Chicago Police Chief: The Courts Are Releasing Murderers Into The Streets

I’ve heard that one before.

The Oakland Chief of Police and DC Chief of Police have recently made similar comments. The most basic functions of the state are to protect their citizens from invasion by foreigners and criminal violence. It is becoming increasingly clear that progressives are incapable of doing either.

Note: BTW, it is a new progressive era. Looting is going mainstream in California. You can also get away with murder in Chicago and St. Louis. It is all due to “white supremacy.”

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  1. Yes, and they are all POC. Whites have to stay behind bars even before they are convicted of any crimes such as the “insurrection” guys. There are two separate laws, one for privileged blacks and one for persecuted Whites.

    • The ruling class is also exempt from the law. Let’s not forget that when Lois Lerner was in charge of the IRS she used the full force of her agency to harass BHO’s political enemies including the ridiculous Tea Party movement. Lois Lerner should have been put in jail and would have is she were a Republican. The Republicans, good cucks that they are never do anything about these travesties either.

      • I would mark Lerner’s lies to Congress with no consequences as the moment the Republic died conclusively. Nothing will happen to Fauci either.

  2. Lol, I am sitting in my truck in Riverdale, which is South Chicago. The demographics here are similar to Uganda. Slept in this dropyard, but the fence is high and there are armed guards.

    Coming in I noticed it is common here to drive literally 80 in a 25 zone. There must be no consequences, most of them do it.

    Commercial property in Chicago is over half empty. Business continues to move out of Chicago/Cook County. Schaumburg’s business district looks like a major city already. 20 years ago it was corn fields. A lot of commercial buildings going up in all the suburbs outside of Cook County.

    Steve Sailer is right when he says blacks view crime as defending their turf. Lizard Lightfoot is down wit dat. In solidarity with the bros defending their turf.

    Last year they kept going out on Interstate 80 just South of Chicago and closing it down. The cops were just there to protect the protest. We truckers were pressed down to route 30, but one day they closed that too. Everyone was going down using the small roads in Indiana to bypass Shitcago. But Indiana closed all those roads, as a precaution. That part of Indiana is very white. Trump, of course, did nothing, the worthless one.

    And that remains the mystery, why Trump did nothing, except stoke the fire by condemning the white guy who killed the jogger person in self defense in Georgia, and by releasing tens of thousands of violent joggers from prison. It is a mystery, because by his actions he seemed to be on the Antifa/BLM side. Why do people still follow that bum?

    • @Thim,

      Because they are still “trusting the plan,” an Q told them this is all 6,000,000-D chess.

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