Joe Biden Defends His Decision To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

Joe is right.

There was nothing to gain from staying there.

Aside from the refugees, who except the GOP (they also want to resettle Afghan refugees) could argue with any of this? Who wants to stay in Afghanistan for a third decade?

Note: I told you the GOP would find a way to lose by sticking to wildly unpopular policy positions. They also blocked Trump’s infrastructure bill only to vote for Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Imagine embracing Bill Kristol, Lindsay Graham and Liz Cheney’s foreign policy after 20 years of experience and watching the speed of this collapse.

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    • @Ironicsockaccount,

      Your political acumen is way off.

      Inflation is steamrolling with no end in sight. The Southern border is in name only. Biden’s administration is going to push covid vaccine mandates for the entire country, not just for federal employees, but every citizen inside this Israeli colony.

      Biden would be crushed in 2024 by zio-koshervatives De Santis, Hawley, or the king of Israel.

      Who cares who occupies the synagogue of satan located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? None are against White replacement or would cut aid or ties to Israel.

      Voting won’t remove them.

  1. Hunter, the withdrawal is good – the issue (why this is a humiliation for Bidet) is its execution. Taliban lightning takeover completely stunned the GAE.

    • If there are no hostages and no US fatalities and the Taliban keep their trigger fingers unused this is Biden’s triumph of a sort.

      • True. As much as American diplomatic queers and their collaborators deserve to be killed, this is the time for restraint. Best to just let the rats flee and solidify their win.

    • That’s such a dumb thing to say. Who cares what happens to these savages? The only thing that matters is the war ending and getting out. Pathetic how many morons on the DR are falling for the enemy media’s negative framing of the situation. The only thing to do about this is celebrate.

      • The problem for a policy of getting out of Afghanistan will be emotive footage atrocities committed by the Taliban. So far they’ve done nothing.

  2. Chad Biden dropping soy journalists from rooftops with the Taliban before enjoying a round of tasty halal ice cream cones.

    • Agreed. He successfully pulled off the withdrawal, without ascribing any blame to the media and military industrial complex, who facilitated this sham from day one.

      He is truly the president now. Trump looks like a fag for not backing him to the hilt on this.

  3. The Deep State will not forgive Dementia Joe for this nor will they forget. They will getting his resignation ready because of “ill health”. If he chooses not to cooperate there is always a ton of blackmail material on Hunter to use to show Dementia Joe the error of his ways. Blackmail and bribery are the mother’s milk of democracy.

    • I agree with your prediction. I don’t agree however, that blackmail and bribery are the mother’s milk of democracy. Instead they support oligarchy, plutocracy, and other undemocratic systems. Democracy, the people’s rule, requires and thrives on honesty and transparency.

    • I wonder if there’s now going to be a serious rift between the Deep State and the Biden regime? No doubt there were backchannel negotiations with the Taliban to ensure a quick and relatively bloodless removal of US occupation forces from the country. But was this done without consulting the various intelligence agencies first?

  4. It’s a good litmus test; anyone upset about this clearly isn’t going to be helpful in the wars to come.

  5. Why should US troops continue fighting for Afghanistan when the Afghan forces won’t do it for themselves?
    A perfectly reasonable question. A great speech full of logic, and Biden’s greatest moment. This will award him four more years.
    They are NOT our wars!
    Congratulations America………your finally out.

  6. Ol Cornpop shouldn’t have to defend anything. He should just walk out and say to the reporters – “STFU – we’re closing up shop over there – any questions should be directed to the CIA”

  7. I hate them all. I have no reason to praise Biden. He’s holding a knife to all our backs while he looks us in the eyes and smiles. Nothing good he might do can negate all the vile things he spews about middle America and white people.

  8. Just about everyone in globohomo, the military and the Boomer Fox News crowd is foaming at the mouth.

    This was a very good thing that happened and all the right people have egg on their faces.

  9. Joe Biden is just a figurehead, they wouldn’t let him decide what color to paint the oval office with.
    The deep state has decided to pull out of Afghanistan for the time being because they believe their political and financial interests lie elsewhere, perhaps in invading or destabilizing other countries or cracking down on the American people’s rights and freedoms at home.
    Whatever their reasons, they are psychopaths and an empty suit like Biden is incapable of and unwilling to oppose the banksters, corporations, military industrial complex and Zion on anything, same with Trump.

    • Biden is the fall guy, the military, neocons and shitlibs know there’s no way they could’ve withdrew from Afghanistan without it being quickly taken over by Taliban, they’re all blaming Biden now just to save face.
      Presidents have very little power and this is even more true of Biden.
      They know he has dementia, he decides nothing.

  10. Man!!!!! right or left leaning on this nomadic Silk Road region China will by proxy will benefit like it has by design maybe before Yep, Biblical Times

    What a lose of the White working Class money
    In the shits states forget South vs North
    On this


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    As loss

    Take it up the Muslims you know what

    Can we get our shit together Whites in Northern American ???

  11. The only winners are the Afghan mujahideen and those who want the jewnited states empire to fall.

    I stand with the latter.

  12. Respect to President Biden for delivering on Trump’s campaign promises.

    2.2 trillion dollars represents a mammoth, transformational amount of resources. Theft from an entire generation. Imagine life in the alternate timeline where we spent it on improving white lives. A tiny fraction would easily pay for border security.

    The Israel lobby is not worth it.

    Donald Trump and conservatives are showing their true colors. While Biden sucks on a lot of things, there is no ambiguity about what we’re getting. In contrast, the Trumps of the world view us as marks, brazenly lie to us, and do the opposite at the earliest opportunity.

    • “Respect to President Biden for delivering on Trump’s campaign promises”

      I agree creditis where due!

      He ended “operation enduring occupation”swift and as everyone before him could have done but no one did

  13. There is a really important lesson to be learned from this. You can have the best weapons and training that money can buy but if your heart is not in the fight you’re going to eventually lose.

  14. See what can hapepn if a people are fanatical enough! Always remeber a organized numerical minority is always more powerful than a disorganized and dispirited majority. After all, it took the Spanish over 700 hundred years to expel the Moors!

    • @Heartland,

      Maybe it would not have taken 700 years to expel the muslims from Spain had the other Christians of Europe done a crusade to liberate Spain sooner.

    • Yes well said Sir! as i also have previously said we should take heart and learn from this!
      we need the fanatics as they have always moved the spokes of history

      ZOG can be defeated and humiliated

      “If you build it they will come”

      Deo Vindice

  15. Odd Joe Biden delivered his standard Afghanistan withdrawal talking points verbatim (e.g. “over the horizon”, whatever that means), but left out the buried lede Joe (and Blinken et al.) have stated over and over again about why the regime is really committed to this withdrawal….

    «We have service members in Afghanistan who were not yet born on 9/11. War in Afghanistan was never meant to be a multi—generational undertaking of nation—building. We went to Afghanistan to get the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. We delivered justice to Osama Bin Laden and we degraded the terrorist threat of al Qaeda in Afghanistan. After 20 years of American valor and sacrifice, it’s time to bring our troops home.

    Even as we do, we will maintain an over—the—horizon capability to suppress future threats to the homeland. But make no mistake – the terrorist threat has evolved beyond Afghanistan since 2001 and we will remain vigilant against threats to the United States, wherever they come from. Al Qaeda and ISIS are in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and other places in Africa and the Middle East and beyond.

    And, we won’t ignore what our own intelligence agencies have determined – the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism.»

    —President Joseph R. Biden, ?Address to a Joint Session of Congress (APRIL 28, 2021)

    • After the British Empire collapsed it had a thirty year insurgency fought between factions of whites in Ulster. A sad epitaph to global hegemony.

  16. I thought i never would live to say this but here it is….

    -Joe you did well you old fn mick you

    And yes i am as amazed as you likely are

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