July 14 (Reuters) – Police in Paris clashed with protesters railing against President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to require a COVID-19 vaccine certificate or negative PCR test to gain entry to bars, restaurants and cinemas from next month.

Macron this week announced sweeping measures to fight a rapid surge in new coronavirus infections, including the mandatory vaccination of health workers and new health pass rules for the wider public. …

The police fired tear gas on several occasions as pockets of protesters overturned garbage cans and set a mechanical digger alight. Some protesters away from the skirmishes wore badges saying “No to the health pass”. …”

New York Times:

“PARIS — Emmanuel Macron the risk-taker is back. Never having won an election of any kind, he embarked on a wild political gamble in 2016 and a year later, at 39, became the French president. Now, with nine months until the next election, this leader who has had no qualms about concentrating power has decided to try to coerce a people steeped in the values of liberty into getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Responding to a surge in cases of the highly infectious Delta variant, Mr. Macron, in an address to the nation Monday, stopped just short of imposing universal mandatory vaccinations, but he made clear that the lives of unvaccinated French people would quickly become miserable, potentially restricting their travel and even their ability to sit for a coffee or dine outside their homes with friends.

He wielded a big stick, personalizing power in a way that has in the past led to criticism of him as a Jupiter-like figure. …”

It sure seems like the “authoritarians” are on the other side these days and the people who are complaining about it are on our side.

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  1. It takes some serious gall to go door to door and ask people if they have been vaccinated for COVID.

  2. Internal passports are not going to work. How can the diverse edge of the population comply?

      • Yep, it’s just to increase the subjugation and control of their White helots.

        They won’t lean on their brown mercenaries because they want to keep said mercenaries on their side.

        Diversity is the modern version of the Quartering Acts.

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