King County Courthouse Workers Protest Unsafe Working Conditions

I can’t say that I blame them.

I’m an “authoritarian” from the Deep South though. We don’t tolerate that shit down here. Few people here want to defund or abolish the police. What do you expect to happen?

It is shocking that a woman can be so brazenly violated inside a courthouse which is supposed to be the seat of criminal justice. It is even more shocking that the city leadership in Seattle is so feeble that the courthouse itself would be abandoned to homeless drug addicts and petty criminals.

Jason Rantz has some shocking new details on this case.

FOX News:

“This staffing change comes after a scary incident last week when a homeless man allegedly tried to rape a woman in a courthouse bathroom. Court documents reveal that the man, Clint Jory, 35, snuck into the woman’s bathroom, took off most of his clothes, and waited for a victim.

When a 7-months pregnant woman entered, Jory “savagely attacked” her, according to court documents. Pants around his ankles, police say Jory put his hands over her mouth and neck and attempted to rape her. But she still managed to scream for help. Luckily, a nearby Sheriff’s Marshall heard her cries and intervened. …”

The predator was completely disrobed and ready to pounce inside the women’s restroom in the King County Courthouse. The victim was also 7 months pregnant.

Note: It is a new progressive era. This is their own affair in the Pacific Northwest. Let us watch and takes notes and chart a different course before this takes root here too.

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