Poll: Democrats’ Drive to the Left Threatens Their Grip on Power

Joe Biden’s approval rating isn’t going to be enough to prop up the Democratic Party in the 2022 midterms. He isn’t associated strongly enough with the Democratic brand.

Morning Consult:

Speaking of “extremism,” 46% of voters and 46% of Independents see the Democratic Party as being too liberal while only 37% of voters and 34% of Independents see the Republican Party as too conservative. The current perception in the electorate is that the Democrats are more extreme.

Morning Consult:

You would never know this by watching the media.

Every single night the coverage is about the “rise of far right domestic extremism” and “the January 6th insurrection.” In fact, the “extremism” and “misinformation” has gotten so bad in recent years that draconian censorship and a totalitarian police state is needed to combat it.

Note: James Carville appears to be correct that the noisy identity cultural Left is defining the image of the Democrats.

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  1. Democrats are not driving to the left. They are driving to the right. Know left from right. There are only two possible directions. One is toward equality and peace in a natural, homogeneous ethno-national community, which is the opposite of Democrats’ so-called drive to the left.

  2. The best part is that nobody can put brats back to the closet anymore.

    This is how stable genius and strategic retreat works. Now The Swamp understand the same thing what Napoleon understood in Moscow back in 1812 .

    It’s a trap and there is no way out. Actually The Swamp is in the worse situation than Napoleon. Napoleon did not had to worry that his own soldiers will rip him apart. But brats feel their strength and demanding their pray .

    Those per cents are not very much relevant. Not a single great history turning points was not decided by voting.

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