Elizabeth Warren Wants To Take a Hatchet To American Place Names

Washington, DC will be renamed one day.

The White House will also be renamed the Black House. Columbus Day will be renamed Indigenous Peoples Day. The same is true of every city, town, county, lake and street in the country named after Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Christopher Columbus whose monuments will be torn down for celebrating “racism” and “white supremacy.” There will be nothing left of American heritage but politically correct idols of sacred blacks like George Floyd and Arthur Ashe left standing in the public square.


“A new congressional bill seeks to create a board to help rename more than 1,000 towns, lakes, streams, creeks and mountain peaks across the U.S. still named with racist slurs.

Why it matters: About 621 places have the word “negro” in them. New Mexico is home to a reservoir called Wetback Tank. The U.S. Board on Geographic Names oversees all naming decisions, but critics contend it’s overwhelmed and slow to rename places despite public pressure. …

What they’re saying: “We need to immediately stop honoring the ugly legacy of racism and bigotry, and that’s why I’m introducing the Reconciliation in Place Names Act with my colleagues,” Warren said in a statement.

“This is about ending egregious expressions of systemic racism and bigotry and taking a step toward dismantling white supremacy in our economy and society. It’s about building an America that lives up to its highest ideals.” …”

This is one of the goals of progressive activists.

How do we know this will happen? It is what happened in post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa which is the paradise that woke progressives want to replicate in this country. The assault on history and monuments and place names was one of the first steps taken to “decolonize” Africa.

The Democratic Republic of Congo and the Congo River were renamed Zaire and the Zaire River under Mobutu Sese Seko in the 1970s. Authenticité was the official state ideology of Mobutu’s Zaire. Blacks were required to wear traditional “African” clothes like the abacost. Zaire had its own black power flag. Monuments of European explorers like Henry Morton Stanley were torn down. Most famously, Léopoldville, Stanleyville and Élisabethville were renamed Kinshasa, Kisangani and Lubumbashi.

Don’t laugh at the analogy.

“Equity” has long been practiced in post-apartheid South Africa. Zimbabwe went through hyperinflation. Whites were attacked and driven out all over post-colonial Africa whether it was Algeria or Kenya or Mozambique or Angola. The worship of blacks as divine beings and the hatred and rejection of everything White and European is central to wokeness which is now the progressive religion.

This was Léopoldville in the early 1960s before the fall:

This was Stanleyville in the early 1960s before the fall of civilization. Both were flourishing modern cities and examples of “Tropical Modernism”:

This is Kinshasa or Kin-La-Poubelle (Kinshasa the Dump) in our times. It used to be known as Kin-La-Belle (Kinshasa the Beautiful) under Belgian colonialism:

Last month, we replaced July the 4th with Juneteenth. The Black National Anthem is replacing the Star Spangled Banner at sports events. New York’s probable next mayor Eric Adams wants to start renaming New York City streets and buildings that honor slave owners.

Note: You can see where this going.

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  1. Start with Washington please. One might ask why this treasonous bastard is plastered everywhere with Shlomo’s full approval? It took Andrew Jackson 40 years to undo the betrayal.

    • Freedom starts at home. Turn it off, don’t buy kosher if you can help it and watch your kids like a hawk if they have internet access.

  2. It’s called White Genocide. Of course, it’s based upon the Noble Savage Myth….And it comes out of the 1960’s Counter Culture=CIA LSD Experiments in the 1950s.

    Elizabeth Warren is a Corporate Lawyer…..And it is the White Male Corporate CEO world view that she is pushing….Trillionaire Jeff Bezos funds Black Lives Matter….

    WW2 just wasn’t worth it……..The Civil War just wasn’t worth it….

    • WWI was just a pure bloodletting. Look at France before and after. It never recovered. Might as well be part of the Congo now.

    • Solid comment Patrick. These people are insulated enough and backed by enough wealth that they view themselves apart from race and faith. In their mind their inner circle is the only thing that matters to them and at this point the only real threat to their power is an active dissension from ten to twenty percent of the Western white population. Not anything violent or illegal just open dissent towards their power.

      This is the reason they feared Trump even though he was nothing but a self serving conman. He showed that a majority still had a loyalty to their own race and culture even if they didn’t realize it. And a strong vocal minority of that group wanted to be activated. This is why things like Charlottesville and January 6th were turned into the most evil events in history according to the media and politicians

    • The Kalergi Plan first sounded bizarre and crazy, but there are so many ultra-rich with enough money to make their wild ideas come true.

      While our parents, their parents, and their parents, were making a living, the ultra-rich were planning on getting rid of us.

  3. Elizabeth Warren represents everything that is wrong with Capitalist Pigism….

    Trump Qanon Tards blame Communism-Marxism for the social and cultural sewage…but this is so obviously stupid….It’s Capitalist Pigism that pushes the sewage…Trillionaire Jeff Bezos funds Black Lives Matter…..

    Qanon Tards should be fed into a woodchip machine…..

  4. Hunter, just think, those current pictures are after billions in foreign aid.
    What would it look like , sans,billions from dumb WHITES ?

  5. All the good photos would be prior to 1961.
    1961 was the year the Congo was torn apart.
    (Much of the Congo Rebellion has been whitewashed or completely removed from history books, really hideous, mass cannibalism, WHITE women raped to death.

  6. When did Pocahontas get so worked up about this shit? She grew up in Oklahoma where many things have Indian (feather, not dot) names. Did she complain about it when she was younger or is this just another feather in her war bonnet?

  7. Elizabeth Warren has for several years now reminded me of another crazed New England spinster, Lizzie Bordon!

  8. Think Africa is bad now (and it is) wait until the West collapses, no more gibs for Africa. The only reason places like The Congo have even a shadow of civilization now is because of charity and technical expertise from the West keeping things going, such as they are.

    When that stops these people will be eating all the big game first then eating each other. No more anti-biotics means the death toll will rapidly climb as infections run unchecked. The population will crash because no one else except stupid, self-destructive Whites in the West would ever provide the gibs that have caused a population explosion in Africa since 1945.

    The Chinese aren’t that stupid, they don’t have a death wish and destructive elites running things, those types would be put up against the wall.

    • The missionaries and docs without borders have contributed to the increase in population.
      The West has poured millions of dollars and aid into that continent.
      The real animals over there should have been helped. Gorillas and other animals hacked alive because of some voodoo ideas.
      If the West collapses, hopefully Nature will get a chance to take over.

  9. I think the U.S. has far too many foreign, NON-British place names. How can one’s ethnic identity be maintained if one must live in a city, town, county or state with a Hispanic or Italian or German (etc.) place name, or an Indian (indigenous) place name? Almost every state and river has an indigenous name. It reminds constantly that this is stolen land and one does not really belong here.

    • Bullshit!

      The Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean ice sheet to get to North America, before the mongoloids crossed the Bering Strait land bridge by 4000 years.

      Please, do not try to refute this with anything the tainted National Geographic Magazine publishes under their Executive Editor Susan Goldberg.

        • I have. It is failing-grade or fake prehistoric anthropology. In reality, Amerindians were settled in ice-free Beringia as early as the first visits from across the North Atlantic, which left traces but unlike the Amerindians failed to settle the two new continents.

          An argument is made that Amerindians are not intelligent enough to have created the Andean and Yucatan civilisations and therefore must have been taught by Whites who were later exterminated.

          • Arrian,

            There was the Cloud People of the Andes that the Spanish and the Incas stated were tall and very fair. Perhaps they were a remnant. Modern liberal researchers who go by Spanish and Incan sources on all other issues will probably say they could not have been white because…..well nothing can be pro white.

            The Indians themselves are of course orientals in the Americas as far as I am aware. If there were Solutreans then they must have been a tiny minority.

          • “If there were Solutreans then they must have been a tiny minority”

            Blended out, just as the Vikings among the Greenland Eskimos.

  10. I did not know the United States Federals can force places to change their names. Also the word negro is not a slur. It is Spanish for black. It is a decent official name.

    I obviously dislike that there are places with wetback in them but I think it is up to the people who have jurisdiction over those places to make that decision.

    I could add that they would have to get rid of restaurants that have the Gringo section on the menu and are there not restaurants called Dos Gringos or something? I can assure this website that the word gringo is a racial slur and is used as such. It can vary from mere slang to being hate filled. Anyone saying otherwise is a liar.

    • It’s no different than the word, “beaner” or “wetback”.
      I don’t care if Mexicans make fun of me at all. I’m educated, and have things they will never have.

      If Mexicans were smart, they’d embrace their Spanish heritage, not their Indian (Native American) one.
      Cortez, Pizarro, and the rest were mighty Conquistadors. The Spanish soldiers were professional fighters.

      The Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans just slaughtered thousands of their own people. When the Spanish came here, they wrote about how the pyramids were running with blood.

      I’ve never heard one Mexican talk about them. Yet, they took their language and their surnames. They even call themselves “Hispanic” or “Latino”.

      • Pilot,

        One should always care about slurs since they are wrong. Because you have no problems with them personally does not make it right. Also you should not want your people insulted. I know I do not want mine insulted.

        I am not sure what type of Mexicans you have met but our language, culture, and religion come from the Spanish. In history at the schools I have attended the emphasis is on the Spanish and then Mexico after the Independence from 1821.

        The word Hispanic sounds strange. We are Mexican or Latin. I am aware that the modern use of the word latin is linguistic and cultural more than ethnic. The original latins were several tribes living in central Italy thousands of years ago.

        Are they any latins around nowadays?

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