Black Children Are Being Killed By Stray Bullets In Murderapolis

We said that there would be hell to pay for Derek Chauvin.

No one wants to be a police officer in Minneapolis anymore. Murderapolis is on track to have its most violent year ever. Black criminals have been emboldened by the retreat of the police. The rest of society is left to deal with the fallout and the consequences, but the people who live in the closest proximity to the criminals in these big cities are the ones who pay the heaviest price.

Those of us who don’t even live in these places are accused of “white supremacy” and systematic racism and scapegoated for it. We watch the local news on the internet and feel a mixture of pity and contempt for the people who actually control these police departments and support the “Black Lives Matter” movement in their own cities. Ultimately, we look at it as their own affair and keep our distance. When I hear shots in my neighborhood, I don’t have to worry about anything.

Note: Murderapolis is holding a vote on abolishing the police in November.

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    • While it eats trillions of our tax dollars and is an ever present danger.
      Making much of my country unlivable.

      Some self cleaning oven, when it burns down my house.

  1. “Those of us who don’t even live in these places are accused of “white supremacy” and systematic racism and scapegoated for it”

    Wake up !

    Realize it is a jwsh commandment, “never stop criticizing the gentile”, “never say good things about the gentile”, they live by these principals. So long as they control media, WHITES will be the victims of endless slander and insults. As a gentile, you will never be complemented or credited on the infinite good contributions WHITES have made.

    You will be accused of faults and crimes that you’ve never done!

  2. As long as politicians and govt continue to pander and worship these animals, nothing will ever change. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade.

  3. I’m guessing it was Y man’s fault? We didn’t do enough to prevent it, or wasn’t around when we should have been………or sumpfin.
    Smith, Allen, Garrett……….Jennings……….could their names be any more Anglo Saxon? Talk about cultural appropriation!

  4. Not to sound callous (actually, I don’t care), but Hunter, what do I give a shit about another dead future buck or future fat-ass Lakeesha on welfare? If they don’t give a shit about their own lives, why should I?

    Should we perform cartwheels to save Tyrone’s useless life, so he can later mug us or rape a white woman and perpetuate the vicious cycle of buck creation?

      • It would be fascinating to get a liberal pinned down on the problem. White authoritarianism and interventionist policing is clearly the optimum situation for the average black. It reduces homicide among the black population and keeps certain pathologies from expressing. The police are there to protect black people from a white mob too.

        • If there were proper White intervention amongst the blacks it would end the violence, make them somewhat productive and combined with modern, White medicine result in a population explosion. This would overwhelm the system of White control in a few years. Once the nogs were about 12 YO their crime sprees would begin in earnest causing the cycle to repeat like the seasons.

          One reason there has been a population explosion in Africa is the introduction of antibiotics after WWII. Places like Nigeria had a smaller population than their colonial power, Great Britain, in 1945. Now Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, Ethiopia is second. Antibiotics combined with Western feeding and breeding programs have caused the African population explosion in spite of the enormous violence and chaotic conditions prevalent in Africa. The same thing applies in the U.S. in places like Chicago and Minneapolis.

          Take away the modern medicine and feeding & breeding programs and the African population would collapse just as it would in the U.S., Haiti or anywhere else.

          • Leave it to humans to over-breed the most worthless and dangerous bipeds of all. Whites enabled and encouraged this. Maybe we really do deserve to be wiped away.

        • Re: White authoritarianism and interventionist policing is clearly the optimum situation for the average black”:

          It is not optimum for Blacks to be under White rule. Rather, dividing the ethnically and racially mixed population into ethnically-homogeneous nations, and removing capitalism, would be the optimum situation, and it is the only situation in which really non-interventionist, democratically-elected community-based policing is possible.

  5. Hunter,

    Are we sure those people care? If they cared, they would support segregation and hard policing. Anything else is just hypocrititcal virtue signalling, or the usual Jewish white society sabotage.

  6. “point of posting this is to show how counterproductive their own actions are to their own goals”

    They’re too stupid to connect cause and effect.

    “My heart was in the right place”
    “I did what was right, that’s what counts”

    ANd a myriad of lame excuses.

  7. I’m sure all the burn loot murder communists would consider this recent development very “based” as the cool kids nowadays like to say

    I’m sure Lori Lightfoot would be able to solve this problem in Minneapolis I’m sure but shes too busy looking like a ugly evil yoda looking bitch and counting her briefcases of hush money

  8. Some “Black children are being killed by stray bullets” in the U.S., while the U.S. ITSELF is killing thousands of children all over the world, so-called “unavoidable collateral damage” in its hybrid wars to subdue or destroy all independent or rebellious nations.

    As I write this, the U.S. has just sent 3,000 MORE regular, unformed troops INTO Afghanistan – one Army and two Marine infantry batallions – and another 4,000, based in Kuwait, are preparing to go into Afghanistan. Heavy long-range bombing continues, which ALWAYS causes civilian casualties, often children. The blood of all the Black children killed by stray bullets in the capitalist-created slums of the U.S. are like a drop in the ocean of childrens’ blood shed by U.S. imperialism. All kinds of crime inside the borders of the U.S. are directly related to and in direct proportion to the extra-territorial crimes OF the U.S.

    • I should have added: the U.S.’s (and Israel’s) most reliable puppet the U.K. has already sent almost 1,000 of its uniformed troops back into Afghanistan, and Fascist Germany is eager to redeploy its troops. German politicians are saying they want to set a “good” example to the U.S. and the rest of Europe of not giving up on the war, and German troops are ready to return immediately. I’m sure Viktor Orban’s troops, which only just arrived home, are also ready to return. The lesson the U.S. learned from the war in Indochina fifty years ago is that it must NEVER AGAIN quit a war. Even if the U.S. should appear to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, it will never let go until it gains full control of Afghanistan, by whatever means necessary.

    • Re: more Black children will be killed: Today’s magnitude 7 earthquake in Haiti is the final excuse the Biden administration has been waiting for to send in regular, uniformed troops, in addition to the covert special forces and private mercenaries already in Haiti to secure a puppet regime.

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