Haaretz: What On Earth Is Wrong With a Jewish Majority In Israel?

It is a good question.

Why was apartheid in South Africa a moral outrage for Joe Biden? Why is “white supremacy” an outrage here? Why does he “Stand With Israel” when it wants to remain Jewish? Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank live under Jewish supremacy and settler colonialism.


“Making the case for the Citizenship Law, Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid stated that it should be supported because it “aimed at ensuring Israel’s Jewish majority.” In response, Carolina Landsmann wrote in Haaretz on July 10 that “a country that strives to deny a minority any possibility of becoming a majority, whether by force of arms or through the power of law, isn’t a democracy.”

This contention makes no sense.

Why should the Jewish state not do what it can legally do to maintain a Jewish majority? And what in heaven’s name has happened to the Zionist left? Why do so many of its champions find it difficult to affirm what is so clearly sensible and right?

Students of Israel and Zionism know that demography is destiny. …”

Don’t get me wrong.

As a nationalist, I understand why Zionists want Israel to remain Jewish. Jews will feel safe and secure in a Jewish homeland. Isn’t it interesting though how the political establishment has carved out a giant Jewish exception to its antiracist dogma on this issue when it comes to Israel?

Note: Let’s be real here.

Jewish billionaires who have corrupted our culture and politics are the root cause of this paradox. This is one of the many symptoms of living under a predominantly Jewish oligarchy.

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  1. ” Jews will feel safe and secure in a Jewish homeland.”

    False security. They have made so many enemies they won’t last 6 months after the US collapses.

    • I looked at Israel’s balance of trade and discovered that they have run trade deficits since the 1960s. The US can do that (for now) because the US Dollar is a world reserve currency. The Israeli Shekel is not. Interestingly, they have a $9 billion trade surplus with the US. Despite this, their overall trade deficit is just about cancelled by the foreign aid we provide.

      Without US foreign aid, reparations payments, profits from organized crime and espionage, I don’t think Israel would be economically viable.


    • KT I give them more credit than that and so should you. These are people who have been kicked out of every corner of the Earth for some form of subversion going back three thousand years. They have not only managed to survive but thrive and are the darlings of China. If you want to meet the most philosemitic people on Earth talk to someone from China. I know a few secular Js who really are good people who you would never guess their background just talking politics and culture with them. Picture your average red white and blue wearing person working a grill and listening to Boomer rock.

      But then i also know more than a few who drop “my fellow white” every other sentence and instinctually take the most far progressive position you can imagine. It really seems to be a big city and money distinction from what I have found. My point being that when the US eventually falls the decent enough ones will have the same problems we do while the rich “fellows” move on to greener pastures.

      • They might make the jump to China and a fresh host but I think Israel is doomed. You are correct not to underestimate them. I’m not all that sure they ever really cared about Israel. It might just be a new mark. They seem to be very fond of Ukraine which they currently control.

  2. Israel is a made-up country filled with fake jews who are actually Eastern European gypsies that is based on a 3000 year-old book of jewish fairy tales.

  3. My evangelical relatives have a blind spot for Jews and ZOG, based on two things: the myth of the 6 million, and a wildly erroneous theology. When one does not even know what their denomination was teaching about core doctrines just 150 years ago, if it even existed back then (Pentecostals did not), it is easy to fall into reverence of the Jews when the whore in a suit feeds it to you from the pulpit each Sunday.

    • “the whore in a suit feeds it to you from the pulpit each Sunday.”

      that’s an apt description of many preachers, maybe most.

  4. The answer to this question is easy: since the Jews are not Jews, but Kazarian Edomites, as Dr. Elhaik determined via his DNA study of the Jewish genome, their entire foundational mythos is false.

    Since it is false, they have no legitimacy: whether as an attempt to form their own geographical state, or to even called themselves Jews- and thereby link in to the Old Testament history. Even the fact that they follow the Talmud, and not the Old Testament, is merely corroboration of this thesis. That they have also been Christophobes, and have sought (via examples in over 100 countries) to destroy those countries from within, shows their evil character and nature.

    Therefore, any comments they make against anybody else – but especially against the whitte ethnostates of Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. are not only egregious, but duplicitous.

    Lastly, since they are behind our genocide, their race is the greatest crime against humanity ever known. Their removal from this planet is the only final solution.

  5. Must be nice, to steal lush lands cultivated by others, for centuries.

    Napoleon and his troops passed through Palestine in 1799, on their way to attack Acre.
    His troops recorded how lush and wonderful the orchards and croplands of Palestine were.
    Putting the lie to the jwish narrative “we came into an empty desert and made it bloom”.

  6. Yes, but remember that Haaretz is primarily a Jewish read newspaper where Jews can air their true feelings.

    • The Samson Option is a bunch of made-up BS – but what do you expect from the jews – they are of their father – the devil – and he is a liar and the father of lies.

      • The threat apparently worked with Nixon during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Blackmail can be effective, even when it’s a bluff.

  7. Jews do have internal family squabbles, and sometimes, these leak out in public, but Haaretz isn’t being serious by implying that the Zionist Left doesn’t care about maintaining a Jewish majority in Israel. Of course the Zionist Left wants to maintain a Jewish majority. We are being led to believe that Jews are “divided” over an existential issue, which implies that Jews aren’t actually a cohesive unit, which has the effect of undermining the Pro-White narrative of the JQ. Haaretz is running interference here. There is no division. If renegade Jews exists – and I for one don’t believe they do – they don’t get anywhere near the levers of power and public influence.

    That all being said, the naked honesty with which Haaretz defends the right to a Jewish majority in Israel certainly reveals that they harbor no delusions about the “equality” or equal value of the Human Race. Haaretz is spelling out here what all Jews secretly believe in their hearts: That Jews are the Master Race, the Ubermensch, inherently superior to, more valuable, and more worthy of protection and self-defense than all other races on earth, especially Aryans, who are the bottom of their hierarchy. We are “wicked” for opposing them or suggesting that they must follow the rules and values that they relentlessly impose on us. They are “God’s Chosen People.” No, they are more than that. They are God

    Jews are unable to reveal these sincere feelings and beliefs to the world because it would justify everything Hitler did to them. It would prove that everyone who resisted Jews and kicked them out of their countries did nothing wrong. Jews are the eternal enemy of Whites, and for that matter, all of humanity (although I for one am not interested in a global “One Struggle” against them because non-whites hate us almost as much as Jews do, and are jealous of our superior inherent abilities and accomplishments relative to their eternal third world shitholes).

    Its all well and good to call out Jewish hypocrisy, but what really needs to happen is that they need to be unmasked as the unapologetic Racial Supremacists that they accuse us of being – with hust cause in the case of lunatics like Cesar Tort and the goddamned Appolonians, but I digress.

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