ACLU: Racism Is Foundational To The Second Amendment

What is “fascism” and “authoritarianism”?

Increasingly, it is defending the Constitution from an all out assault by the political establishment which has gone woke and is damning and trampling on the constitutional rights of millions of people in the name of fighting systematic racism and “white supremacy.” It is easy to forget now but much of our activism in 2017 including Auburn and Charlottesville was focused on defending civil liberties. It was the other side which was opposed to our First Amendment rights of free speech.

Why stop at the Second Amendment? Isn’t the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the whole system also racist? Don’t we have to tear the whole system down to fight systematic racism?

Note: The ACLU is one of the clearest examples of the shift from liberalism to woke progressivism that has taken place over the last five years.

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  1. (((THE ACLU)))

    Mary Phagan’s corpse



    Dancing Israeli Art Students 9/11…

  2. I got news for those kykes at the ACLU, racism is foundational to Judaism, WTF does chosen mean if not racially superior?

  3. Blacks ought to be systematically disarmed. But I wouldn’t want to be the cop doing the necessary raids to disarm them.

  4. The 2A is about citizens controlling the government. For every dollar spent on military at the federal or state level two dollars need to be given to private citizens’ militia groups in the states so they can have a superior military force to make sure this government monster always knows who its master is — the people.

    I prefer a kingdom but since the founders went this route this is the way it should always be. Instead of Biden mocking citizens about how they can’t compete with nukes, F15s, etc it is government military both state and local who should be mocked and put down to a level where they fear the citizens and what they can do to them if they try to play the tyrant.

    Enough of this bullying the citizens at the both the state and federal level. Let the citizens being “served” by the government have more military power than these despots.

  5. Mexico has a Right to Keep and Bear Arms that it copied from the United States. It has become a lot stricter however. To the best of my knowledge we have 1 gun store. That is in Mexico City and is run by the Army.

    The lengthy source is below but I can give highlights. Gun laws got stricter in 1971. My elderly relatives quite clearly remember seeing vaqueros and others carrying pistols openly in rural areas until deep into the 1960’s.

    Citizens with a license my own .38 specials and .357 revolvers.
    Semi-automatics of .380 and 9MM are permitted.
    12 gauge shotguns are allowed
    Generally no semi rifles greater than .22LR

    Federal law does not set limits on amount of guns each citizen may own but in practice it is limited to 10 firearms per person. There are millions of legal guns in Mexico and millions more of illegal firearms as well.

    I hope Americans reading this are not going to be so foolish as to think that if Mexico adopted American firearms laws then our crime would go drastically down. This is a false universalist idea. First 98%-99% of the people killed by the Cartels are soldiers, police, or other cartel members making the arming of the general public for this reason irrelevant.

    Another reason is that the mentality and culture of Mexicans is different than the Anglo. What works or at least is tolerable among one people does not necessarily work with other peoples.

    The murder rate for instance in Mexico was 67 per 100,000 people in 1940 when there were few gun laws enforced. That is around 3 times higher than yearly murder rates in Mexico in the 21st century year by year.

    Mexican rape rates are way lower than the United States however.

    • “Mexican rape rates are way lower than the United States however.”

      I guarantee there a lot of unreported rapes in Mexico. Mexicans in America are notorious for rape. I have been around average Mexican males and they are not much better than blacks in how they think.

      • ATBOTL,

        I also guarantee that there are a lot of unreported rapes in the United States. Most rapes in the usa are not reported according to the police for various reasons–shame, a relative, husband/boyfriend etc.

        I have found there is not much difference between the anglo and the Mexican males. Before I entered the 7th grade I was told that while the anglo will go straight for the target but that the Mexican guy would write poems and tell us how wonderful our hair was but that the target is still the same———-what is under our dress.

      • ATBOTL,

        In the USA–

        A recently published eight-year study indicates that when perpetrators of completed rape are current or former husbands or boyfriends, the crimes go unreported to the police 77 percent of the time. When the perpetrators are friends or acquaintances, the rapes go unreported 61 percent of the time.> ovc_archives>ncvrw

    • I forgot to add that bolt action rifles and lever action rifles are legal—rossi, marlin, winchester etc.

  6. “Don’t we have to tear the whole system down to fight systematic racism?”

    Now you understand, got.

  7. There is only one way to deal with the (((ACLU))), and all the other kikes & shitlib race traitors. And it better be started soon, because they’re using their usurped control of all the institutions to destroy us (((legally))).

  8. “Mexican rape rates are way lower than the United States however”

    We have millions of free-range dicks with feet here, AKA “niggers”. If not for them, this would be Big Switzerland.

    • ” If not for them, this would be Big Switzerland.”

      Much better than Swtzerland, they don’t have the space, resources, ocean access, fisheries or climate. We COULD be 10x better than Switzerland.

      No one really understands how badly we are degraded by being multi-racial.

    • November,

      You mean millions of blacks with millions of firearms? Yes, I am sure that protects freedom and reduces crime. I of course agree with you. My sarcasm was against universal application of certain matters.

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