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  1. Those cute curry woman middle age white women in that pic makes me you know want?

    I’m hungry like the wolf!

    Duran Duran

    By the way that song is on RIO album

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    Library Album

    Wake up Goys

    • Those who are vaxxed, ARE the Typhoid Mary’s of the Modern Age:

      “According to a paper published by the Salk Institute in San Diego, they’ve discovered that the spike protein that’s generated through the vaccination itself has negative health effects. It’s toxic … on its own … There’s plenty of evidence that shows that it spreads from the injection site and goes to the bloodstream, and basically comes into every single cell in the body.3,4

      mRNA has a half-life of around one to two weeks, depending on the mRNA, and during that interim, each mRNA molecule makes around 2,000 to 5,000 spike proteins. So, we’re talking about trillions and trillions of spike proteins.

      Your entire body becomes a spike protein factory. Several orders of magnitude more than if you were to get COVID, because COVID infects the upper and lower airways primarily. Those are the cells that get infected and begin to produce spike proteins. But here we’re injecting the vaccine and it actually travels to every single cell in your body and converts every single cell in your body into a factory for spike proteins.”


      Trust the science? Yeah, trust THIS Science!

    • Stupid bitches. Shoulda done the research, instead of just doing what you’re told.

  2. On long haul flights I always end up with a cold afterward. I find this shit to be so tedious. But I hope the fat ones there do suffer a little.

    • WTF dos the vaxx do then? This has been in the works for years. Is it a new test platform for genetic manipulation of the slave population? If you trust the Cubans they are getting 92% prevention from their traditional vaxx. This doesn’t look to be anywhere close so what does it do?

  3. What a bunch of unspeakably annoying faces. Particularly that thing front and center.

    Can’t figure out if it’s a fugly broad or a tranny.

  4. Funny, the ones that are getting vaccinated are the ones getting sick, that’s because they are infecting you, not vaccinating you.

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