Afghanistan Falls To The Taliban

I’ve had plenty of negative things to say about Joe Biden on this website. I have nothing but praise for Joe’s leadership though on Afghanistan. It took courage for Joe to stand up to the generals and get us out. Joe did something right for once and all the right people are furious with him.

The withdrawal wasn’t “botched” and it is better that it happened this way because otherwise the Pentagon would have found an excuse to keep thousands of troops in Afghanistan forever like in Japan or South Korea or Germany. The only thing that has happened here is that a corrupt puppet government with zero legitimacy which was always rotten to the core has fallen in span of two weeks.

Consider what Joe has accomplished here:

  • ZOG has been defeated
  • Joe Biden has been humiliated in the eyes of the political establishment
  • The political establishment is seething
  • The corporate media is seething
  • Neocons are seething
  • True Cons are seething
  • The Pentagon has been exposed as incompetent and learned nothing from when the best and the brightest took us into Vietnam
  • The fall of Afghanistan is a huge blow to the American Empire and will weaken it elsewhere
  • The “intelligence community” has been exposed and humiliated
  • Globohomo has been defeated
  • We’re out of Afghanistan … FOR REAL
  • The transfer of power to the Taliban was mostly peaceful

What’s not to like?

The Taliban has seized control of state television. The Pride flag has been taken down. Women are being forced to wear burkas and live under sharia law. Homosexuals are being stoned in Afghanistan.
Mitch McConnell and Ben Sasse think we should be outraged by this and stay in Afghanistan forever to protect liberal democracy and women’s rights. It is their country, not our country. It is their problem, not our problem. The Taliban represents Afghanistan, not the puppet government.

The “journalists” are saying this is the worst thing that has happened since the fall of Saigon. They never bring up the fact that Saigon and Vietnam are doing fine now. The war which devastated Vietnam and which cost tens of thousands of American lives and which was led by technocrats was the real tragedy. The same was true of Afghanistan. It was always a grift from the top to the bottom.

Sure, there were massacres and reprisals after we left Vietnam, but that is how these things always shake out after wars which have gone on for decades. It is wars which create the bitterness and displaced waves of refugees. The idea that we could transform Iraq or Afghanistan into the United States was always laughable. The American occupation was an unsustainable blip in the history of the region. The Pentagon and the “intelligence community” spent decades lying to American presidents and the American people about their puppet government in Kabul. It was always going to end this way.

Once again, I am not sorry that we are out of Afghanistan. I doubt the vast majority of the country will hold this against Joe Biden. There are plenty of reasons to be angry with Joe, but not about this. Even a broken clock is right twice a day and our position here was always get out ASAP.

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  1. Our global overlords use our military all over the world for whatever purpose they want but will never use our military to protect and defend our OWN borders.

  2. Fremen retake Arakis. A good day, I have to admit seeing those crazy lads dancing with their AK47s is amazing. Look at how self actualised they are. Fully living out their nature. Compare that to the Marines in their livery and masks greeting a cowardly old silverback.

  3. The thing is, 30 years ago I might have been upset about this. Other than the loss of thousands of lives of both natives, and our own young men, this is what I wanted. No more bombing wedding celebrations. It humiliates all the right people. Globohomo isn’t by any means gone, but the long road of returning our society to some sanity may have started in a small way today. You know Hunter, I got to thinking, I am 58, born in 63. My country seems to have been at war somewhere in the world nearly all my life.

      • And in retrospect Biden has always been lurking. At this point he deserves a bio. He’s proven to be the most resilient political figure in modern US history. Why? How?

    • #Metoo. Yes I can remember watching Walter Cronkite give the killed and wounded tally on the news when I was a little kid. It seemed like we were always winning and I could not understand how we could loose.
      At least in Vietnam we didn’t have a flag flying at our embassy in support of unhealthy sex acts and insane gender-altering surgeries.
      Imagine the Marines given the task to take back our overrun embassy during the Tet Offensive and the gunny says “boys, we gotta take back this place so we can put up that pride flag again to show them that we are still here.”

  4. Oddly this was a W for Joe. I don’t begrudge the Taliban their victory lap either.

    • It’s not the withdrawal itself, but the PR disaster as the “government” and “military” we spent billions on just ran for the hills overnight. Also scenes of desperate Afghans trying to escape via Kabul airport. The fact that the WH, DoD, IC and media were caught flat footed by the speed of the Taliban victory. Bidet owns all of this.

  5. I’m suddenly a Biden fan…….if a temporary one.
    There was never going to be a good time, or way to leave, so best to just cut our losses and go, and come what may.
    Twenty years of training the Afghan ‘forces’ amounted to nothing. Under pressure, they folded like a house of cards. How on earth did the Taliban actually get a hold of all that artillery and weapons?
    With the Taliban actually in charge, it may settle them down and force them to be responsible. Wayward late teens often grow up……..when a baby suddenly arrives!
    Beyond that……’s not our problem. These people are who they are, whatever that is. Just leave them to it. We couldn’t change them in twenty years. What would another ten or twenty do?
    Taliban were the best fighters, had a strategy. The Afghan forces were pissweak and wouldn’t take it seriously. Guess who deserves to lead?!
    Some of them look like older, and reasonable dudes. Just give them a go. They may just suprise us.
    America, Australia, etc should stop wasting time, money and lives on these places……….they are NONE of our business.

    • “America, Australia, etc should stop wasting time, money and lives on these places……….they are NONE of our business”:

      As Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is business.” Yes all these places ARE America’s business. Imperialism IS all about business (money). Even little Haiti is not too small a bite to whet the Empire’s appetite. And once bitten and parasitized, no victim can ever be be allowed to go free. Every drop of blood helps. The system must keep feeding, or it would die.

  6. I’m perfectly capable of praising our long overdue withdrawal, while simultaneously blaming Joe for the fallout.

    Fuck him. He is our enemy.

    Look at that shit. Footage of poor brown people falling from the planes…. that is gonna be played on loop for 2024, and we should make sure he owns it all. It should be a no win scenario for him. Thats how you win wars.

    • Traitors dying. What’s the problem? Biden should own it. He should double down and say they deserve it for betraying their people to collaborate with an enemy imperial regime.

    • If Biden is smart he will own it. He’s drawn a line under an era. Hopefully the Taliban don’t go berserk in Kabul. There’s really no need for them to maintain an internal war footing now. They can go back to their market towns and be hosts for hippy travellers like they were in the 1960s. These Taliban are widely seen as medieval monsters. Hopefully they’ve learned a few things about organising things and have had the rough edges knocked off.

    • @Ironic,
      These brown people wouldn’t fight for their country. At what point should they take ownership? Their military just fell apart like a cheap watch………..and fucking handed their equipment to the Taliban!
      These dropping browns wanted to be in your country!
      Let’s leave these people be so they can sort themselves out. Over time, it should get better.

  7. Jennifer Rubin is calling this failure to establish LBGTQ in Afghanistan a disgrace, yet she celebrated the census data showing a decline in the white population in our country as a great thing for democracy in the U.S.

    • The Jew somehow fails to make the connection between the empire’s failures and their own domestic policies of destroying American culture, demographics, and unity. For some reason, they think they can just infinitely degrade the American population and that it will have no effect on the empire’s ability to serve their goals.

      • Yes, as well as Bidet the Jews own this one. Shrieking in unison as the war they pumped collapses into IGNOMINY.

      • Did the Romans do anything but lavish praise and gold on their boys who joined up for 25 year hitches with a legion?

      • Well said Dart in re: to these neo-cons. What is that word for that thing that lives off it’s host sucking it’s blood and multiplying as the host supplying the blood weakens and dies then they just flee to another host?

    • It’s a good sign that the Kabul police chief survived the Taliban putsch. That’s one institution that normally survives in a revolution. They’ve learned in exile. Just keep a part of Kabul open for foreigners and a bit lax with the laws and this could settle down into a good situation. Send these young men back to their villages with stipend to go preach their books to the farmers and make sure that you keep the electricians mechanics and water engineers well paid in the city.

  8. I’m guessing Syria is next then on to Israel. Doing the job Americans (and British) wouldn’t do in freeing the world from the pedo-satanic banking cartel.

    • The figurehead (Biden) is NOT going to withdraw from Syria next, nor withdraw support from Israel. To the contrary, it is on to Lebanon now for the sake of Israel, and the Empire will NOT let Afghanistan go free. The Empire is doubling down on Cuba, Korea and Venezuela too, and see what it is doing in Nicaragua, as the election approaches! Even little Haiti is not too small a bite to whet the appetite of the Empire.

  9. I hope your praise of Biden was not meant seriously! Biden who can barely read a script deserves no credit for “doing” anything. I also deny the U.S. has given up on taking full control of Afghanistan, This “withdrawal” is a tactical retreat hiding a long-planned change of strategy. Even if the constant heavy long-range bombing and drone and missile strikes stop completely for awhile, heavy economic sanctions can be applied to do almost as much damage, while hundreds of spies and saboteurs stay on the payroll, underground opium trade and human trafficking are further encouraged, and political/tribal division, confusion and chaos are fomented until Afghan independence finally “fails” and another U.S. neo-colonial puppet administration takes over. That is always the business plan for exploiting the wealth of Afghanistan. U.S. business has even lured Vietnam half way back to capitalism, to make things for us a little cheaper than China. The lesson the Empire learned from Vietnam is never again let a victim go free.

    • Clearly, Biden’s goal was to stay there and keep troops there and have an “orderly withdrawal” into some kind of privatized war, but the way this has played out and unraveled and the panic over it seems to mean it is unlikely we will be back. It wasn’t what he wanted, but it is probably what we will get. This is better than the “orderly withdrawal” that was planned.

      • “it seems to mean it is unlikely we will be back”:

        There will be sanctions and all kinds of legal maneuvers to “protect the rights” of women and homosexuals, and the “right” of Western banks and corporations to continue to loot the country. There will be an immense effort to divide and confuse, and to corrupt the Taliban leadership with gifts under the table, and to continue the immensely-profitable illegal drug trade.

        Remember the U.S. seemed to have just as suddenly and definitively lost the war against communism in China in 1949, but it merely tactically retreated to the big island off the coast and threatened the rest of China from there, and hasn’t given up yet on taking back control of China.

        The Empire is not leaving Iraq and Syria either, and Somalia that has immense untapped oil reserves. The system is hungry for the world’s largest oil reserves and other rich resources and vast acreage of peasant farm – that could be corporate GMO factory-farmed – in Venezuela. The system MUST keep feeding or it would die.

        • Afghanistan has no economy or banking system to sanction, nothing to loot either. If there is mineral wealth in Afghanistan it would take years and hundreds of millions of dollars to develop; there is no mining now in Afghanistan. The opium trade, like everything else in Afghanistan is cash and carry, U.S. dollars or Euros, no credit.

          The Afghan government, such as it was lived off of foreign aid, mostly U.S. The Taliban will probably start getting U.S. foreign aid now.

          • “Afghanistan has no economy or banking system to sanction, nothing to loot either”:

            It will need a good supply of money, which the U.S. will try to cut off, and medicine and medical equipment, spare parts for all kinds of equipment, everything Afghanistan can’t manufacture yet. The Empire will impose heavy sanctions and a ruinous blockade like it does now to Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, Cuba, Korea, etc. But China being next door and Russia nearby if they are willing could supply most of what the U.S. tries to cut off.

            Regarding “nothing to loot (…) If there is mineral wealth in Afghanistan it would take years”:

            There is plenty to loot, plenty of mineral wealth in Afghanistan, including huge reserves of lithium that Western corporations want to exploit for batteries. As soon as the U.S. secured Afghanistan in 2002, Western corporations began prospecting and marking reserves.

          • There is not one pound of lithium being produced in Afghanistan now even though vast deposits of lithium and other minerals have been known for years. The perennial problem with Afghanistan’s vast mineral wealth is that the political/security situation mitigated against mineral development.

            This may change in the future but for the last twenty years neither the U.S. nor any other country has been able to exploit Afghanistan’s great mineral wealth. With the U.S. and its puppet government gone perhaps China, Russia or some other country with al least an ounce of sanity will be able to exploit the resources of Afghanistan to the benefit of all countries involved.

      • There is still the possibility that this was a 4D chess move to use Afghanistan against China. Similar to how Obama’s draw down in Iraq was really a set-up for the creation of the Islamic State and the war against Syria. Almost the same MO here, with piles of weapons just left everywhere.

        We will know soon enough, if a year from now all of those weapons left behind in Afghanistan find their way to Uyghurs in Xinjiang and terrorist activity increases in China. The American empire really wants to prevent the Chinese belt and road system from being built up, so a bunch of Afghanistan armaments being smuggled and used by Islamic terrorists to blow up rails and bridges would allow the empire to attack China’s OBOR with plausible deniability. For now, I am celebrating it as a good event, but it could potentially just be a pivot against China. The American empire has plans within plans and is not above taking these minor prestige hits if it serves their greater strategic purpose.

    • Remember that the original Taliban was mostly a U.S. (CIA) creation, or distortion: the old Islamic extremism was a proxy force, directed and supported by the U.S., to overthrow and replace Russian-supported socialism in Afghanistan. But today’s Taliban, although it uses the same name, is fully independent of the U.S. and much less “extreme.” I expect that secular women in urban areas will begin wearing the modesty veil in public, but the national dress code for women, and for men, will not be extreme, not much different than in neighboring Iran.

      If the Taliban government is truly nationalist, then it will be socialist. As such it will begin by expropriating all property of the super-wealthy drug warlords such as General Dostum and distribute it to the people of Afghanistan; nationalize all resources, industries and finance; and establish economic equality, equal justice, and equal access to free, public health care and education for all people, including the weaker sex, and children, the elderly, sick and disabled. The new socialist republic would threaten no other nation but must be proactive, must remain on a war footing for many years to come to defend itself against the relentless hybrid war of global capitalism.

      • Also, if the Taliban government is truly national socialist, it will ban and punish all non-medical drug use and all kinds of fornication including adultery, pornography, prostitution and sodomy. It will replace the opium-based neo-colonial narco economy with a normal agriculture producing food and fiber, and a normal, independent national economy. It will change rapidly from being the world’s largest producer of illegal drugs and a food importer to being a self-sufficient powerhouse of organic or non-chemical dependent food production. Afghan socialism can pick up right where it left off when it was destroyed by the U.S. almost forty years ago.

        • The video below shows the Russian-supported secular socialist republic of Afghanistan. “During this amazing era the Socialist government of Afghanistan attempted to propel the under-deveoped state towards a happy and prosperous future. Women were declared equal to men and given the right to education and the right to work, land was re-distributed among those who worked it and the authority of war lords and religious fanatics was significantly curbed. Unfortunately the state was destroyed by American backed terrorists who dragged Afghanistan and her people into the dark ages”:

          • Yes, I know the old, original, CIA Taliban was based in the Pashtun region of Pakistan. I’m aware of the Pashtun unification strategy that could be used to divide or weaken both Afghanistan and Pakistan. The British colonial border split Pashtuns between both countries.

        • @anonymous – Don’t get too carried away with your idealization of Taliban rule. They are a brutal, primitive people with whom we should never have interfered.

          • Old Enough to be Your Mother,

            That was a reasonable comment you made. The over praise of the Taliban due to the emotions of the moment and because the Taliban is against international evil is strange on a white nationalist website.

            The USA could have squashed the Taliban anytime now or in the past. I suspect the United States is saving their efforts and soldiers for another purpose. I usually suspect duplicity before stupidity when it comes to important political decisions.

      • Taliban is more to do with Pakistan actually. So go ask Imran Khan about what Pakistan are after in this putsch.

        • Pakistan doesn’t want Afghanistan divided. A strong united Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan.

    • They’re too White. The US military needs more female, trans, and BIPOC generals if they really want to win a war. Diversity is the greatest strength, after all.

  10. The only bad part is that more American diplomats and soldiers weren’t captured and executed. They will get away with their crimes and will probably all be promoted, too. The American regime likes to reward these cretins and losers.

    The media is treating this like a scandal, but it’s really one of the most widely popular things Biden has done. Almost nobody supported American intervention in Afghanistan. The ones who did are antifa (anarcho-neocons), generals, and the mainstream media.

    MAGApedes are twisting themselves into knots with mental gymnastics trying to cope with Biden delivering more of Trump’s promises than Trump did. Biden really handled it like a boss. Just telling the generals to screw themselves, pulling out, and then taking a vacation so the media goons couldn’t pester him. Trump never would have had the balls for that. Mission accomplished.

    • Again, although the withdrawal itself is popular, the execution is lamentable. Full PR as well as military victory to the Taliban beyond their wildest dreams. Could only be topped if Bidet goes live today and starts screaming “Fuck those SANDNIGGERRS!”

      • Nobody cares except for media talking heads, military officers, and bureaucrats. Normal people don’t care about Afghanistan collaborators afraid they will be rightfully persecuted and they don’t care that the US military is humiliated. So no, it is not a disaster. It’s only bad PR for the bureaucrats, military fags, and think tank losers who supported the war and “nation building” fantasies.

    • @Dart – I don’t think Biden had any choice in the matter. A total and overwhelming defeat can’t be considered a strategy.

  11. Yankee go home!

    Thank you to the Taliban of the Ummah for humiliating the Blue devils

    for once i´m happy we don´t have a Confederacy now since we would be complicit in this massmurder and atrocity

  12. Hunter, you forget that May 1st is when we should have left. Biden broke the withdrawal deal between the US, the Afghan Gov and the Taliban. And all of this shows how full of themselves the intelligence analysts are also.

    • I wrote about it at the time

      We’re supposed to be out by the end of August. Biden kicked the can down the road. Anyway, it looks like we will be out for good now because the Afghan army didn’t even put up a fight. It was a grift. They had peace deals with the Taliban

  13. Were the Afghan puppet regime troops who were being trained by our military being forced to watch transgender recruitment videos as well? Perhaps that’s why they tucked tail and ran when the Taliban made their move.

    • “Tucked tail and ran”… Interesting turn of phrase there, Memebro, given the tradition culture some Afghani’s have of using feminine young boys as sex slaves.

  14. 20 years in Afghanistan and the great US empire can’t do what the Taliban did in 3 day, take full control.

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