David Brooks: Blame The Bobos

I must say … well done.

I think this is the best article that David Brooks has ever written.

We have used lots of different terms to describe this class of people who are responsible for America’s cultural decline: the Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs), the shitlibs, the professional managerial class (PMCs), the gentry liberals, the Left Modernists, the woke progressives, the woke professional class, George Packer’s “Smart America” and their downwardly mobile brats or “Just America” as well as David Brooks own BoBos or “bourgeoisie bohemians” from his book Bobos In Paradise. The overwhelming majority of Jews are part of the credentialed class. We recognize that this social group is larger than the Jews though and is defined by education and modernist values.

The Atlantic:

“You can see this phenomenon outside the United States too. In France, the anthropologist Nicolas Chemla calls this social type the “boubours,” the boorish bourgeoisie. If the elite bourgeois bohemians—the bobos—tend to have progressive values and metropolitan tastes, the boubours go out of their way to shock them with nativism, nationalism, and a willful lack of tact. Boubour leaders span the Western world: Trump in the U.S., Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom, Marine Le Pen in France, Viktor Orbán in Hungary, Matteo Salvini in Italy. …

Over the past two decades, the rapidly growing economic, cultural, and social power of the bobos has generated a global backlash that is growing more and more vicious, deranged, and apocalyptic. And yet this backlash is not without basis. The bobos—or X people, or the creative class, or whatever you want to call them—have coalesced into an insular, intermarrying Brahmin elite that dominates culture, media, education, and tech. Worse, those of us in this class have had a hard time admitting our power, much less using it responsibly. …

Like any class, the bobos are a collection of varied individuals who tend to share certain taken-for-granted assumptions, schema, and cultural rules. Members of our class find it natural to leave their hometown to go to college and get a job, whereas people in other classes do not. In study after study, members of our class display more individualistic values, and a more autonomous sense of self, than other classes. Members of the creative class see their career as the defining feature of their identity, and place a high value on intelligence. Usage of the word smart increased fourfold in The New York Times from 1980 to 2000, according to Michael Sandel’s recent book, The Tyranny of Merit—and by 2018 usage had nearly doubled again. …

I got a lot wrong about the bobos. I didn’t anticipate how aggressively we would move to assert our cultural dominance, the way we would seek to impose elite values through speech and thought codes. I underestimated the way the creative class would successfully raise barriers around itself to protect its economic privilege—not just through schooling, but through zoning regulations that keep home values high, professional-certification structures that keep doctors’ and lawyers’ incomes high while blocking competition from nurses and paralegals, and more. And I underestimated our intolerance of ideological diversity. Over the past five decades, the number of working-class and conservative voices in universitiesthe mainstream media, and other institutions of elite culture has shrunk to a sprinkling. …

The dominance of the bobos has also engendered a rebellion among its own offspring. The members of the creative class have labored to get their children into good colleges. But they’ve also jacked up college costs and urban housing prices so high that their children struggle under crushing financial burdens. …”

David Brooks knows exactly who we are talking about.

We’re talking about the affluent, college educated White people who tend to be professionals with antiracist, cosmopolitan and modernist values who are concentrated in the large metropolitan areas in the Acela Corridor and West Coast. There are also Jews and non-Whites who are part of this class. They all look the same, think the same, talk the same and believe the same things.

Brooks also does a good job at identifying the non-BoBos: the Democrat Leaning Working Class (DLWCs) or Hub City Working Class or the multiracial working class who are the Democrat base. This group is disproportionately non-White and immigrant, moderate or progressive on economics, but much more socially conservative than the BoBos or shitlibs. This group is essentially the Silent Majority of Democrats. Joe Biden won as many White working class voters as non-White voters, but these people are completely invisible. When Jimmy Dore says he is loyal to his class, he is referring to these people. The BoBos mostly voted for Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Beto in the Democratic primary.

The Right is divided between the Right PMCs or True Cons or the “Enterprisers” or George Packer’s “Free America” who are also affluent, college educated voters with cosmopolitan and modernist values who live in the suburbs. They are culturally aligned with the BoBos, but are distinguished from them by their support for classical liberalism and free market capitalism. There are also the “boubours” – the boorish bourgeoisie – basically middle class and working class people like my brother-in-law who are upper middle class, but who didn’t get their money through matriculating up through the education system. The vast majority of the Right is composed of the Heartland Working Class or “Real America” or the White working class and middle class in the rural and suburban areas of the South and Midwest.

The underclass also exists at the bottom of the social pyramid:

White Nationalists gloss over these differences in the name of racial solidarity.

You can’t really ignore these class and cultural differences though. The BoBos are defined by their hostility to White identity. In fact, anti-White progressives are roughly 3x as hostile to White people as the most conservative Whites are ethnocentric and warm to other White people. The BoBos are mostly White, but they define themselves against other White people.

Wealth isn’t the dividing line between these groups. It is education and values.

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    • 110 if you count India. They weren’t kicked out exactly but had their assets nationalized. Now they are mostly back in control again.

      • ….and over 1000 regional jurisdictions have expelled jews.
        In 2014 the Mayan council at lake atitlan expelled jews , threatening to lynch them (supposedly). Cities all over Europe and the mideast, also.

        “It’s the gentiles genetic character to hate jews, for no reason, whatsoever.”
        So they teach.

  1. The Bobos will be in charge of implementing policy, regardless of who is elected. How does the saying go? No matter which party you vote for, the government always gets back in.

  2. “Bobo” is not original with David Brooks. I’ve seen it used in the same sense elsewhere before. Examples from 2015: https://twitter.com/anorwood7/status/632393621275197440 and from 2010: https://twitter.com/bassyc/status/7588964318

    Of COURSE “Bohemians” belong to the upper middle class and lower upper class – the bourgeoisie; and ALL of the bourgeoisie including the “petit” (LOWER middle class) bourgeoisie, are comfortable with and actually support the status quo. They are not to be counted among the proles and peasants. They are NOT the revolutionary class.

  3. Full on civil war with that kind of messianic class emerging and seizing power. count the murder spree of 2020-21 as the opening casualty tally.

  4. White Nationalists gloss over these differences in the name of racial solidarity.

    Yup. The Civic Nationalists and Proposition Nation types were correct about something important: Values matter more than blood. Team Right>Team White

    inb4 “politics has a defacto racial divide; all conservatives are Whites”

    It’s true that Team Right is composed almost entirely of Whites, but when the core question of the Pro-White Movement has always been, “what will it take to unite the White Race and secure the existence of our people?” the answer lies before us: Uniting the White Race and saving all White people is not just impossible. Its also undesirable.

    The most humiliating, emasculating, dejecting thing any of us on the “Far Right” could do is to bend the knee before these people. Unironically, its better for the entire White Race to be replaced and go extinct than to transform ourselves in the image of College Educated White People, who value Power and “Being Smart” over Principles and Enchantment. The eternal Fedora Tippers. Jews in Aryan bodies.

    Conservatism and National Populism may not be able to win, but at this point, who cares? Speaking for myself as as Right Winger, the goal isn’t to “win,” whatever that means.* The goal is to Own The Libs, which can now be done by simple little things like eating burgers and steaks, driving SUV’s, gathering in public places for anything other than BLM rallies, not wearing masks, and of course, trolling them on the internet.

    “Be serious,” they say. “Be smart,” they say. Nah. If it makes them angry, if it makes them irritated, if it increases their blood pressure, if it gives them any negative feelings whatsoever, its probably worth doing. This ship is sinking anyway. The U.S. and Europe are destined to become third world shitholes. Might as well enjoy it.

    *creating a White Ethnostate? Making Rome Great Again? Global White Supremacy/Aryan Globalism? These basic bitches on the Racist Left ain’t got nothing on the imagination of every Jewish comic book writer ever. Gimme Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark over Appolo and Caesar Augustus every day that ends in “Y.”

    • @DP84 – Interesting approach, and I can see the merit. Conceding defeat without sinking into defeatism; and small everyday rebellions against those holding all the power in a form of effective mockery.

    • @ dp84, if you are saying to control our enemies, we must continue too behave as traditional white people always have, I couldn’t agree more, our objective should be to focus on our young, beginning in the womb, making sure our young make it out of the womb alive, to abort a white boy, or abuse a white boy in any way, should be a capital offense, too mistreat a potential confederate soldier, you will pay a price, too mistreat a lil white girl, the future mother’s of our people our nation, you will be sorry you were born, we cannot entrust the care and education and instruction of our young, to the filthy satanic, marxist, antiracist, shitheads, it would appear to be the reason why So many young whites are so screwed up, they were taught wrong, their dumbass behavior is their fault, them not being educated and instructed correctly is our fault.

    • Hunter, see what you get when you optics-cuck on race? White Nationalists don’t “gloss over” class – that’s a straw man cartoon racist you’re counter-signaling.

      Either we win or you hang with the rest of us wignats – DP84 and the other smart centrist nihilists aren’t going to lift a finger to fight for you or anyone but themselves.

      If the “new messaging” of OD amounts to “let’s not talk about White people, let’s do economics,” I can get that from Jimmy Dore.

        • I don’t see WN’s doing this. Again, straw man.

          Anything you say about society comes with a NAXALT from a purely logical/factual standpoint. Rhetoric isn’t scientifically accurate – it’s a matter of stating things simply in a way that’s true but for NAXALT’s, edge-cases etc…

          WN’s are saying race has a genetic basis and determines half-plus of your IQ and other personality traits and as an outer periphery of who can have solidarity/affinity and organize together as well as potential for common values/mores, White works best.

          Skin as your uniform is effective on a pre-rational level. Absent an enormous and decades-long effort to break natural White solidarity, BoBos would be a much smaller problem and class tension wouldn’t be so toxic or pronounced.

          Patting yourself on the back about your self-professed nuance contrasted with a cartoon simpleton WN who doesn’t exist isn’t exactly advancing anyone’s cause – to the extent you apparently want to think whatever you’re advocating is distinct from White Nationalism.

          Charlottesville sucked but it doesn’t mean everyone was wrong or needs to go on some soul-searching vision-quest to reinvent themselves. Stay the course and stay onside.

          • Apparently, you haven’t heard of “Aryan Globalism,” which is the idea that ONLY race matters and all nations need to be dissolved so that Whites can unite in a “White Empire.” I’ve never supported that nonsense. Race exists. Race matters. But so do other things.

          • I’ve heard of it but it’s never been “mainstream WN” (as odd as that term sounds). It’s not worth giving the O2 of counter-signaling. And look at the comments it encourages about “civ nats were right” and anti-social poseur dissidence.

            Personally I’ll go so far as to say there’s an esoteric/spiritual element to race but AG is out in the theosophical weeds past Devi – they’re the guys trying to tell us that Yazidis are Whiter than Irishmen.

      • “economics (…) I can get that from Jimmy Dore”:

        Jimmy Dore is not a good source on economics, just not as bad as others, but still a dead end. He’s come a long way from his earlier Young Turks liberalism in the last few years, and from supporting Bernie and the Squad more recently, but he has still not reached, or grasped, the correct position and he may never get there.

      • White Nationalists don’t “gloss over” class – that’s a straw man cartoon racist you’re counter-signaling.

        Again, it’s not so much “class” that WNs ignore. Its values. The White Race is not one big united family with common interests. The different Whites in the different “classes” described in that fantastic Atlantic article by Brooks have vastly different values – of right and wrong, good and bad.

        DP84 and the other smart centrist nihilists aren’t going to lift a finger to fight for you or anyone but themselves.

        Try to follow the logic here:

        -White Nationalists, or anyone with Pro White views, are expected to defend and show solidarity with other White people, regardless of culture or values

        -The vast majority of the White Race supports policies and movements calculated to bring about the destruction of the White Race. Immigration isn’t even an issue anymore. Open Borders is the consensus. The Civil Rights Movement has been the consensus for decades. Race Mixing is supported by over 90% of Whites.

        -The logical solution to this is to distinguish and discriminate between Whites who support the right values and those who viciously, religiously oppose them. Problem is, for everyone 1 WN that gets it, there are 99 who religiously, furiously oppose it. Try suggesting in polite company that there are genetic differences between the races, in terms of smarts, self-control, etc. Say goodby to your career

        -Ok, but we can still salvage the 1 to 5 percent of Whites who are basically “redpilled” on everything that matters, right? I thought so for years (2012 was my awakening). I ignored what was in front of my face, specifically, every NPI conference I ever attended.

        The White Nationalist Movement is mostly composed of Cultural Liberals who happen to be disillusioned with the anti-white rhetoric of the mainstream. They aren’t interested in closing the borders, repealing the 1965 immigration act, repatriating non-whites, subtly exposing Jewish power, or doing anything that could plausibly be spinned as racist, backward, or stupid. They have a reputation to uphold, dammit! Never been seen as one of “Those People!”

        And yet, on the flip side, they preach unironic White Supremacy, a professional version of the worst stereotypes of “Those People”: Turning the UN into a tool for “Aryan Globalism.” Promoting postmodernist fantasies about “Power” and how reality itself is basically a social construct. I follow them daily on Twitter. And I can’t pretend like this stuff started as a cope for Charlottesville. I have a good memory, and the seeds of this stuff were there before 2015 when the Movement became noticed on the internet.

        Ideology and values are a more natural demarcation between “Us” and “Them” than Race. In the same way that the Sith of the Star Wars universe are destined to infighting and internal destruction, the White Race is destined to never be united.

        I know that sounds like a Jewish wet dream, but life is more entertaining and more enchanting when Man bows to Reality as opposed to Man snapping his fingers and creating Reality – which he always gets bored of within 10 minutes, causing him to endlessly pursue novelties and change until he has ran through every possible version of things.

        To be a Leftist is to worship Change and to eternally hate the Status Quo, even if the Status Quo is a utopia. I used to think it was leftists who wanted to create Utopia. No. Its Right Wingers like me who want Utopia. Its Right Wingers like me who want to live forever, to ascend Olympus and join the gods (if we are worthy, whicb I admit I am most definitely not).

        Leftists can’t sit still in the same place without reeeeeing. They could get everything they claim to want, and they’d still find something to dislike about it and critique about it. They’d get bored with it. The Racist Leftists call this “Noble” or “Glorious.” I suppose there’s a reason why Lucifer was called the Lord of Light.

        God is my judge, and Reality is God. Therefore, Reality is my judge. If the infinity stones existed, I’d make sure to destroy them that way Richard Spencer can’t get his hands on them and create some hellish “Aryan” Sodom and Gomorrah. But then again, that’s just a metaphor.

        • Richard Spencer and “White Nationalists” are not the same thing – no matter how hard Richard tries to present himself as “the face of White Nationalism.”

          Richard’s ideas don’t even last that long with Richard himself, much less other White people. If he’s the beginning and end of “Aryan Globalism” that Hunter is critiquing, he’s definitely not worth the O2.

          I’d have no issue with Hunter’s piece (and I usually like his stuff) if he’d just said “Richard Spencer tries to gloss over” instead of making Richard a hobgoblin for White Nationalism in general.

          I know Hunter’s tried to put some kind of daylight between himself/this site and White Nationalism in general (for whatever good he thinks it will do him – optics-cucking and punching right doesn’t work), but Richard Spencer isn’t an honest/good faith representative to attack.

        • Your shit rants are hilarious and stupid as usual. (I’ll agree with you the flaws of racial nationalism to ignore the problems schism within a race. even if there’s racial struggle between racial groups).

          One doesn’t worship change. One accepts that change is the reality of the universe. Which is something you don’t accept. Everything changes. We are born grow die. New life is born. Civilizations are born grow and die. Stars are born grow and die. There is life death and rebirth. This is the truth of the universe. You want to go back in time and freeze it like a snow globe. You can either be a bitch and whine about how things changed and want to go back to the past, or accept where things are, take life by the horns, and charge forward. Time only goes one way cupcake. Drawing from the past for wisdom is one thing, trying to go back is a fool’s errand.

          And it’s not called Aryan or White globalism. It’s called Pan-Racialism.

          Oh you now want to ascend to greatness, bring yourself to a higher ideal, measure yourself to the gods? Sounds like Revolutionary Hierarchical Idealism (and German idealism). You know that’s pretty Fascistic right? Be careful, DP84.

          -your favorite racist leftist.

    • Re: DP84: Yup. The Civic Nationalists and Proposition Nation types were correct about something important: Values matter more than blood. Team Right>Team White

      This runs counter to the history of every multi-ethnic empire. They invariably disintegrate into ethnic nations – and we’re living through that process.

      Read Thomas Chittum’s Civil War II


      • AC,

        I agree with you. Having values is not incompatible with racial loyalties. A people always have bad ones along with the good ones. You just always work to bring them around to decency. You never give up until they die. God never gives up on us until we die.

        If some of them commit a crime then they get punished. It is what is done with murderers/rapists etc. It is also true with lesser evils. People with the same values are also going to commit crimes as well.

        These Bobos are a minority and their values and actions could be easily contained by basic laws. It all depends on who has legal control of a society and the backbone to enforce the legal law and to control the social/moral values of a country. If you do not have power then the other side dominates you.

        Surely only whites would even be having this conversation. I know my people are mine like a family. I have family/relatives who do not have my view but they are still family and my people are still mine including the sinners —which is all of us.

        All races in a society working together for the Common Good is one thing. Saying some one of a different race are part of your people is another.

      • I didn’t say that a multiracial civilization was sustainable or desirable. I said that White Solidarity is impossible and undesirable. The fact that Whites can’t and shouldn’t unite as one race doesn’t mean that Whites should “unite” with non-whites.

        • DP84,

          Okay. That is now making some sense. It was like in the 16th century where in Europe there was separation between Protestant whites and Catholic whites. They had differences that could not be reconciled. That did not mean of course that they thought that blacks were their people.

          On the other hand Catholic whites and Protestant whites in national socialist Germany were united and buried their differences. Unity can be achieved.

          It is a goal to unite as a race and a people. Reconciliation is always possible and should remain a goal.

    • The spiteful mutant believes in nothing to spite others and ruminate in eternal resentment, not able to pick the good parts from the bad of different groups. How does it feel to be that bitter?

      Yet the schadenfreude that you derive from thinking you make others angry doesn’t last very long does it? The void is always there isn’t it? And never goes away every time you own a lib with your burger and car. The short amount of pleasure from spite based actions is your addiction to give your life meaning now that it has none.

  5. Nationalist parties in white countries have always come from the working classes, and the people that destroyed them were always from the upper classes. The uppers call the lowers mean names to keep them out of the halls of power. ‘Racist, uneducated, stupid, uncouth!’ Uppers vs lowers. Its exactly like that movie Snowpiercer.

  6. Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs)? AKA, shitlibs.

    They would be better categorized as the Democrat Independent Liberal Despotic Overlords (DILDOs). This encapsulates their essence.

  7. The only way to deal with these oh-so Smart faggots addicted to the heady aroma of their own farts, these race traitor scum freezing out of opportunity & legally oppressing working class Whites, is the same as with the jews: extermination. There are already more than enough enraged, vengeful Whites to do it; what we lack is the ability to coordinate & pull it off. What’s needed is a big enough catalyst, some outrage large enough to loosen control to the point that the feds can no longer protect them.

  8. “Wealth isn’t the dividing line between these groups. It is education and values”:

    I disagree. Economic inequality is primary and the “culture” (including your education and values) of the inequality/class division system is secondary. The “Bobos” are almost exclusively of bourgeoisie, and petit bourgeoisie background, with rare exceptions moving up from the lower part of the pyramid. “Bobos” are comfortable with their position of privilege in the system and are not really revolutionary, with very rare exceptions. The lower class, the potentially revolutionary class, is not fooled by “woke” rhetoric of bourgeoisie privilege. A high IQ is not needed, only some practical life experience, to understand how the system works.

  9. “The vast majority of the White Race supports policies and movements calculated to bring about the destruction of the White Race. Immigration isn’t even an issue anymore. Open Borders is the consensus. The Civil Rights Movement has been the consensus for decades. Race Mixing is supported by over 90% of Whites.”


    “The logical solution to this is to distinguish and discriminate between Whites who support the right values and those who viciously, religiously oppose them. Problem is, for everyone 1 WN that gets it, there are 99 who religiously, furiously oppose it. Try suggesting in polite company that there are genetic differences between the races, in terms of smarts, self-control, etc. Say goodby to your career.”

    The “polite company” that will fire any White who dares to mention the truth about race don’t represent the views of the White masses by any stretch of the imagination; they are a tiny minority (8% is the estimation I’ve seen) that, like their kike mentors, have USURPED the levers of power. They & the jews are oppressors who must be deposed & physically destroyed; the problem of course is how.

    • White support for immigration, so-called “Civil Rights”, race mixing and the rest of the Left Wing agenda is about a mile wide and a millionth of an inch deep. Such sentiments from White people are just sentiments i.e. “feelings” in modern, corrupt parlance. They are not sincere and are based upon the underlying premise that one who holds such contrary views will be able to magically somehow escape their logical consequences. It is just virtue signaling to other “good Whites”.

      Once those “liberals” are forced by circumstances to live out their delusions in the real world they will move Heaven and earth to get to a White neighborhood, send their children to “good” (i.e. White) schools and avoid dealing with minorities. They will cluck about ethnic foods and minority friends but they only deal with them on their own terms. This doesn’t include marrying their daughters to Negroes in spite of what you see on TV commercials. They are vicious hypocrites in real life when their many contradictions are pointed out.

      The time when these “liberals” will be able to continue to live out their egalitarian fantasies is coming to an end. The country is in rapid decline and this is not a linear process. There will be sudden breaks with the way life has been lived as the economy fails, inflation rages, shortages develop and the colored people run amok again. All of this will be a shock to the good “liberals”, who believe they can weaken society indefinitely yet never suffer the logical consequences of what they advocate. They will learn otherwise the hard way.

  10. Well, these people grow up in wealthy east coast suburban schools that are 50% Jewish so it’s not surprising that Jewish Cultural Attitudes have crept into their milieu too. My mom’s friend has a bunch of middle age kids who are mostly heartland normal types. But one is a rich lawyer and his wife is an obnoxious sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome. When you move into that world you either pretend and keep your head down or you adopt their toxic animosity against Pre Ellis Island Gentile America.

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