Tennessee Trip

As you probably noticed, I took some time off this weekend. I was on the road with the family in Nashville. We took a trip to Tennessee to visit Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. My son is now old enough that he is getting interested in space and history. He currently wants to be an astronaut. He knows all the planets and the dwarf planets and the major moons and has his own telescope. We had a great time and will be doing more of these family trips.

BTW, we noticed that the Hermitage now has a “slave tour” for woke shitlibs. There were shitlibs walking around the plantation crying about the Indians too. It is amazing how little has changed in two centuries. Although they have given up Christianity, they were just as sanctimonious back then. They freaked out about Jackson back then. General Jackson hated them. He hated the “journalists” too.

Note: In May, we took a trip to Louisiana and visited Huey Long’s grave and hometown although that was more of a trip for my wife. She is Huey Long’s biggest fan.

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  1. Hey Hunter,
    Glad you took a little family trip. Jackson was certainly an Alpha Male of a Southerner.
    In late May I went to tour Federal Hill plantation/My Old Kentucky Home in Bardstown. No one on the tour except other Whites, and I was the only one under age 60. The tour was only mildly cucked, talked mainly of the Rowan family, and did not focus on “de po slabes”. I discussed the leftist descent of Locust Grove and my trip to Federal Hill in the blog post below.

  2. Andrew Jackson was a populist and a fighter before it was cool and before it was necessary. The election of 1828 was one of the most consequential and important in history. It represented a turning point where the people stood up to the elite political families.

    If Trump followed in the footsteps of Andrew Jackson through and through, he would have been re-elected easily without a doubt.

  3. What’s Horseshoe Bend like? I’d love to see the markers there. How could they ever explain to normies that the Creeks were in with the Brits and some of their key people were half Scottish? That wouldn’t compute.

    There’s a good historical novel called Horseshoe Bend by Bruce Palmer (1962). It’s friendly towards Jackson. It doesn’t even demonize him as an Indian hater. He probably wasn’t. Big men are usually not genocidal.

  4. Andrew Jackson was one of the best presidents. He collapsed the Second Bank of the United States by vetoing the renewal of its charter. We weren’t afflicted with another such bank until the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.

    No wonder the bastards in Washington want to remove his likeness from the $20 bill and put the mentally ill Harriet Tubman on it, it’s an act of petty vindictiveness.

  5. Good to get in a visit before it’s repurposed in the name of diversity and restitution. I myself have been to the homes of the first seven presidents (through Jackson). I would also recommend a visit to the White House of the Confederacy before that’s torn down (if it hasn’t already been).

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