Brian Stelter: Trumpism Is Like Jonestown

Last week, Brian Stelter had Carl Bernstein on who said that Donald Trump was a war criminal like Adolf Hitler. The weekend before that was when Stelter was humiliated by Michael Wolff on his own show. The weekend before that was when Stelter had Oliver Darcy on to gossip about how Tucker Carlson is like Alex Jones. This weekend it was Donald Trump is a cult leader like Jim Jones.

The funniest thing about this is that these people have zero self awareness and insist that “journalists” should still be taken seriously. Everyone else is spreading “propaganda” and “misinformation.” They are serious “journalists” who are objectively reporting the news on Reliable Sources.

Note: No one outside of the progressive bubble believes these people are “journalists” anymore. Over half the country distrusts the media now.

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  1. I wish I had a Jew blocker. Kinda like an ad blocker. Everything they say is a lie. Martin Luther pointed that out 500 years ago. Not that you can find that book now.

      • The Telegraph’s one sticks to the facts. It doesn’t add the Vegan Society instructing its members to take the jab. I read a blog recently where the guy said, if you take the jab you are not a vegan, because animals were killed to test the vaccines. He was a vegan who elected to take the jab. Since he is honest, he admitted he is no longer a vegan. ‘The Vegan Society’ are not vegans. Its funny and true.

  2. The news media obviously has problems and being extreme partisan (left or right) is a big part of that problem. However I agree Trumptard is nothing but a Cult Leader and his followers have serious Mental Health Problems. With the mass Death from Covid-19, BLM burning cities / destroying Monuments, and so on…his idiot base still follows him. If they drop dead from Covid-19 and have no care for basic Health Survival measures…Vaccines…meds…so on…yea I’d say that’s a Suicide Cult. Believe it or not I got in a debate with a Trumptard recently that said if somebody is having a Heart Attack and the Doctor gives the persons emergency Shots and Surgery that “Health Freedom” says you can and should refuse treatment if a Shot is involved. You know I can’t make this stuff up. These Trumptards are crazy. Deo Vindice !

  3. Brian Stelter is not wrong. I just wish they would all commit mass suicide like the Jonestown.

  4. The election was stolen in the middle of the night after swing states “mysteriously” stopped reporting returns. Biden is an illegitimate president. Except here in the USA, land of the First Amendment and Free Speech, electronic communications are being censored by the monopolistic platforms at the behest of the unitary state in DC! City of perverts and criminals.

    • The electoral process was stolen when Jews became the biggest donors of both political parties many years ago. They also control the outcome of elections by owning all the newspapers and TV networks etc. If you think that ZOG exerts power by doing something as farcical as tampering with ballot boxes I’m afraid you have a very low IQ.

  5. The main thing about Jonestown and Jim Jones was the multiracial makeup of his following. He was living off of dozens of retired black nurses drawing a social security check and plundering their pensions. The Trump thing is more or less white plebs, but the money is from shade occupying Jews. And there’s no Koolaid to drink, just warmed over Zionism.

  6. Zionism is also like a jonestown cult… But you mentally defective libtards like mr potato head Stelter aren’t ready for that conversation because you are unprincipled bought and paid shills reading from a script

    • Trumpism Is to Jonestown as Brian Stelter is to:

      1.) Mr. Potato Head

      2.) Mrs. Potato Head

      3.) Gender Neutral Potato Head

      4.) Plain old Dickhead

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