Homeless Camps Are Overrunning Hollywood Now

It is a new progressive era.

There are ubiquitous tent cities of homeless people who are strung out on drugs sprouting up all over the big cities. This is a major problem in California where looting has been decriminalized and homeless people are shoplifting all over the state to finance their drug habits. It has gotten so bad out there that the Bidenvilles are even taking over the streets of Hollywood.

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  1. Oy veh. this couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of (((people))).Time to make aliyah, I guess. Too bad that normal Americans can’t make aliyah, since we don’t have another country lined up, just for ourselves and our posterity.

  2. If the cities are in this state of decay, in prosperous times, what will they look like in a depression ?

  3. Come now. Tsk. They were Nebraska beauty queens who came starry eyed to the Golden City to make their fortune waiting tables at Schraffts hoping to be noticed by the legendary producer Skylar Fjordking (nee Irving Israel Goldbaumschvitz). If there is a momentary economic downturn, they’ll endure, in their gauche but temporary tents, and just go back to…er…working for Skylar.

  4. I hope the homeless start pitching tents outside the millionaire actors and billionaires fenced in houses.

  5. The systemic inequality of the Laissez Faire system is on display for all the world to see, and the elites revel in the display, that shows their servants, the lower class, what happens if you don’t perform: You’ll end up homeless or go to prison for un-payable debt, if you don’t follow orders, and fail to meet all the requirements.

  6. California is sort of a homeless Mecca. Homeless people from all across the country move to California because it has nice weather for living outside and it has relatively liberal treatment of homeless and homeless camps. I knew some hipster who decided to try being homeless and moved to California. Being homeless somewhere like Chicago in winter is brutal and dangerous, but it’s tolerable in California. Add that homeless immigration to California’s already huge wealth disparity and you end up with homeless people everywhere.

  7. Bring back the state mental hospitals and county work farms. That will solve about 2/3 of the problem. The remaining 1/3 who can’t be helped or who refuse to be helped can be quietly and humanely put down.

    PS: Not everyone in LA is an air-head or a shit-lib.

  8. So we have an actual communist here who chooses to remain anon. Shocker.

    Pray tell, dear comrade, will you yourself be coming for my guns and my wealth accumulated over my decades of hard work? I started with nothing. Never got any inheritance, no post graduate degree. Just a hard work ethic and not throwing my money away.

    Inquiring minds want to know. Do you want to take what I have earned? If so, good luck. You’ll certainly need it.

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    • There may come a time when you will be forced to share whatever you have with less fortunate whites, whether you like it or not. My suggestion is don’t be a selfish old boomer.

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