Fire Breaks Out At Sprawling Homeless Camp In San Jose

It is a new progressive era.

These homeless camps seem to be spreading everywhere but around here. I was under the impression that people in San Jose and San Francisco and Hollywood were well off. I didn’t know that Apple had its own Skid Row.


“SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) —   A 40-acre parcel of land sitting just outside Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) is home to hundreds of the city’s homeless population.

The homeless encampment has grown over the last year as the coronavirus pandemic severely impacted the city’s most vulnerable populations, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is demanding the city and the airport to clear the site. 

“The largest concentration of homeless residents in our city right now in this particular encampment, the numbers fluctuate, but estimated around 300,” said Councilmember Raul Peralez. 

San Jose Mercury:

“Apple promised to help quell the Bay Area’s homelessness crisis with a series of big-ticket investments, but the tech giant soon may have to get more directly involved — addressing a problem that has spread to the company’s front door.

A large homeless encampment is growing on the site Apple earmarked for its North San Jose campus, two years after Apple made waves with a $2.5 billion pledge to combat the Bay Area’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis.

What started as a few RVs parked on the side of Component Drive has grown over the past year into a sprawling camp of dozens of people, a maze of broken-down vehicles and a massive amount of trash scattered across the vacant, Apple-owned property. People with nowhere else to go live there in tents, RVs and wooden structures they built themselves. At least two children call the camp home. …”

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  1. How are these things handled on South America and other White Hispanic dominated societies?

    Hispanic gangs are starting to impose rents on crazy and drug addicted homeless populations in Southern CA

  2. “I was under the impression that people in San Jose and San Francisco and Hollywood were well off. I didn’t know that Apple had its own Skid Row.”

    I’m pretty sure this is sarcasm Hunter, but most people in the Bay Area, or Seattle for that matter, AREN’T better off. They make more money than some guy in Little Rock, sure, but then they spend every dime of it, plus more on top, in what is a retarded “keeping up with the Joneses” played out on an epic, regional scale.

    Hard to believe that in living history, all these places you now rightfully lampoon used to be solid blue collar and full of normal folks.

  3. Oh, and I almost forgot to add: I drove to Portland a week ago, and there are now RVs and homeless encampments set up right off the freeway in rural areas off Interstate 5.

    • Why do we not MANDATE that the FAMILIES of these homeless/drug addict ‘unwashed’ be REQUIRED to house, feed, and care for their RELATIVES?

      There is no reason NOT to- apart from ego, pride, and a sense of ‘entitlement.’
      We cared for our relatives until they departed from us. It’s WHAT YOU DO!

  4. Have you seen the TV series Devs? Its about a big tech company run by a megalomaniac. The megalomaniac’s chief of security would take care of an embarrassing problem like this, by setting the homeless camp on fire, and then faking CGI footage showing one of the campers committing suicide by setting himself on fire.

    • @Harry,

      With deep fake technology, I have no doubt that states and municipalities will do exactly such things.l

  5. Slightly OT but you should consider writing something about the huge migration of people and businesses to Florida since the beginning of the scamdemic early last year, HW. I just read that 900 people a day move to the Sunshine State, which means an annual population increase the size of Orlando!

    • @Spahnranch,

      Never fear. Donald Trump will be holding a “Save America ” rally in Cullman, Alabama on August 21st. I’m not sure if boomercon icon Bill O’Reily will grace the dais with the King of Israel though.

      Get your tickets while you can. lol

  6. Newsom’s brief tenure as governor has been a disaster. But I still I don’t see that colored guy replacing him.

    • This is a step down from families that lost their homes during the (((subprime real estate bubble))) of 2008. Back then, folks were living in their cars or illegally in public storage rental spaces.

      No amount of AmNat necromancy will ever resurrect the USA of its halcyon days.

  7. Off Topic:

    Whatever happened to the “Ivan Tergenev” bot. He claimed to have been posting on OD priorities to using that moniker. Though, I do not recall anyone spelling common words like he did either before or after his appearance and disappearance.

    Recalled to Unit 8200 possibly? Hmm? I suppose we will never know.

    • I heard that if you say the name Ivan Turgenev while looking in the mirror, his face will appear over your right shoulder. It looks like a beardless Ted Cruz.

  8. The San Jose Mercury answered the question why it caught fire if anyone was asking. This is the site for their new campus. How convenient.

  9. The Covid-19 was gonna make this happen 100%. I’m surprised the Homeless Camps aren’t everywhere and I mean everywhere now! The Republicantards will play this up like…..Seeeee look what President Biden has done! Seeeee the economy is bad. Seeeee!!!!! However the truth is the economy has never been great because the Super Rich and Jews wanna keep all the money. The 99% have all the money and wealth plus control the government in the process. It’s the Super Rich that make the Middle Class and Working Poor so poor…they keep Poverty going. Sure some people “Poor” make bad decision in life. However it’s the Government’s job…keep those people in School and get them Vocational Training or help them get back in School and get Vocational Training. The Republicans like talking smack about those in Poverty but never wanna help them out of Poverty and into Vocational Training that help them get a Career. Deo Vindice !

    • Yep, Repubs will let things get worse just to blame the Dems.

      There are no good jobs for unskilled people, or people with minor physical mental limitations. Long ago, someone could work in an automotive plant and make a decent wage, and even buy a home, but this is not the case now. They can’t get by waiting on tables.

  10. Antifa appears to be setting fires again in Washington and Oregon. We are getting smoked out for the second year straight.

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