Robin DiAngelo: Comedy Is An Excuse To Be Racist

Black people are sacred beings.

Whiteness is also our Original Sin.

You can’t criticize or mock black people. Jokes are systematic racism.

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  1. Her grift will go away when the wheels come off the country, the guy in the video will just pack his bags and move to another country like they always do.

    • She is another motor-mouthed jewish trouble maker, promoted by fellow jews.
      Sowing the seeds of destruction, as so many do.
      WHITEs are dumb enough to listen to her kvetching.

  2. The photo

    Childless White Boomer Cat Lady

    Vagina… open sewer

    in the 1970s

    Incurable twat disease+vaginal warts

    Enough to make a Gynecologist commit suicide

    • “Childless White Boomer Cat Lady”

      WTF WHITE ???

      She is no more WHITE than Henry Kissinger is WHITE.

      • Where did you come to that conclusion. I dug around a bit and her mother is Diangelo and her father is a Taylor. Calling everyone a J comes across psychotic to normal people. There is a reason the “every single time meme” is so funny and effective with no need to try and go for one hundred percent or shoe horn things in …

        If i am wrong and she is I am sorry meaning if you know something i dont but i havent found any evidence

        • I heard DiAngelo is a nose name in Italy. If not, she’s an absolute anomaly even for left wing AWFL

        • I’ve known too many DiAngelo, deAngeles and other variations. Never a gentile !

          I don’t call everyone a jew.
          I am cautious, on that point .
          If I error, it is almost always, in being too tolerant.

          • I didn’t know that about the name it sounds straight Italian to me but if you have experience with this than I am willing to go with you. Think about what i said for a minute though. I see this from a lot of news guys not saying that is you of course, but guys who really went down the 4chan Bitchute rabbit hole over the past couple years and they don’t know how to handle it they just call anyone and everyone who acts in a specific way a J.

            There are so many examples and “every single times” that it is better to make sure before making that as a primary form of criticism. It can come across unhinged especially to not only normal people but people dipping their tow in WN. We are all friends here so it doesnt matter but in reality we have facts, truth and goodness on our side there is no need to ever embellish.

  3. Don’t be shocked if horseflies lay maggot eggs in Robin’s rancid twat…….Democratic Party Family Values….

  4. Only imagine failed anti-nation like the United States could such a shrill miserable hag be drapes with the mantle of the prophet. Collapse when? I am so tired of this disgusting fake country.

  5. None of the ‘racism’ in any of these Jewish ‘adult’ cartoons is the kind that benefits us. It’s just used for the general vulgarity and ‘shock’ value which is a common theme in weak comedy. Family Guy is a perfect example, on the surface it appears to be politically incorrect, but if you look closer it is actually one of the most viciously anti-white shows on TV. Literally every second episode has something about Jews or something mocking National Socialism.

    So yet again we have a Jewish ideology (PC) fighting another Jewish creation (adult cartoons) in a mock WWE style battle where whites are left out of the conversation.

  6. It’s true a lot of comedy is racist. The best stuff often is. I don’t think low comedy supports the system though. Comedy protects the sanity of folks subjected to insane bullies. Punching down socially and economically doesn’t make many people laugh. If a black comedian lands a clever blow on whitey with wordplay it’s not the end of the world. A badly done joke by a white, Jew, Asian, black or whatever makes your eyes roll, you mouth groan. Comedy doesn’t age well either so it’s often tied up to a fleeting context, but comedy doesn’t become unfunny because of shifting power relations and mores.

  7. A medusa-haired bitch with snakes writhing out of her mouth. Only a very sick society would elevate such pure evil instead of striking it down.

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