UW-Madison Removes Racist Boulder From Campus

America has lots of problems.

Woke progressives are focused on identifying and solving the real problems.


“Under dappled sunlight filtering through the trees of Observatory Hill Friday morning, workers using a crane removed a large boulder from the UW-Madison campus that had become for many a painful symbol of the university’s racist past.

Chamberlin Rock, named for former university president and geologist Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, was at least once referred to as a “n——-head” rock in a 1925 Wisconsin State Journal story. University historians have not found any other time that the slur was used.

But the Ku Klux Klan was active on campus during that time. And the recent rediscovery of that long-ago news article prompted a reevaluation of an object that not only helped tell the story of the state’s geologic history but also served as a daily reminder of a more recent troubling past. …”

This boulder which was on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the latest casualty of America’s racial reckoning.

Note: These universities are nurturing the next generation of America’s professional class. This is not going to end well.

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  1. Man, that’s small fry! If you want to hear some racist talk from a glacial erratic, the three-story-high boulder in the park near me told me he didn’t like children clambering over him and teenagers getting wasted at his foot and spraypainting graffiti on him! I had to go, but he got nervous and tried to detain me with a lame attempt at discussing the Dave Chapell show, like he was “widdit.” Could you imagine a boulder being so white-seeming and lame that the only Black authority he could bring was that? Dat selfhatin Uncle Tom rock is gravel bound, long time passin!

  2. Hahaha…the utter laughable absurdity of what’s going on now. If you’re spending money at these useless institutions getting useless degrees in some bullshit humanities then you’re a fool. Don’t cry about your student debt. You can read all that stuff on your own, you don’t need some Marxist parasite in sandals to lecture you. Read Schmitt, Yockey, Spengler, Rosenberg, van den Bruck, Genitle, Grant, Evola, etc., etc., etc. These authors will give you a far healthier worldview than today’s degenerate financial racket called academia.

  3. Eventually these progressives end up like a snake eating its own tail. It really wont end well, because the well of insufferable disgrace these people seem to wallow in, seems infinite. The rest of us will just move on.

  4. Because Klan (t)iggr rock has to go? Wisconsin is just slightly behind Minnesota. It’s interesting how the rot spread from the East through state funded universities.

  5. So how many worms complained about this rock? One? Two? And they bend over backward for these manipulators.

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